Every year businesses spend thousands of dollars for running campaigns on google ads. Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is one of the most effective online advertising platforms. The results that come with running advertising campaigns on Google Ads are almost instantaneous. This blog outlines the benefits of advertising on google ads and the principles behind its working.

Google Ads is a paid marketing service. Advertisers pay to get their ads displayed to the users of Google and its partner websites. It is the biggest PPC ads platform in the world. Along with Facebook, Google Ads dominates the world of online advertising. In today’s marketplace, it is imperative for all businesses to learn marketing on google ads. This is because Google Ads allows marketers to promote products and services to a qualified audience.


There are many benefits of using Google Ads, to market your business online. A few of the main benefits include:

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working targeting


Google ads allow the choosing of specific keywords or niches, through which you can target your audience more effectively. Your ads show up when people make search queries using these keywords. Another benefit of google ads is that you can target your ads for a specific geographic location. The countries, regions and cities can be set up according to the target audience. Ads can also be set according to specific pin codes. Advertising on google ads is especially beneficial for local businesses, who want to target customers within a specific reach.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working cost effective

Cost effective

One of the major benefits of google ads is that it is cost effective. You only pay for the ads, when someone clicks on them. The spend can also be specified. If there is a good strategy in place, then you can get a better ROI on your campaign. Make sure to keep a track on the statistics of the campaign and make necessary changes to get better results.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working tracking ability

Tracking ability

You can easily track your campaigns and measure the number of clicks, number of impressions, conversion rates, CTR, CPA, etc. These statistics can be used to optimise your ongoing campaigns and get more conversions.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working more control

More control

Advertising on google ads gives you more control over your campaigns. You can set your budget, cancel or pause campaigns that are not giving results and test the ads, so they get the maximum clicks. This helps the marketer stay in control of the campaign and take decisions that will eventually be better for the company.


Before you learn marketing on google ads, it is important to know the basic principles behind its working. There are three major principles, on which Google Ads work.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working keywords


The basic principle behind advertising on google ads is the use of keywords. Advertisers create ads based on keywords, which then appear on the SERPs. You then bid against other marketers, to have your ads showing on the top results of the search engine result pages.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working quality control

Quality Score

Where your ad appears against the competing ads, is based on a few factors. One of these is the quality score. If your ads are relevant to the search queries and you have a good click through rate on the ads, your ad might appear higher than your competitors. In fact, if the quality score is high, your ad might appear above others, even if you have a lower bid.

Advertising on google ads: Benefits and Working bidding


Google Ads allows you to set your maximum per day budget for a campaign. The minimum budget can be as low as $10. There are a few models of bidding that are offered. Manual CPC allows you to set the maximum cost per click for your ads. There are other automated methods as well. Here you set the budget and Google then sets the bids automatically to get you the most clicks, impressions or conversions.

Advertising on google ads has a number of benefits. The ones mentioned above are the major ones. With Google Ads, it is easier for small businesses to promote themselves as well. It is one of the most powerful online advertising tools that is available for marketers. To get the maximum benefits of google ads, marketers have to keep a track of their statistics and make appropriate changes to the campaigns on a regular basis.


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