In the world of digital marketing, when it comes to the long battle of articles, the winner would always be short articles. It is vital that you, as a content writer, would write brief content as it is frequently demanded by clients and employers. Here are the reasons why short articles valued more in the marketing world.

Article writing is an old form of art. It came into prominence with the emergence of print media such as newspapers, brochures and pamphlets and so on. In the age of digital marketing, the art of article writing has drastically evolved and short articles are both valued and demanded from content writers. After countless audience surveys, content developers have been advised to write brief content along with keeping everything precise and direct. This post stresses the importance of short articles in contemporary digital marketing.

Business strategy- short articles

Audiences prefer short articles and images

We live in a fast-paced world and reading long articles is a luxury that most people cannot afford. People value facts and do not like if they have to hunt for the facts, in a long piece of work. They prefer shorter sentences and shorter passages. Everything should be touch-and-go. Short articles have come into prominence as they take less time to read and they convey important information one needs. Have a look at the BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS AND TRICKS FOR PROFESSIONAL WRITERS to produce short and effective work.

In articles, the information is arranged in the form of an inverted triangle. The most important information is inserted in the first few lines and they are explored more thoroughly in the later paragraphs. You might be interested to know THE PROPER STRUCTURE OF PROFESSIONAL CONTENT. This ensures that the reader will get the gist of the article even if he/ she just manages to run his/ her eyes through the first few lines.

Also, images, graphs and statistics form an integral part of article writing as articles only convey concrete facts and information. Articles aren’t prone to speculations of the author or other grey areas that a blog might try to cover. It is easier for people to see a graph and intake information than reading a 300 word paragraph. Also, it takes a lot less time to absorb the same information if it is written down. Images and statistics appeal to the visual perceptions of humans, which may make a greater impression than words and letters. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Competition with other websites

The world of digital marketing is a competitive one. Sometimes, the competition depends on the number of articles that a website can produce. Not only shorter articles are preferred, but they are also easier to produce and publish. This ensures a larger number of audience and also a greater number of articles being published. This is a measure, which most content writing companies take in order to curb out the competition and also produce good quality work in the long run.

Benefits of native advertising, - short article

Short articles are easier to write

It is important to keep in mind that it is easier to write brief content, when it comes to article writing because the writer is not allowed to express his/ her opinions. They are only demanded to be well-researched and compact. Each line is carefully calculated so that they are packed with information and facts. Check out these 10 TIPS FROM PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING for your work to reach out more audience.

Articles provide information in a non-biased, formal manner so that the audience can make up their own opinions from the facts that are laid in front of them. When it comes to the battle of articles, most writers prefer short articles as it is quicker to write, edit and publish. They can produce articles from various topics if they are short in length and ensure that the website content has variety and originality. It increases the readability of the passage. Some people do not even venture to read an article if it is not short, no matter how good an article topic is. You may also like to know about the READABILITY TESTS: KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED TO DO A READABILITY TEST ONLINE.

It is needless to say that an article can be long or short depending on its content. If the topic is big, interesting and requires a long, well-researched article, then the writer should go ahead with it. However, if the article can be short and convey the same set of facts, then of course, they are mostly preferable. Most people would argue about the length of articles but however it ultimately depends on the skills of the writer to make it interesting and insightful. Check out our next blog on CORE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BLOGS & ARTICLES.


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