Videos have become a popular channel for top digital marketers to get commercial messages across to an audience. Videos are the most engaging content type and are more effective in boosting conversions. This blog highlights techniques that can boost the success of video marketing on Youtube.

Video marketing is the process of creating a video to promote a brand, products, or services. An effective video marketing strategy is the key to boosting engagement, traffic, and conversion rates. Videos not only build credibility, but are the foundation of beneficial relationships with the audience. Here are a few techniques that you can use to do better video marketing on Youtube and simultaneously learn how to make effective videos.

1. Have a catchy title

Just like a good blog post title, catchy titles for videos compel viewers to click on it. A title can grab the attention of visitors and drive traffic to the video. In addition to being catchy, the title must have keywords. This allows search engines to display your video in the SERPs when the search query is performed. Also read about search engine friendly tags in our blog: SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY TITLE TAGS: IMPORTANCE AND TIPS TO CREATE THEM.


2. Have quality content

The content of your video is what determines if the audience will watch others’ videos or engage with you. Providing them with content that they find educational, valuable, and entertaining is the key to successful video marketing on Youtube. Create how-to videos, tutorials, or tell the audience something that educates them. The value of your video is what will attract viewers and boost conversions.

3. Focus on telling stories and not generating sales

Videos that are focused on advertising a brand or its products will be ignored. Audiences do not want to watch videos that only focus on sales. Thus, you need to create value for the viewer and tell stories that the viewers can connect with. Know the prime ways to boost sales for online businesses in our blog: PRIME WAYS TO BOOST SALES FOR ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORMS.

4. Make the first few seconds count

The first few seconds of the video determine if the viewers will watch the video or not. Raise their curiosity, ask questions, use interesting thumbnails, or teasers to grab their attention. Express what the video is about and try to compel them to watch the video. The first few seconds are critical in increasing views of a youtube video.

5. Always include a CTA

Each video you create must have some sort of call to action. CTAs don’t necessarily have to be asking viewers to buy something or sign up for a newsletter. Include CTAs to compel the viewers to subscribe to your channel, share the video, comment, or to check out other content. Know the right way to draft a call to action, in our blog: HOW TO DRAFT A CALL TO ACTION: TIPS AND TRICKS.

6. Include your URL in the description

Include the URL to your website and other social media accounts. Adding URLs to the description is a great way to drive traffic from YouTube to your website. To know why your blog should have an SEO-friendly URL, read our blog: WHY SHOULD YOUR BLOG HAVE A SEO-FRIENDLY URL.

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7. Engage with the audience

In addition to uploading videos consistently, you should also engage with your audience. Reading through their comments will give you an insight into what their interests are and what kind of content they prefer. Replying to followers’ comments helps to humanize the brand and builds a strong brand image.

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8. Promote your video on other platforms

Sharing your videos like every other content is essential. It isn’t necessary that the target audience will use only YouTube. Therefore sharing the video on other platforms like your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is required to make sure that it reaches maximum people. You can also promote videos on Vimeo. Vimeo is a video sharing platform that you can utilize to boost the reach of your videos. Read and learn about basic Facebook marketing, in our blog: A DETAILED GUIDE TO LEARN BASIC FACEBOOK MARKETING.

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9. Optimize your video for SEO

The video content you create must also be optimized for SEO to increase views on the youtube video. When you optimize your video for SEO, you simultaneously increase organic traffic and also boost SERP rankings. To optimize the videos for SEO, use keywords in the title and description, and add relevant tags. 

Consistency, strong value proposition, and quality are what determine the success of video marketing on Youtube. Experiment with your options to make the most of your video marketing strategy. When used correctly, this method of promotion is extremely effective and can drastically boost conversions and sales.


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