Each day, millions of blogs are published on the internet. To make your blog stand out to the audience, you need much more than just high quality or valuable content. Therefore, one must know exactly how to market a blog. This blog lists some free blog marketing tools that you can use to reach out to the target audience and explore the benefits of digital marketing.

Once engaging and interesting content has been created, the next step is to promote it, so that it reaches the intended audience. Blog marketing is the process of promoting a blog post so that it can be discovered. Without knowing how to market a blog, you will get little or no engagement. The free online websites for marketing a blog mentioned below will enhance your content marketing efforts and boost the reach of your content. If someone wishes to know how to market a blog, these websites are what they need to know about first.

1. Evernote

Purpose: Organising tool
Evernote is free and also has a premium program that starts from $3.99 per month. Evernote is a popular organizing tool that serves as a to-do list, note taker, etc. It syncs with all the devices that you have, so you can access them anytime and anywhere. Users can attach documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, etc. to the notes. You can even share these notes with coworkers, which makes it easy for everyone to keep track of the goals and results of campaigns.

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2. BuzzSumo

Purpose: Content Research
BuzzSumo is one of the top free online websites for marketing a blog. It has a free version, as well as, a premium program that starts from $99 per month. It is one of the most used free blog marketing tools. Through BuzzSumo, users can search popular or trending keywords and topics. Users can see which articles have the most engagement. The tool allows you to refine the search based on factors like keywords, author, niche, domain, etc. This is a powerful tool as you can get insights about popular topics, who the top influencers are, and analyze your competitors’ content.

3. Ahrefs

Purpose: Link research
Ahrefs site explorer and backlink checker are free. The premium plan starts at $99 per month. The backlink checker provides an analysis of websites that have linked back to you. It is one of the free online websites for marketing a blog, that comes up with reports having domain rank, IP address, top pages, linked domains, etc. Users can discover linking opportunities and get an analysis of the competitor’s backlinks. Ahrefs is a good tool for keyword research, rank tracking, competitor research, and SEO audit as well. Read about how to do a technical SEO audit, in our blog: 8 STEPS TO A BETTER TECHNICAL SEO AUDIT.

4. Moz

Purpose: Link research
Moz returns with detailed reports containing insights about a website. The statistics include page rank, domain authority, linking domains, keyword tracking, anchor links, etc. All that the users have to do to get the report, is enter a website’s URL. Also read about URL optimization in our blog: HOW TO DO URL OPTIMIZATION FOR HIGHER SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.


5. Google analytics

Purpose: Monitoring campaigns
Google Analytics is one of the many free tools, which Google provides for digital marketers. To know how to market a blog, Google Analytics is an essential tool that every marketer needs to use. It shows reports on conversions, gives insights on how visitors interact with a website, shows referral sites, and many more useful statistics. It is easy to use, allows you to get customized reports, integrates with Google Ads, etc.

6. Crazy Egg

Purpose: Monitoring campaigns
Crazy Egg again is one of the best and free online websites for marketing a blog. It provides real-time insights in the form of heat maps, scrolls maps, and also analyses customer behavior. It allows you to check website issues, improve user interface, and make navigation easier.

7. Viral Content Bee

Purpose: Sharing posts and creating engagement
Viral Content Bee is one of the best free blog marketing tools. It uses a crowdsourcing model to promote blogs amongst a diverse group of audiences. It not only promotes content, but also drives traffic to the website and increases followers.

To ensure that your content is seen by audiences and they engage with it, you need to use marketing tools. In addition to quality content, using these free blog marketing tools will allow you to leverage your content and boost its visibility.


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