Are you a blogger who is wondering why you should have a seo friendly url? As a blogger, you should pay special attention to the url of a blog, as it will determine its visibility on search engines. Therefore, in order to gain insight on picking the most appropriate link for a blog, keep reading.

The url of your blog is the link that leads to its page. Your readers will click on the blog url in order to read it. If someone wants to share your blog, they will share the url link of your blog. The url is like the digital address to your blog.

Incorporating keywords is a part of SEO strategies used in a blog. Using keywords in your blog url will optimize your blog and give you a seo friendly url. When you create a blog, the url of a blog determines its visibility in the search engines, therefore you should always include keywords in it for your own benefit. To know the importance of the appropriate link for a blog, keep reading.


seo friendly url

Increase popularity of the blog

Having a seo friendly url will help bring search engine traffic. It will increase the blog’s visibility on search engines, therefore it will ensure the popularity of the blog. More and more people will read it and if they like it, they will share it. It will help you showcase your work on a world-wide web platform. This will result in pay-per-click revenue and your career as a blogger will thrive.

seo friendly url

Attract guest bloggers

An Seo-friendly url of a blog can help attract guest posters. Usually guest posters are attracted to blogging websites that are popular and have a lot of followers. Guest posting helps in bringing more search engine traffic. Guests posts make interesting additions to your work. They enable people to share your work on a wide scale.

seo friendly url

Social media promotions

Social media is a great platform if you want to promote your blog as it has a heavy user-base. A seo friendly url will enable users to share your work more widely. You can share your blog url on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It will show up on people’s feeds more readily if it is a seo friendly url. The social sites will also read the headline, image and other details from the metadata of the url. This would result in the popularity of your work.

seo friendly url

Flaunts professionalism

Having an seo appropriate link for a blog flaunts professionalism. It shows people that you have an in-depth understanding of seo and of blog writing formats. It attracts professional opportunities. This is one of the qualities that separates you as a professional, from a bunch of amateur writers. It impresses SEO companies and blogging websites, which may want to offer you jobs.

seo friendly url

Easy Accessibility

Having a seo-friendly url of a blog will enable easy access for readers. The link would be easy for them to remember and put to use. Having a difficult url will ruin your chances at being both popular and user-friendly. Easy access ensures a wide base of audience.

It is not just enough to have a seo friendly url. Your popularity and success depends on how hard you are willing to work. Good quality work is vital for your survival. You may have a strong SEO strategy, but if your work is not good, you wouldn’t gain a reader-base.



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