Are you a content writer who is wondering on how to incorporate keywords in blogs? Are you confused about the SEO strategies that your blog should include? Do you ever question why keywords should be incorporated in your work? We have decided to bring you a few guidelines that will tell you exactly why and how you should include keywords in good blogs.

Keywords are an essential part of on-page SEO strategies. Keywords comprise of words and phrases that users have searched on search engines frequently. It is the job of a content writer to search these phrases on tools like the Google Keyword Planner and incorporate them in their work. If they are incorporated correctly, the work will gain visibility in the search engines, attracting organic traffic from the search engines. Therefore, in order to gain readership, it is vital that content developers know how to incorporate keywords in blogs.


how to incorporate keywords in blogs

Where to search them and pick the best ones

Before you include keywords in good blogs, you must research them. Google Ads (Adwords) is a website used by marketers and advertisers. It is basically used to raise campaigns, create advertisements, etc. It has a keyword research tool that helps you search for keywords on a particular topic.

Put your topic in the search-box and hit the search option. The tool will come up with a list of keywords in a matter of seconds. Pick the best ones on the basis of average monthly searches, competition, account status and relevance. You may also download a spreadsheet containing the highest-ranking keywords. To know more in detail about this process, read our blog: ‘How to do a keyword research on Google Ads (Adwords) using keyword planner for SEO based content’.

how to incorporate keywords in blogs

How to incorporate keywords

If you are confused about how to incorporate keywords in blogs, there is a specific manner to include keywords in good blogs. Keywords should be included in these regions of your work:

  • Meta Data (In the meta title and meta description)
  • Content body (In the 1st line of the article/ blog, followed with the inclusion in the rest of the content)
  • Web Page url

You cannot incorporate them wherever you feel like. These specific regions should be your targeted places. You have to use them in a manner that seems inconspicuous and seamless. Your readers should not know that the keywords have been incorporated. They should blend with the content work perfectly. Blending the words naturally into your work is a skill every content writer should learn.

how to incorporate keywords in blogs

Number of times they should be repeated

When it comes to the question of how to incorporate keywords in blogs, you must know the correct density for incorporating them in your work. According to the general practice followed by most writers, you should not incorporate them in more than 2-3% of your work. While you repeat them in your work, be careful so that they are not repeated more frequently than they should. For example, if the blog consists of 700 words, the repetition of keywords should be around 10-16 times.

how to incorporate keywords in blogs

Number of Keywords used per blog

When it comes to including keywords in good blogs, there should always be one focus keyword that has to be repeated to make up 1- 1.5% of your blog. While the additional keywords or the lesser important keywords are to be repeated in the remaining 1- 2%  of total words. The focus keywords is always highly ranked and has a lot of competition in the digital world. While the additional keywords do not hold as much importance.

how to incorporate keywords in blogs

Keyword Stuffing

Many writers make the mistake of stuffing keywords into their work. They expect that it would make their work gain extra visibility on search engines. However, this is not the correct way of including keywords in good blogs. You should not incorporate keywords more than 2-3% in your work. Owing to the recent Google Updates, it is easy for Google to blacklist websites or web pages that have keyword stuffing done. If the websites are not blacklisted, they are pushed down to the bottom of the search results. So that, the users do not find them.

Once you become familiar with how to incorporate keywords in blogs, you can start producing good quality blogs. Keyword incorporation is just one criteria of SEO. There are other areas like link-building, readability tests, grammar check, plagiarism tests, etc. Including keywords in good blogs is just the first step to optimize your work.



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