If you are a content writer, you must pride yourself on your originality. In case you are wondering how to check plagiarism online, here we give you a list of the best online plagiarism checkers available in the market. Use these free plagiarism checking tools to make sure that your work is authentic and get it published.

All content writing companies want their writers to produce good, authentic work. The internet hosts information about billions of topics that everyone can read. If there is plagiarism present in your work, intentionally or unintentionally, it would bring a bad reputation to the company and the writer. With the latest updates in the Google algorithms, it is easy for Google to locate these anomalies. The search engines blacklist the website for plagiarised work.

Therefore, to ensure that the company’s goodwill is intact and to retain visibility in the Google search engine, one should make use of the best online plagiarism checkers available. Free plagiarism checking tools are available online and it is extremely easy to use them. We have made a list of these websites.




Smallseotools.com is online software and is counted among the best online plagiarism checkers. It not only checks plagiarism but offers a number of other functions such as keyword rank checking, backlink checking, grammar checking and so on. We prefer Small SEO Tools, considering its ease of use and accuracy. Above all, it is also free.

  • Application: Smallseotools.com is vital for bloggers, webmasters, and digital marketers to check plagiarism for content to be published online.
  • Ease of use: This plagiarism checking website is extremely efficient and easy to use; it is also very time-efficient and trustworthy. You do not have to register or log in to check your work. It checks your work in a matter of seconds and produces an authenticity report.
  • Accuracy: If your work contains plagiarism, it accurately provides the appropriate links of the websites, from which the content has been copied from, so that you may go there and verify by yourself. The plagiarism checker of Smallseotools has been found to be amongst the most accurate checkers available online, in terms of its results.
  • Pricing: Being a free plagiarism checking tool, Smallseotools does not charge anything. This software gives you a limited number of checking trials per day for free; it charges you if you need to use it more than the designated number of times. The software mainly generates revenue from advertisement links that are on the page.



Copyscape is another valuable website checker and plagiarism detector that provides authentic reports. It is one of the most popular online plagiarism checker tools.

  • Application: It is famous among bloggers, digital marketers and other content writers. The software searches if your website has been copied unfairly. We can also upload our content file to check the plagiarism.
  • Ease of use: Copyscape is easy to use and generates a report within seconds. In order to use it, you need to type the URL of your website on the search box. While searching for content directly, Copyscape allows adding only 2,000 words per search.
  • Accuracy: Like small SEO tools, it also detects plagiarism from content work and sites the sources that have misused the information from your website. It is very accurate and ensures the authenticity of your website.
  • Pricing: Copyscape provides both free and premium features. You can check plagiarism online for free on Copyscape, but there is a limited amount of times you can do that if you don’t have a premium plan. The premium plan has two options: subscription and prepaid which are priced accordingly. The website functions on credits that can be bought; one credit is exhausted per use. Each credit can accommodate a maximum of 250 words to be checked for plagiarism.



Turnitin is another document submission tool that is mostly used in the field of academia and research. We can find numerous universities at postgraduate and doctorate level, using Turnitin.

  •  Application: It is used by professors to grade university submissions as it shows if the student has borrowed content from other research papers or previously submitted work.
  • Ease of use: Students can access Turnitin through their IDs and after submission, the software generates an originality report that the student can submit to the institution. It is relatively easy to use, but the reports generated sometimes contain anomalies that cannot be avoided. It is certain that Turnitin has been in practice for a long time and it needs some serious updates in order to compete with the latest plagiarism checkers online that provide much more user-friendliness.
  • Accuracy: If there is plagiarism found, Turnitin sites the sources from which it has been copied. It is considered to be highly accurate for academic purposes.
  • Pricing: Turnitin is not a free plagiarism checking tool. It is bought by educational institutions for the use of the faculty and the students. To this day, it remains the most popular and best online plagiarism checker for universities and schools.


Unicheck is an online plagiarism checker trusted by more than 1,100 institutions, 100K educators, and 1.5M students all over the world. Unicheck provides plagiarism prevention software that facilitates the raise of academic integrity and combats contract cheating.

  • Application: This software is used by academic institutions, businesses, and individual users. It helps detect the similarity of content, various types of cheating (text modification, contract cheating, text similarity, etc.), find out and correct referencing and formatting mistakes.
  • Ease of use: Unicheck provides quick and easy integration with major learning management systems such as Canvas, Moodle, Google Classroom, etc. The versatile functionality allows teachers to automate the learning process and check assignments for similarity within several minutes. Individual users don’t have to download or set anything up. They just need to create an account or log into the system via social media to be able to use the tool and check the paper. The software supports almost all file formats in more than 20 languages.
  • Accuracy: Unicheck’s algorithms cover more than 40 billion open access pages, Internet resources, and educational databases. Apart from this, the tool checks papers against the user’s library or private database of an institution to help avoid self-plagiarism and academic misconduct.
  • Pricing: Although Unicheck does not offer free plagiarism detection software, the product is a good value for money. There are various payment plans for different user needs. Individual users can purchase a specific number of pages instead of being limited to a fixed subscription. To check 20 pages for plagiarism will cost only $5. Institutions purchase licenses and their price is based on the amount of students.


Copy Leaks

If you are wondering how to check plagiarism online for free, Copy Leaks might be the answer to your prayers, if you don’t find the other tools useful.

  • Application: It is mostly used by bloggers and digital marketers to ensure that their website has not been misused. Copy Leakes allows us to check plagiarism for online content. Apart from this, Copy Leakes can also be used to check plagiarism for academic content.
  • Ease of use: It is very easy to use as you just have to enter the URL of your website and it would generate a report in an instant. You do not have to create an account or register to use this software.
  • Accuracy:  Copy Leakes is also very accurate and contains no anomalies. It shows you the links to the websites that have plagiarised your work and highlights the lines in your content work that have been plagiarised.
  • Pricing: Copy Leaks provides a free trial version and a premium version. The trial version gives you 10 credits per month for free, enabling you to check up to 2,500 words. The premium version has two features: prepaid and subscription. The prepaid version gives you 1K credits for $99 and the subscription version gives you 1k credits/month for $75.99. Each credit is worth 250 words.



Grammarly is basically known for its best grammar editing function. The plagiarism checker feature is additional, but also worth to get a mention in our best online plagiarism checkers’ list.

  • Application: It is used by both professionals and students. Being a one-stop site for all content writing features, it attracts many freelance content writers as well.
  • Ease of use: It is fairly easy to use for everyone. You can either check your content by pasting it on the box or you can also upload your content as a document file. It generates the report of your result in quite a short time and is very time efficient. You don’t have to create an account to check your work.
  • Accuracy: Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is quite accurate and shows no anomalies and mistakes in the results. It highlights the sentences from the content which have been previously used in other webpages, also providing links of them.
  • Pricing: It comes in both a free and paid version. You can use the plagiarism checker for free though.


Dupli Checker

A relatively known online plagiarism checker tool, Dupli Checker is an accurate plagiarism checker, falling under the list of best online plagiarism checkers.

  • Application: It is used by both academics and content writers for checking the originality of their content. You can also use it to check your grammar.
  • Ease of use and accuracy: After you upload your work on the website, the results appear quickly. Dupli Checker efficiently sites the sources that have been misused in the work, marking the sentences that seem to be copied or tampered with. The results can be saved and printed out later.
  • Pricing: It is absolutely free. However, it only allows 1000 words to be checked per-chance.

In this day and age, the market for free plagiarism check tools is competitive and rapidly evolving to accommodate the needs of the users. With the growth in internet content, it is a necessity to evaluate and avoid the dangers of plagiarism. Keeping in mind the need for authentic work, we should always turn to the best online plagiarism checkers as it will give credit for good work to the rightful people and help us locate people who are not authentic in their work.



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