Do you want a degree/ certificate in content marketing but do not know how to choose a content marketing course? Are you completely clueless about what content marketing is and how it functions? Here is a list of content marketing course topics that will guide you in your course selection.

Content Marketing is a relatively new way of promoting your product. It involves blogging, songwriting, jingle writing and so on. It makes use of SEO strategies and reaches out to the consumers in digital space. It is quite effective if you can keep in mind all the factors that affect it, i.e, audience assessment, PR management and so on. To know more about these content marketing course topics, keep reading. 

Social media: Popular element in small business advertising - content marketing course topics

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies are a part of product promotion. It is one of the most important content marketing course topics. Social Media has the ability to reach out to a large body of audience. It is quite effective when it comes to relation-building with clients and answering queries of customers. It is easy to get into the social circles of targeted audience via social media. It creates a direct bridge between the reader and the content developer.

Strategies of social media involve creating pages, groups, campaigns, forums and circles. Social media entails a group of people working together to promote your product. Even if somebody hires professionals for his work, it is ALL ABOUT CHOOSING THE RIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY. Using influencers can also be a part of social media strategies. Influencers may help promote your content by sharing links to your work on their website.

Be a part of social groups like Rotary, Lions, BNI, Generate funds for NGO with the most effective social enterprise marketing strategy

Audience Assessment

When it comes to the question as to how to choose a content marketing course topic, you must look into the topic of audience assessment. Audience assessment involves holding surveys to find the targeted audience. You may also like to read our blog on STEPS TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET AUDIENCE: KNOW WHAT IS MARKET. Every content is targeted to a body of audience based on age group, nationality, community, education level and so on. Holding surveys and forums help in finding out the ideal audience for the particular type of content.

The marketer has to choose the best possible marketing strategy to reach out to the particular type of audience that the product is intended for. You may also be interested in 5 ULTIMATE MARKETING TECHNIQUES FOR GROWING A BUSINESS. Depending on the audience, the vocabulary, sentence structure and layouts will change. For example, a candy commercial which is targeted to children aged 5-10 will have simple words and small sentences. On the other hand, a real estate commercial meant for wealthy business tycoons will have complex words and long sentences.

Use of SEO in content writing - content marketing course topics

SEO optimization

SEO is another content marketing course topic you should study thoroughly. SEO is the strategy that helps the content websites in gaining visibility on search engines. It involves certain parameters like keyword research, plagiarism checking and readability tests. SEO helps to attract search engine traffic. It is used by many bloggers to gain more and more followers. To know more about the criteria of SEO-friendly work, here are the MOST IMPORTANT AND EFFECTIVE ON PAGE SEO TECHNIQUES FOR SEO SPECIALISTS.

 Digital PR

Digital PR

PR services are a part of content marketing course topic. It involves stake promotions, media placement services, social media marketing and link building. It is the process of regulating friendly relationship between the website-owner and the readers. It involves distributing your material to media contacts and bloggers who work in the same field. Also, it includes requesting them to share your work on their website via links and reposting it. It also involves sharing and reposting other bloggers’ works and maintaining good relationship with them.

Make a list of things you want to discuss-content marketing course topics


Metrics helps tracking various areas of performance designed for specific marketing practices. This content marketing course topic involves Return on Marketing Investment, SEO Traffic, Google Analytics Landing Page Performance for Optimization, Web Traffic Targets (This Month) and so on. It is one of the essential factors in order to choose a content marketing course. The job of a marketer is to keep track of these things and locate the deficiencies to make improvements.

The ultimate teaching goal of a content marketing course topic is the smooth running of things and the resultant popularity of the blog. As a marketer, he/ she must do all that is possible to attract search engine traffic to his/ her website.  Thus, there are multiple ways to choose a content marketing course as mentioned in this blog. We have listed some of the TECHNICAL SEO TACTICS TO IMPROVE WEBSITE TRAFFIC. Check out our next blog on SMALL BUSINESS ADVERTISING: A KEY TO GROWTH & SUCCESS.


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