Are you curious about a content writer’s salary? In a content writing career, your salary would depend on a lot of variables that most people don’t know about. Not only does your salary depend on these variables, but your reputation as a writer depends on them as well. If you want to know more about the factors that affect the earnings of a content writer, keep reading. 

Like any other career, a content writing career has its ups and downs. The earnings of a content writer depend on his/ her skills and work ethics. Because there is so much competition in this field, you need to work hard and strenuously in order to earn a reputation. It is not an easy field when it comes to making money. As a content writer (full time or freelance), one could be paid a fixed monthly salary or an hourly wage. If you are getting paid per hour, then it is very important for you to be aware of your equivalent annual income. A good hourly wage to annual salary calculator can help you in doing so.

People take up content writing jobs because they love writing. It is not one of the most money-oriented careers. However, if you are still completely clueless about the content writing career and a content writer’s salary, we can give you a rough estimation. 

Freelance Work

A Content Writer’s Salary as a Freelance Worker

As a freelancer, the content writer’s salary varies with how much work he is willing to do. A freelancer can work with a single content company or take up work from various companies. He is his own boss. It all depends on how much work lead he can take. He can get paid on per article basis or on the basis of word count. If you are planning to take up the content writing career, then you must know that the competition is severe.

Therefore, you, as a freelance writer, are very replaceable. Your client can refuse your work and your paycheck. You have to pay close attention to what your client wants and needs. Unlike a full-time content writer, you do not have the privilege of making mistakes in your line of work as the competition is so high.

The earnings of a content writer can go as low as Rs. 100/ 500 words and as high as Rs. 2,000 per 500 words. To learn more about the challenges and advantages of working as a freelance content writer, check out our blog on “10 important things you need to know about content writing home-based jobs”

Full-time Jobs

Full-time Jobs

A full-time content writer’s salary is in the form of fixed paychecks from a single content company. The competition is still very severe but you are not as replaceable as a freelancer. You sign a contract with the company and you are a recognized employee. Full-time jobs are hard to find in the content writing world compared to freelance jobs. As a full-timer, earnings of a content writer depend on factors like skill, creativity, age, how long he/she has worked with the company, genre of writing, the content company’s status and so on. Depending on these variables, the salaries can start from 13,000 rupees/ month to 20,000 rupees/month. for the beginners. This can advance and increase with the increase in experience of the writer.

online job

A Content Writer’s Salary in Online Jobs

Some content writers choose to work online. They create accounts on websites like and in order to seek clients. Again, the competition is very high here and the earnings of a content writer, which may be high, may also go down to even $5/5 articles which translates to roughly $1/article. This option is for writers who are more adventurous and want to work with clients all over the world. These jobs are for experienced writers who know content writing and for people who are professional and systematic. 

As a content writer, salary is important but it should not be your primary focus. Most people just do it because they enjoy the thrill of writing. It takes a certain kind of person to embrace the uncertainties a content writing career will bring. Do not expect a big paycheck when you start out. A content writer’s salary is not equivalent to a big fat paycheck, but professionalism and good writing skills go a long way.


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