The position of a content writer and content editor are important positions in the writing profession. A company hiring a content writer often chooses to hire a content editor as well. Both of these posts seem to confuse people a lot. Sometimes, people assume the two of them to have the same job and responsibilities. In this blog, we will talk about the various kinds of differences between a content writer and a content editor. Many aspects to be discussed in this blog include the job description and salaries as well.

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The basic difference between a content writer and content editor is that a content writer creates content whereas a content editor checks over the content created. And undeniably, both of them are essential for the creation of good quality content. This blog would help you draw a line of distinction between the two. It will provide answers to most commonly asked questions about content writers and content editors. In brief, this blog is an analysis of writing vs editing. Let us get into the depth to know more.

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1. Job Description

Content Writer: A content writers’ job includes writing the entire content. He has to conduct a lot of research regarding the topic he has to write. Content writers create content for blogs, websites, newspapers, digital marketing etc. They initially decide which aspects of the topic should be discussed. The depth of the discussion too, is determined by the content writers. They are held responsible for the quality of the content they create. You may also like to read the blog on FREELANCE CONTENT WRITERS: ARE THEY THE BEST WAY FORWARD? if you are looking to hire one.

Content Editor: A content editor is responsible for the editing the content created by content writers. The role of an editor is to make sure that the content which is going to be published is in its best form. A content editor analyses, evaluates, improvises and develops the content created by a writer. He gives feedbacks to the content writers with respect to their work. At times, he makes the writers bring changes in their content so as to make the content suitable. In other words, a content editor works as a mentor to a content writer. You might also be interested to know about some of the HARROWING CHALLENGES OF A FREELANCE EDITOR & HOW TO OVERCOME THEM.

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2. Qualifications Required

Content Writer: Content writing does not have a restricted entry. But there are several qualifications which are important for a content writer. These qualifications are often required to enhance the potential qualities of a content writer. None of these qualifications are compulsory for a person to become a content writer. Also, companies quite often judge a candidate by conducting their own test and interviews. You may also like to know some of the THE BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER.

Having a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree can be essential for a person to become a content writer. A person can get a bachelor’s degree in whichever language he wants to write. However, English is the most preferred, as it is spoken worldwide. Check out the next blog on QUICKLY IMPROVE YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS.

Having a degree in journalism and mass communication is also a very good option. Also, one can always acquire a degree depending upon the kind of content a person wishes to write. For example, if someone wants to start a blog over the economy updates, then it would be most suitable to acquire a bachelor’s degree in economics. A content writer can also learn programming or web designing, if he wants to start his own blog in the future.

Content Editor: Since a content editor assumes a very significant job in content writing, he needs to have a good qualification. The role of an editor requires an appreciable amount of knowledge and education. Generally, only a well-qualified and experienced content writer is promoted as a content editor. The most appropriate qualifications for a content editor include courses such as a master’s degree in journalism, mass communication and English. In this blog we have highlighted about some of THE BEST GRAMMAR EDITORS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.

A content editor can also have degrees in fields related to his area of work. The qualifications for a content writer and content editor are generally the same. Content editors, however, are preferred to have more experience and advanced skills. Although, there is not much difference between a content writer and a content editor in this context.

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3. Salary & Income

Content Writer: In content writing, a person has to start with a not-so-impressive salary due to his lack of experience and skills. The salary of a content writer working with some company depends upon a number of factors. Such factors include location, skills, experience, style of writing etc. Check out this blog about HOW MUCH SALARY CAN ONE MAKE AS A CONTENT WRITER?

The income of a self-employed content writer depends upon the kind of services he is able to provide and the traffic he is able to attract to the website. Besides this, if your website is still failing to attract enough traffic inspite of publishing good content, then you should try reading our blog on HOW TO IMPROVE INDEXABILITY AND CRAWLABILITY OF A WEBSITE.

Freelancers charge according to their own rates. Some people charge per word while some on the basis of the time consumed in writing. Despite of all these aspects, a content writer in India, on an average is able to earn Rs. 2.1 lakhs per annum. Not to be mentioned, it always depends upon the capabilities and performance of the writer himself.

Content Editor: There is quite some difference between a content writer and a content editor with respect to incomes. A content editor clearly holds a position higher than a content writer. Thus, he obviously receives more salary and income than a content writer. Most of the content editors have an experience of at least 10 years as a content writer.

Moreover, in content editing too, the pay depends upon the performance, skills and experience. However, the job and salary of a content editor is far more secure and stable than that of a writer. There are many content editors who charge according to the number of times they edit the content or the time they devote to it. Coming to figures, a content editor, on an average earns about Rs. 3.72 lakhs per annum.

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4. Which one is Better?

The answer to writing vs editing is not as easy as it seems. Despite of several differences between a content writer and a content editor, it is difficult to compare the two. This is because both of them are largely dependent on each other. One needs to have a minimum experience as a content writer in order to become a content editor. No one can directly jump to the position of a content editor as it requires abilities which one can acquire only with experience.

But if one has enough capabilities and potential, then it is always better to apply as a content editor. A content editor, after all, has a wider scope, better salary and more perks. The role of an editor is wider. Content editing offers a very reputable position and opportunities to learn. One should always aim for better things in life. An editor acquires more expertise and experience. Thus, content editing, undoubtedly, is a better option.

By the end of this blog, we’ve come to terms with the differences between content writing and content editing. Various aspects of the two jobs have been discovered. The dependence of the two jobs on each other has been acknowledged. The blog was an attempt to eliminate chaos regarding content writing and content editing. At last, the differences between both of them have been specified. Raed our next blog on THE BEST WEBSITES FOR PURSUING ONLINE CONTENT WRITING COURSES!


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