When you are starting out your career as a content writer, you need to participate in content writing competitions in order to boost your self-confidence. If you are looking on how to participate in content competitions and how to win a content writing competition, then you must know about all the dynamics that go into play at these events. Here’s why these events can be fun and give you an estimation of your writing abilities.

Some people say that writing is subjective and a competition of writers is somewhat unnatural. However, winning prizes and earning a special status is a part of participating in these competition of writers. It helps you make connections with people who have the same interests. The all-in-all focus of these events should be taking part and having a good time. Whether you win the content writing competition or not, is secondary.

In this post we have listed all the facts that you must face before you enter yourself in this competition of writers. These points will help you win content writing competitions and grow your skills in writing

There is only one winner

1. When you participate in content writing competitions, there is only one winner

When it comes to any type of competition, one should keep in mind that there can only be one winner. No matter how good of a writer you are or how well you perform, there can only be one winner. If you do not win content writing competitions, it is not a judgement on your abilities. These competitions highlight the challenges, a content writer has to face. Read more about the challenges of a content writer in our blog on: THE LOFTY CHALLENGES AND PITFALLS OF BEING A WEB CONTENT WRITER.

Hard work and effort will get you at the top of your game. Everyone has their own sense of creativity. If your creativity did not appeal to the judges in the competition, it doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to other people. For partaking in such competition of writers, you should be resilient enough to not lose heart if you don’t win. Losing does not mean you don’t have talent or willpower. You can develop resilience by reading our blog: RESILIENCE: AN INDISPENSABLE SOFT SKILL NEEDED IN A JOB.

Difference of opinion with judges

2. Difference of opinion with judges may occur if you participate in content writing competitions

Writing is a subjective form of art. When you participate in content writing competitions, you might disagree with the judge’s verdicts. It is perfectly alright to have these kind of disagreements as the quality of writing varies from people to people when they are reading it. The outcome of the competition is based on the judge’s perception.

If you possess qualities like good English proficiency and the correct writing style, it might lead to a difference of opinion with the judges. To improve your English proficiency, click on this link: QUICKLY IMPROVE YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS.

Credibility of judges

3. Check the credibility of judges before you participate in content writing competitions

The credibility of the people judging the competitions is an issue of concern, if they aren’t well-known personalities. This still holds true if they don’t hold a strong experiential and academic backing behind them. You should find out about the judges before you participate in content writing competitions.

A credible judge should have a strong English proficiency and good background in technical know-how related to content writing. Experience and basic knowledge on the topic that is selected for the competition, is also important. You should refrain from entering your name in the competition of writers if you feel like the competition is staged and the judges seem dubious.

These competitions do not determine your career as a content writer

4. These competitions do not determine your career as a content writer

These competitions are mainly for the purpose of giving you a taste of the real content writing industry and help you make connections with like-minded people. If you feel like your writing is not up to mark, you can always grow and improve your skills by working on them. It is hard work and effort that makes your career successful and not the outcome of these competitions.

If you win content writing competitions you partake in, it will add to your self confidence. If not, then take it as a learning experience and if required, improve on your content writing skills. To know more about how you can build a career in content writing, go through our blog on: 10 IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CONTENT WRITING HOME-BASED JOBS

There are various levels of competition

5. There are various levels of competition

In content writing, there are numerous competitions that function on various levels. They can be arranged by schools, universities, content writing companies, blogging websites and so on. Famous journalistic enterprises like The Telegraph also host such contests. The competition of writers is always tough at these events. It will help you get a sense of the level of talent and creativity prevalent in the country. 

As a budding content writer, you could be insecure about your skills, which might lead you to participate in content writing competitions. However, one should know that such competitions are not milestones or a gauze to measure your worth. They simply help you to become a better writer and socialize. As a new content writer, click on the link below if you need professional guidance: A NEWBIE’S HANDBOOK ON HOW TO WRITE ONLINE CONTENT.


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