If you are going to start a blog and are facing difficulties with the selection of topics to create content over, then this is the right place for you. One of the major problems of a beginner is to make a choice between the countless number of subjects to write on. If you are one of them, then you do not have to worry about the topics anymore. This blog is here to help you with 10 easy yet interesting content writing topics for beginners. A few bright topics like mythology, travel, photography etc. are to be discussed in this blog.

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Content writing, for sure, is not a piece of cake. Despite the evolution of AI writers like ChatGPT and AI detection tools like Originality.AI, content writing remains hard work! A content writer should select a topic out of the box to create a brilliant piece of content. There is already a cut-throat competition in the content writing world. If you are a beginner, then you require some amazing and uncomplicated topics to blog on. Down below, comes a list of some interesting content writing topics for beginners that will not only help you write extraordinary content but will fill you with joy, more knowledge and wisdom. As a bonus, we have also provided two very important and useful info-graphics related to this subject, towards the end of the blog!

skin care and beauty blog topic

1. Skin Care and Beauty

The first field, from which people can choose interesting content writing topics for beginners is Skin care and Beauty. Everyone desires of having a beautiful, soft and smooth skin. People wish to enhance their beauty as much as possible. In order to get the skin and beauty they want, people read articles and blogs related to it. This topic is included in the list of professional content writing ideas. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the skin and beauty category:

  • Why the Order of your Skincare Routine Matters
  • 10 Skincare Resolutions You Should Make in 2021
  • Top 5 easy tips to maintain your skin in a busy schedule
  • 10 beauty tips every girl should follow in 2021
  • How to Start a Skincare Regimen
  • What to Know as a Client Going Back to the Spa
  • What to Know About Vitamin A and Skin
  • An Overnight Mask Could Be the Key to Waking Up Glowing

A content writer can always write about skin care tips and his efforts will never go wasted because a number of people search for skin care and beauty tips. Maintaining a blog which suggests amazing and helpful guidelines on beauty can fetch great results for the website/ blog. Moreover, not much technical knowledge is required in this field. You can simply start off with home remedies and general ideas. The best part is, even a short beauty course can help you gain ample of knowledge about the subject.

weight loss blog topic easy for beginner

2. Weight Loss and Physical Health

Health problems such as obesity and blood pressure are rising day by day. People are rightly getting concerned about their health. Everybody wants to lead a healthy lifestyle because “Health isn’t a goal. It’s a way of living”. A high-quality blog on weight loss and physical health will guide people about the various aspects of health, diseases and cures of the ailments. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you ca choose in the weight loss and physical health category:

  • Haven’t Worked Out in a While? Here’s How to Get Back Into It
  • Top 5 Health Benefits of Grapefruits
  • 7 amazing hacks to maintain your physical health
  • 10 latest ideas to get rid of weight easily
  • How working out with music can help you get better results
  • Fuel your workout with 3 nutrition tips that promote energy and build muscle
  • Is breakfast necessary? Here’s how eating breakfast may help you lose weight
  • Diet and exercise tips to lose belly fat and gain muscle
  • Need more reasons to enjoy your favorite treat? Learn why chocolate is good for you and all the benefits of eating chocolate

People are naturally attracted towards such blogs due to the rising awareness about health. Writing a blog on the same will always prove to be fruitful. One more benefit of writing about this topic is that it includes very easy content writing tips. Writing over such a topic does not demand any specialty. A little research and expert advice will also work.

Books and movie reviews

3. Books and Movie Reviews

The most famous means of entertainment includes reading books and watching movies. But nobody wants to waste their time on things which are not worth it. So, many people generally go through the reviews of movies and books before investing in them. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the book and movie reviews category:

Writing relevant and true reviews can help a blogger reach the highest rankings of SERP. Also, it is a interesting content writing topic for beginners. There is a great chance that a lot of people will relate to your reviews. Watching and reading will provide you a good amount of recreation. All you have to do is, write your opinion and review for the same. It requires no rocket science but just appreciable thinking ability. Simple!

Photography,10 Easy yet Interesting content writing topics for beginners

4. Photography

Who does not admire art and beauty of the nature? Almost each human on earth will be driven towards stunning photographs. Photography is one of the finest arts. If you have admirable photography skills and a passion for capturing moments, then you can comfortably go for photography blogging. It involves posting quality pictures along with descriptive content about the same. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the photography category:

  • Seven favorite accessories and tools for in-studio portraits
  • Capturing multiple scenes in nature by using a zoom lens
  • Three ideas to get lots of extra detail in your images
  • Seeing the final image while photographing
  • Should you switch from a DSLR to mirrorless?
  • Common misconceptions about street photography
  • Simple tips for taking stunning photos with a kit lens
  • Four tips for creating beautiful cinematic photography

Photography is a professional content writing idea. Developing some professional photography skills is quite easy if you have interest in the field. Also, people are attracted to pictures more than words. If your photographs can grab someone’s attention, then what’s better than that?

fashion blogging

5. Fashion Blogging

In today’s world, everyone wants to look stylish and classy. Following trends and fashion can make a person look elegant and up to the mark. If you have a good taste of fashion, then fashion blogging can help you gain a lot of traffic on your website. This is because people of all the age groups, especially adults and teenagers, are attracted towards fashion a lot. Fashion blogging should be preferred because it is an extremely concerned content writing idea. In other words, everybody is conscious about the way they look or dress up. So, be the one to let them know what’s up in the fashion. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the fashion category:

  • Doing Summer Right With Printed Cotton Crop Tops!
  • How to make your wardrobe more sustainable?
  • 10 Ways to Save Money + Dress Better
  • 7 Ways to Style Unique Looks with Just One Dress
  • 20 Tips to show up gracefully at workplace (Must read)
  • 8 Fashion Rules to Sustainability
  • 6 Ways to make your clothes Smile!
  • Every Working Woman’s Makeup Bag Should Have These 5 Makeup Essentials

mythology hindu god topic for blogging for beginner

6. Mythology

A huge group of people from all over the world are curious about distinct mythologies. Numerous people want to learn about other cultures, their traditions and their values. Writing even about the Indian mythologies can make your blog popular as Indian culture, itself, is very rich and appealing. Readers would love to discover new facts about mythologies. Mythology can prove to be a really interesting content writing topic for beginners as there is much scope of learning. An efficient content writer can easily do some research and write about a range of mythologies. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the mythology category:

  • Krishna – The Historical Perspective
  • Understanding what mythology is in detail
  • Heaven at the North Pole?
  • Astronomy in Hinduism
  • The Geography of Gods


7. Marketing

Budding entrepreneurs are always looking for creative ways to promote their products and services. To this regard, you may also like to read this blog on 10 UNUSUAL PLACES AT WHICH TOP ADVERTISING AGENCIES PUT ADS. Blogging about innovative ideas to market products and services can make your blog a popular one. Blogs on marketing are the most professional content writing topics among all the topics listed. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the marketing category:

All you need to do is, ascertain original and resourceful ways to market and present it in an alluring form. You do not need an MBA degree to write a blog on marketing. You just need some different, efficient and economical ways to promote a brand. If you have convincing powers and a persuasive attitude, then this is the blog idea for you.

Celebrity updates,10 Easy yet Interesting content writing topics for beginners

8. Celebrity Updates

A lot of people idealise celebrities. They want to know the latest updates about their favorite celebrities. A large chunk of audience is interested in knowing about celebrities as they are the talk-of-the-town. A blogger trying to maintain a blog on the same topic, needs to be active and do some journalism. It is important for such a content writer to be really alert and post all the updates as soon as possible. Also, the information being provided should be authentic to build a foundation of trust with the viewers. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the celebrity category:

  • How Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Marriage Pact’ Keeps Them ‘Head Over Heels In Love’
  • Why Tiger Woods Doesn’t Want His Kids To Visit Him In The Hospital After Terrifying Car Crash
  • Halle Berry’s Romantic History: Every Man She’s Ever Loved From Kevin Costner To Gabriel Aubry & More
  • The Best Influencer Marketing Case Studies: Campaigns From Top Brands, Influencers, & More
  • In-House vs Agency? Which Is Best For Celebrity Marketing
  • The Top 10 Fastest Growing TikTok Stars
  • The Top 10 Influencer Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Travel Blog, 10 Easy yet Interesting content writing topics for beginners

9. Travel Blog

People, in general, have a life goal of traveling to a number of astonishing places. They wish to know about beautiful places from all over the world. If you have wanderlust and have traveled a lot, (or are planning to travel more) then you should definitely start a travel blog. Travel blogs can be written with the help of easy content writing tips if the writer has a zeal for traveling. Here are the 10 TIPS FROM A PERFECTIONIST TO ENHANCE YOUR SKILL IN WEBSITE CONTENT WRITING. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the travel category:

  • Keepers of Ganesh: The Vanishing Art of Mahout
  • The 7 Best Travel Shows (To Binge While You Can’t Travel)
  • On the Shores of a Vanishing Island
  • Old Magic in a Young Desert
  • 21 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2021
  • People of India
  • 7 Incredible Road Trips In Southern Europe
  • 9 Underrated Destinations You Must Have On Your Travel List
  • Best Places to Travel Solo (Tips & 10 Favorites)
  • Where To Go Backpacking: Key Routes Around the World

You can share your pictures and personal review and experience of the tour with your audience. Traveling will load you with great experiences and joy, that is why it is included in the most interesting content writing topics for beginners. The blog will do fine as long as you present it nicely. You do not have to be technical or specialized in this field. All one has to do is, write their personal experience. Easy!

Career Counselling, 10 Easy yet Interesting content writing topics for beginners

10. Career Counseling

There are countless career options to choose from. This wide range creates confusion and chaos in the minds of young teenagers. The teenagers, consult the internet more than anyone else to find the answers to their career-related questions. And if you start a blog on this, then there is bound to be traffic on it. A little specialization and knowledge of various types of careers can help you go for online career counseling blogs. It will enrich you with knowledge and not to forget, it is a part of the most interesting content writing topics for beginners. Moreover, it is a professional content writing idea too. Thus, career counseling is a great idea to start your blog. Check out our next blog on PURSUE A CAREER YOU LIKE: FIND YOUR TRUE CALLING. Here are a few examples of the exact topics, which you can choose in the career category:

Above mentioned were the most interesting yet easy topics, on which beginners can start to write. Most of these topics do not require a lot of research. The content on these topics can be written with great ease. All one needs to do is, work with endless enthusiasm and dedication. These topics and fields are popular among people. There will be no need to worry about the traffic on your blog as long as you write brilliantly. In our next blog, we highlight the 5 TOP FOOD MARKETING BLOGS/ CHANNELS IN INDIA. Before we conclude, we have compiled for you an interesting info-graphic, which will give you effective tips on ‘How to write an effective topic’.

HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE content writing TOPIC Infographic

You can use the tips presented in the infographic above to write a good content writing topic on your own, if you do not want to use the content writing topic ideas provided in this informative blog. Before framing an ideal content writing topic, you should decide that whether your content falls under the fictional or the non-fictional category. For making your decision easier, we have provided another info-graphic below, highlighting the difference between fictional and non-fictional writing.

fiction vs non fiction topics Comparison Infographic

We hope that the info-graphic above has given you a clear picture relating to the theme of the literature to be written. Now, you can either choose from one of the amazing content writing topics provided in this blog, or write a topic of your own with the help of the information given in these infographics. We wish you luck in your journey of becoming a successful content writer. You can also check our detailed blog on THE ABSOLUTE GUIDE TO BLOG WRITING to know about the comprehensive steps to start a blog of your own.


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