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If you are looking for a blog writing guide to answer the question of how to write a blog, then it cannot get better than this. This blog will help you learn about the proper format of a blog and how keywords are incorporated for SEO. Also discussed are the writing challenges and the resourceful tools to overcome them. In addition to that, you will find important tools to check grammar, plagiarism,  readability, etc. are also mentioned. You will learn about guest posting and how it can make you an influencer. In order to learn professional blog writing, this post is all that you will ever need!

A blog is a form of content that is published online on a specific website. The website appropriately churns out blog posts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each blog has a specific genre and follows a pattern. Its tone can be casual, informative, conversational, detached or personal, depending on the demands of the website or what the writer wants to communicate.

Blog writing is a thriving market and has a lot of potentials. With the internet coming into prominence, millions of people have resorted to blogging writing to sustain a career. Therefore, if you are an aspiring blogger, who does not know where to begin, then check this ultimate blog writing guide to learn professional blog writing.

blog writing guide

1. Challenges of a content developer

Content developing, although seems like an interesting field, has a lot of pitfalls and challenges that you should keep in mind as a blogger. Let alone the most obvious challenge that you would have to work continuously in front of a computer screen. And that it would have certain serious effects on your lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. While working, you must learn to overcome them. To learn about these content writing related hardships in more detail, click on the link: ‘The lofty challenges and pitfalls of being a web content writer’.

blog writing guide

2. Content writing courses

Content writing courses are taught around the world in various universities. It is hard to research and come up with good courses. There are many online courses on the internet too, both free and paid. You can use some free lessons that offer basic writing skills. Such skills are required for professional content writing.

If you do feel that you are having inadequate knowledge and would like to take a content writing course, check out the content writing category of The Uni Square Blog. Also, go through A GUIDE TO FIND THE BEST CREATIVE WRITING COURSES IN INDIA.

blog writing guide

3. Difference between blogs and articles

Blogs and articles are different aspects of content writing, and you as a blogger must know the difference so that you do not make a mistake when the format is concerned. It is an important distinction if you are wondering how to write a blog.

To learn about these distinctions in more detail, click on the link below:
Core differences between blogs & articles

blog writing guide, designing blog site

4. Designing the blog site

This shall be the first step of yours towards blog writing. You have to create a blog site to write or create blog posts accordingly. Click here and check out the blog website of Uni Square Concepts. This will give you an idea about how should be a blog website like. To learn about more such website designing platforms, read our blog:
Designing a website- Top 6 website designing platforms for beginners

blog writing guide, choosing the right hosting

5. Choosing the right hosting plan

After building your blog site, you would need web space or in technical terms, hosting plan, to store your data and files. Now, this may get tricky because there are a lot of web hosting providers on the internet and they have numerous hosting plans too. You should be very cautious and smart while choosing a hoster and plans.

blog writing guide

6. Alternative option: Making a blog on blogger.com

If you want to skip the hassle of the last two steps, we have a mid-way for that too. When it comes to blogging, Blogger is one of the top websites to try. Not only is it free, but it is also quite famous and provides efficient blogging tools.  To learn how to create a blog on Bloggers in more detail, click on the link below:
Stepwise instructions to create a blog online on blogger.com

blog writing guide

7. The proper format of blog writing

A blog has a specific tone and format that has to be incorporated in your work to keep readers interested. A proper format makes the work as efficient and polished as possible. It is the first step of any blog writing guide. Correct blog writing formats may differ from work to work, whether you’re writing for your personal blog or working as a blog writer for someone else. So, you have to adopt the correct style and work according to the right format.

To learn about the various blog writing formats in detail, read our blog on:
What is the correct blog writing format?

blog writing guide

8. Catchy overview in blogs

An overview is an extremely important aspect of the blog writing format. It can make or break your entire work. It comprises of the essence of your whole blog. An overview is what generally users read first to decide whether to read further or not. It should be written in a way to create anxiety and urge and questions in the reader’s mind, for he/she has to read your blog to find answers for. A catchy overview is a deal of great significance and that’s the reason why we have included it in our blog writing guide.

To learn about overviews in more detail, click on the link below:
Importance of a catchy overview in the practice of providing blog writing services

blog writing guide

9. Incorporating keywords in good blogs

Keywords are an integral part of forming your SEO strategy. So it is vitally important that you know exactly how to find them and incorporate them properly in the blog. Correct and sufficient incorporation will help you with the optimization of your content and help you to increase the reader traffic for your blog.

To learn about keyword research and incorporation in more detail, read our blogs on:
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blog writing guide

10. SEO friendly URL in blogs

SEO is an important aspect to learn professional blog writing, as it increases your visibility in the search engines. Therefore, it is vital that you make use of keywords in your URL to make it SEO-friendly and attract search engine traffic. There are many more on-page and off-page SEO techniques to consider as well.

To learn about SEO friendly blog URLs in more detail, click on the link below:
Why should your blog have an SEO-friendly URL?

blog writing guide

11. Readability tests

One of the most important things to know while looking for the answer for how to write a blog is how to make your work more readable. It should be user-friendly, enjoyable to read and also informative. Therefore, you might want to run your content through a readability test to ensure that your work is publishable and readable as well.

To learn about all the readability tests and how to use them in more detail, read the blogs below:
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blog writing guide

12. Check grammar

This is the most important thing to check while learning professional blog writing. Your accuracy in grammar and vocabulary can either make your blog or break it as well. That’s why you should proofread your content again and again until you become certainly sure.

On the other hand, you can also take help from online grammar editors. The accuracy and features provided by grammar editor tools will help you to achieve professional efficiency. Read our blog mentioned below to know about more grammar editors available online:
The best grammar editors available on the internet that everyone should know about

blog writing guide

13. Plagiarism tests

If you want to learn professional blog writing, you need to ensure that your work is 100% original and plagiarism-free. If you do not do this, it will result in a bad reputation for the company and you as a writer. You may also lose search engine rankings. So, it is really important and advisable to run a plagiarism test online before you publish your work online.

The plagiarism test will detect any intentional/unintentional plagiarism and show them to you to edit it as you want. Here’s a list of best online plagiarism checkers for your ease: ‘The best online plagiarism checkers available’.

To learn about plagiarism in more detail, read our blogs on:
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blog writing guide

14. Resourceful tools for blog writing

As a professional blogger, you must make use of all the blog writing tools that are available on the internet, as this would not only make your job easier but would also make your work more polished and perfected. To learn about writing tools in more detail, click on the link below:
The most resourceful content writing tools available online

blog writing guide

15. Guest posting

Guest posting is an integral part of learning professional blog writing. It provides a platform for budding writers to post their articles and attract attention to their writing. While there are many websites where you can practice guest posting and write your work, there are certain standards, which you have to follow to publish your work there.

To learn about Guest posting in more detail, and know about the best websites for Guest posting, check our blog on:
5 websites to consider for Guest Posting. Answer to ‘Where to write a blog?

blog writing guide

16. Become an influencer by blog writing

When it comes to learning professional blog writing, being an influencer must be in one of your aims. It brings in a lot of business opportunities and helps you become popular. To learn how to become an influencer via blogging, click on the link below:
Content Strategy to be followed to become an influencer

This blog writing guide summarizes all the information and provides an answer to the question of how to write a blog. However, we have just provided you the tools to succeed. It is up to you to do the hard work and provide efforts. You must also be patient, as a good blog takes time to grow.

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