Are you a content writer who is wondering how to write a professional article? Article writing can be difficult if you are just starting out. There are various criteria that you have to keep in mind. However, there are some shortcuts that will get you really quickly into writing content professionally. If you want to know about these tricks, keep reading.

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Article writing has been in practice for ages, but it has evolved in nature with time. Earlier, article writing was done only in the form of newspaper articles and pamphlets. But with the advent of the internet, article writing has grown into a major aspect of content writing. Our job here is not only to educate you about articles, but also to offer you tricks of the trade that will give you leverage over fellow-writers. In case you are struggling with your job, here are a few suggestions to amp up your work. Not will these tips help you write content quickly, but will also lead you to produce good quality work. Click here if you are looking for a step wise guide to write articles. Before you proceed, know the difference between articles and blogs here.

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1. Research about your Competitors

A great strategy to write content quickly is to research work produced by fellow-writers and competing content companies. This will give you an idea of the quality of work that is required of your articles. It will also give you fresh ideas and inspire you to write better. For a newbie, one should start participating in online and offline content writing competitions happening at different levels. And, here are the 5 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN CONTENT WRITING COMPETITIONS in order to boost your self confidence.

Going through your competitor’s work can help you learn from their mistakes. If they are using a different, more effective method in their writings, you can implicate that in your work. It will give an idea of how the audience would react to a certain topic. Analyzing your fellow writers’ work can teach you a lot about how to write a professional article.

2. Use the Inverted Pyramid Method

This method is used by journalists to write content quickly and easily. In this method, the most important information is put in the first few lines, the body consists of lesser important information and the conclusion sums up the whole article. If people do not want to read the whole articles, they just glance at the first few lines and get the most vital pieces of information.

A professional article needs to be compact and precise, while you arrange information in a specific manner. This saves a lot of time and keeps your word count in check. Here are some TIPS TO ENSURE DEADLINE SUCCESS WHILE MAINTAINING EFFICIENCY to save a lot of time regardless of what work you do.

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3. Audience Assessment

If you are wondering how to write a professional article, then you must rely on audience assessment. Think of your topics in terms of what your readers want to read. Hold a survey, interview people informally. Social media is a good way to make these assessments; pay attention to what people are sharing and talking about. You may also like to read our blog on STEPS TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET AUDIENCE: KNOW WHAT IS MARKET to do the audience assessment better.

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4. Put a new spin on an old topic

This strategy involves your creativity and vision. It relies on your ability to present an old overused topic in a new light. Experienced journalists try this method when they want to write content quickly. You need to tell the old story in a way that would make people interested to read your work. You can present from a different angle and perspective. Besides, these skills come up with years of knowledge and experience. Even if you are ambiguous in how to pursue this career, you may opt for content writing courses to get a ste-pwise guide. Here is the GUIDE TO FIND THE BEST CREATIVE WRITING COURSES IN INDIA to succeed in the content writing career.

Online article writing jobs are easy to find, in case you are wondering how to write a professional article. Although these jobs are very competitive, they can help you make a good living. With time and experience, you will start producing good-quality articles. Read our next blog on WHAT IS THE PROPER STRUCTURE OF PROFESSIONAL CONTENT.


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