Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of content writing. If you want to become a content writer, then you must make yourself familiar with the parameters of SEO friendly content. Your website must be counted among SEO friendly websites in order to achieve its full potential. To know about the SEO criteria, keep reading.

Search Engine Optimization strategies are used in content writing in order to gain visibility among search engine results. SEO content writing ensures search engine traffic, resulting in the popularity of the website. It ensures the authenticity and effectiveness of your work. For your work to become SEO friendly, it needs to follow the parameters listed below:

Keyword Research-parameters of seo friendly content

Incorporating Keywords

Keywords are basically words and phrases that have appeared frequently in Google search engines. Google Adwords provides a Keyword Search tool to help advertisers and content writers find keywords. Read HOW TO DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH ON GOOGLE ADS (ADWORDS) USING KEYWORD PLANNER FOR SEO BASED CONTENT to understand the concept of keyword research.

You can choose the keywords with the highest amount of average monthly searches. Keyword research is one of the most important parameters of SEO-friendly content. You might be interested in CHOOSING THE RIGHT KEYWORDS IN CONTENT WRITING-AN INTEGRAL PART OF SEO STRATEGY. Once you have researched and made a list of your keywords, it has to be incorporated in your blog’s content body, header, anchor text and in its URL. Take a look on HOW SHOULD KEYWORDS BE INCORPORATED IN GOOD BLOGS in order to attract organic traffic.


Links are one of the parameters of SEO friendly content. As a content writer, you also have to pay attention to the URL and for this, WHY SHOULD YOUR BLOG HAVE A SEO FRIENDLY URL might be helpful. Basically, links are digital routes that lead from one page to another or from one work to another. If you want to write SEO based content writing, you must make use of appropriate links for the benefit of the readers.

Link-building can lead to a connected network of blogs. Links can serve as a means to prove a website’s authenticity and trust. In this blog, we discuss about INTERNAL LINKS: WHY THEY ARE VITAL TO BOOST SEO. It helps create SEO friendly websites with good readership. Link building and content writing function together result in the popularity of the website. 

Social Media Marketing Plan: Social Media Movements

Plagiarism Tests

Plagiarism can prove to be terminal for your work as a content writer. Take a quick look at WHAT IS PLAGIARISM AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR BLOG WRITING to get a deeper understanding. Making sure that your work is 100% original and plagiarism-free is an important parameter of SEO friendly content. Else, your website can get blacklisted by Google.

Plagiarism can cause a bad impression to your readers. It will harm your reputation as a writer. In severe cases of plagiarism, you may face legal charges. You can easily check plagiarism in your work via online plagiarism checking tools like ‘smallseotools’ and ‘CopyScape’. We provide you with some of THE BEST ONLINE PLAGIARISM CHECKERS AVAILABLE.

Higher vision and goal,- parameters of seo friendly content

Readability Test

SEO friendly websites make sure that their work is readable to the targeted audience. It should neither be too casual nor too difficult when it comes to readability. It has to be perfect for the readers it is aimed at. The target audience is bracketed out in terms of age, education level, interest, nationality, etc. Readability is a very important issue. There are various readability tests to check if the work is appropriate for the targeted audience. Check out our next blog on READABILITY TESTS: KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED TO DO A READABILITY TEST ONLINE.

Ultimately, it is your creativity and skills that make you a good writer. The parameters of SEO friendly content may give you search engine traffic but if your work is not good, your popularity would not be enhanced. Additionally, it would cause a bad impression in front of readers. So, it is vital for you to focus on producing high-quality work.


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