Are you a content writer who is curious about how SEO content writing functions? Do you want to have an in-depth understanding of how SEO results in search engine friendly content writing? If you want to learn about SEO based content writing and its functions, you have come to the right place.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy used by content writing companies to gain visibility in search engines. SEO content writing ensures increase in search engine traffic, resulting in the popularity of the website. It ensures the authenticity and effectiveness of your work. Links are one of the parameters of SEO-friendly content. If you want to learn SEO based content writing, you must make use of appropriate links for the benefit of the readers.

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1. Originality

One of the biggest criteria of SEO content writing is the question of originality or authenticity. Plagiarism checking is part of learning SEO based content writing. If your work is not 100% original, your website can get blacklisted by Google. It would earn you a bad impression. In severe cases, you might face legal charges. In order to ensure originality, you could avail the use of online plagiarism checkers which are both free and effective and here are some of THE BEST ONLINE PLAGIARISM CHECKERS AVAILABLE.

2. Content Creation and Promotion

Search engine friendly content writing helps to promote created content by the use of links. Content marketing is a MAJOR DIGITAL MARKETING TOOL and a way of attracting readers and promoting your work. Also, check out these 5 ULTIMATE MARKETING TECHNIQUES FOR GROWING A BUSINESS.

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3. Comment Marketing

Comment marketers engage in conversation with people in the comments section of blogs related to their work. Guest posting can be a very effective means of comment marketing. It involves creating original content related to the work of another content writer and posting it on their blog. Your Guest posts must be incorporating the aspects of SEO content writing in order for people to find it. These are the 5 WEBSITES TO CONSIDER FOR GUEST POSTING. ANSWER TO ‘WHERE TO WRITE A BLOG’?

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4. Outreach/ PR

This involves reaching out to a popular blogger or media and pitching them the content of your website. If they find it original or interesting enough, they might write about it on their website. This will lead in generating search engine traffic to your work. Be certain to read the submission guidelines for respective bloggers or media companies before you send out your pitch.

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5. Social Media

Social Media is a great way to reach out to a broad spectrum of people. It involves the use of influencers to promote your product, creating pages, campaigns and groups. It can be very effective and rapid. Social media is also helpful in relation-building with your clients and fellow content writers. People can share the links to your page in order to share your work. To get a deeper dive, read the blog on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLANS: WHAT’S THE BEST FOR YOU?

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6. Reviews and Mentions

Reviews are basically the judgments and opinions of people on your product/ service. They can be a great tool for promoting your content on digital media. Bloggers may leave the link to your work in their own work to mention it. They might review your work in their own posts.

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7. Keywords in your URL

Keywords are a part of SEO content writing. Keywords include words or phrases that have been searched by users online. Keywords are incorporated in the content body, header, anchor texts and lastly, your blog URL. Incorporating keywords in your URL link is a part of search engine friendly content writing as it attracts search engine traffic. All bloggers use this strategy to gain visibility on search engines. Read our next guide on HOW SHOULD KEYWORDS BE INCORPORATED IN GOOD BLOGS.

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8. Importance of Links

Link-building is an integral part of search engine friendly content writing and content promotion. Building links creates a network of well-connected blogs that helps the readers to navigate a website in a systematic manner. It makes your work SEO-friendly.

Links lead readers to other works that might be more detailed and informative. Links can serve as a means to prove a website’s authenticity and trust. It helps create a high-quality content website with lots of readers. Link building and content writing function together to result in the popularity of the website. To know more about the correct way of incorporating links, read this blog on INTERNAL LINKS: WHY THEY ARE VITAL TO BOOST SEO.

In the digital world, SEO content writing is vital. Link-building has made it possible to create a content universe that is interconnected and easily-accessible. As a blogger, it is not just enough to learn SEO based content writing but you need to know how to promote it as well. The methods mentioned above can be helpful if you are struggling with promotion particularly.


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