With the advent of new and coming of age trends on social media, the digital marketing scenario keeps on changing on a day to day basis. Businesses try to put their best foot forward to take full advantage of every possible trend to increase their brand awareness and engagement among customers. A trend that has managed to remain relevant in the past few years is that of using hashtags. They not only help increase the reach of posts and campaigns but also ensure enough visibility and grouping of content under a relevant head. We have featured below the best online tools to track hashtag performance.

Hashtags find a popular usage on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, the analytics tools that have been designed for these usually fail to track hashtag performance. Therefore, hashtag performance monitoring tools for business are becoming popular these days to measure the reach and shares of your hashtags. These tools monitor the performance of a specific hashtag marketing campaign and analyse overall engagement. We present to you a list of the best hashtag performance monitoring tools available online.  

1. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is one of the most popular hashtag performance monitoring tools available online. It not only helps users track the most trending hashtags, but also suggests the most relevant hashtags for a brand’s hashtag marketing campaign. With the most useful features offered by the application, you can enhance your social media campaigns in no time. 

  • Application: The basic Hashtagify version allows users to discover relevant hashtags using filters like Popularity, week trend, month trend and correlations with other hashtags. With real time insights and data tracking, it also helps users to conduct an in-depth analysis of relevant content and trending hashtag influencers. 
  • Ease of Use: Hashtagify being one of the top hashtag performance monitoring tools for business, uses top languages and spelling variants for each hashtag and helps customers to track the 2-month hashtag performance. It also has a unique hashtag relationship analysis to help users amplify their messages and reach a broader audience.
  • Key Feature: The application provides users with charts and an easy to read dashboard that helps to carry out aggregated analytics, performance auditing and building custom reports. It also lets users track recent media tweets and videos related to the relevant hashtag. 
  • Pricing: It offers a free version with basic versions and many more with the subscription starting at $9.99 a month.

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2. Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the most widely used Twitter and Instagram monitoring tools. Being one of the top hashtag performance monitoring tools, it helps users track hashtag reach, users, impressions, etc. on a day to day basis. 

  • Application: By offering features like social media tracking, keyword tracking, social media reporting and event monitoring, hashtag performance monitoring tools for business allow users to develop insights about hashtag usage using analysis of historical data.
  • Ease of Use: Through account level analytics and an in-built optimization feature, the application helps gauge hashtag engagement to improve post strategy and customize post length or time as per the need of the campaign. Most hashtags are represented as a tag cloud, thus, helping users get a clearer picture of their campaign performance.
  • Key Feature: Its real time analytics feature helps its users to track their campaign ROIs and their impact using shareable dashboards and customizable reports that can be shared with clients and team members easily. 
  • Pricing: Keyhole offers a free trial period while the paid plans start at $132 per month that is billed annually. 

3. Twubs 

Built keeping Twitter in mind, Twubs is an application that allows tracking Twitter hashtags and joining Twitter chats. With elaborate directories that contain hashtags related to events, conferences and many more, this application helps in creating hashtag landing pages while displaying chats from Twitter conversations. 

  • Application: Using the Hashtag tracking and auto-complete features, users can register their own hashtags and can even create a branded hashtag landing page. Users can even post images and start conversations related to their own hashtags.
  • Ease of Use: Being one of the top hashtag performance monitoring tools, this application suggests your hashtag to different brands and campaigns and even clubs them in a customizable feed that can be utilized by anyone. With an exclusive social landing page feature, you can even strike conversations with people who are interested in your hashtag. These conversations can be embedded on your blog or website.
  • Key Feature: Twubs lets you register yourself on its portal wherein you can use any trademark as per your requirement. Twubs also has an in-built SEO friendly directory that displays your hashtag to all major SEO engines to boost up your social media game. With a map zoom feature, you can find location specific trending hashtags.
  • Pricing: It is a free tool. 

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4. Ritetag

A part of Ritekit, Ritetag is one of the most widely used hashtag performance monitoring tools. With plenty of data and customizable features, it helps users to discover trending hashtags and the ones that are getting less popular. These can be used as per the campaign requirement.

  • Application: By providing features like estimated hourly statistics, daily averages and information about popular accounts using different hashtags, the application helps you increase discoverability and exposure while giving suggestions about the hashtags that have potential while other ones that do not.
  • Ease of use: The browser extension feature under Ritetag explores and analyzes past data to see whether the hashtags that are being used by users have some potential or not. Accordingly, it cross references different campaigns and helps you with better and more popular suggestions.
  • Key Feature: By adding your campaign theme, you get email alerts about the trending as well as emerging hashtags related to the particular theme. It also provides real time hashtag analytics and helps you compare the reach, retweets, impressions and exposure.
  • Pricing: Ritetag offers a free and a paid version. The free version has only limited features. The paid version has more advanced features and costs $49 per annum. 

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5. TalkWalker

Apart from being a free hashtag tracking tool, Talkwalker helps users keep a 360 degree check of their hashtag marketing campaigns and the amount of engagement they have been able to garner. Laid with excellent and unique features, Talkwalker is one of the best hashtag performance monitoring tools used online. 

  • Application: With a free product demo, Talkwalker provides a hashtag analysis tool that can be used to centralize all your social media data effectively using just a single tool. Through comprehensive software solutions, they offer a wide array of services like crisis management, hashtag tracking, social media analytics, brand intelligence, etc.
  • Ease of use: You can not only monitor your own campaign but can also delve deep into understanding the competitor’s campaign strategies efficiently using this application. What makes it even more interesting is its content analytics and influencer marketing feature that helps users improve their content by understanding the kind of content being posted by influencers and the hashtags being used by them in a similar domain.
  • Key Feature: TalkWalker comes with several in-built and super useful features like sentiment analysis, influencer marketing, Image recognition, Google analytics and Virality. All these can help gauge the overall response being garnered by each hashtag campaign.
  • Pricing: Talkwalker works on a subscription plan and has 3 main plans- Basic ($9600/year), Corporate (Custom pricing) and Enterprise (Custom pricing). 

Therefore, you can utilize the power of these hashtag performance monitoring tools for business to give a major boost to your hashtag marketing campaigns. These are not only an important element of event marketing but also help brands to identify their brand awareness and reach while tracking and analyzing brand campaigns and exploring their potential. These not only help businesses to conduct a sentiment analysis but also help create a conversation or context around the hashtags being used. So, use the above mentioned hashtag performance monitoring tools the right way and start your hashtag marketing venture today. 



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