Twitter is a powerful tool for individuals and digital marketing agencies. Many businesses have used it to promote their brands and products and have gained positive results. The reason for their success in Social Media Marketing through Twitter is that they targeted the right audience. Finding and reaching the right audience on Twitter is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important for every business to learn twitter advertising and know how is marketing done on twitter. This blog aims to simplify the process by listing a few ways, in which you can connect with your target market.

Twitter has millions of monthly active users, this makes it an effective marketing platform. Businesses need to learn twitter advertising if they want to get good results. But, it might be hard to identify or effectively target the audience through tweets. To make sure that the content you tweet reaches the right audience, you need to know how is marketing done on twitter. Mentioned below are a few steps that can help you reach your audience more effectively.

1. Find active users and influencers

Find out who your most engaged followers are. After identifying the users who are active and engage with you the most, create customer profiles. Once the buyer personas have been created, use Twitter’s advanced search option to find potential audience. Twitter’s advanced search allows users to find people based on keywords, hashtags, locations, etc. Businesses can search for terms related to their niche and see who are the people using those terms in their tweets. Twitter’s advanced search is also a great way to find influencers with whom you can pair up. Read about something beyond keywords, in our blog on: BEYOND KEYWORDS: VISUAL SEARCH OPTIMISATION.

2. Analyze hashtags

To gain the best results for Social Media Marketing through Twitter, it is essential to analyze hashtags and learn twitter advertising properly. This is because people follow hashtags that are relevant to their interests. By using these hashtags, a brand can reach an audience that is willing to engage with them. Search for hashtags that are relevant to your industry and use them as a source of content ideas. You can also use hashtags to identify the potential audience and know what trends or topics are popular in your industry.

3. Do a demographic analysis of your target audience

To know how is marketing done on twitter, you must know about demographic analysis. Demographic analysis is crucial for Social Media Marketing through Twitter. Use an analytics tool to find the demographics of your engaged audience. Once the demographic analysis is done, conduct market research to know what kind of content appeals to them the most. To learn twitter advertising, use these insights to change your strategies so that the content you post is able to reach the right people. Read about the relationship between advertising and market research agencies, in our blog on: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ADVERTISING & MARKET RESEARCH AGENCIES.

How to increase customer engagement on Twitter

4. Use twitter audience insights

Twitter provides its users with a powerful tool called audience insights. To access audience insights, from the menu choose analytics and then select audiences from the navigation. You will be able to see where the larger part of your audience is located, what their interests are, etc. These insights can be used to know what content will drive more engagement and how is marketing done on twitter. These statistics will also help you to target the right audience and gain more from Social Media Marketing through Twitter.

5. Know when to tweet

Posting tweets at the right time can drastically affect the reach of your content. To know the right time to tweet, you will have to analyze when your followers are online. Analyze the time zones and publish your content when most of your followers are online. This will not only help you to reach the right audience but will also boost engagement. Use tools like mention, follower wonk, etc. to find out the time slots when the audience is most engaged. INCREASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WITH THESE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES.

After following all these steps, use the results to build a strategy accordingly. Once you have identified the right audience, interact with them. Using dashboard tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite makes it easier to monitor the audience and build relationships with the right people using targeted content.


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