Customer engagement is an important part of any social media marketing strategy. Such engagement leads to better organic reach and drives more traffic to your website, which results in more conversions. This blog lists some effective social media strategies that will help you get more customer engagement on Facebook and you can also learn marketing on Twitter.

Customer engagement measures the interaction of the audience with a business’ content on social media. It measures the likes, comments, shares, retweets, number of views on a video, etc. Engagement is a common factor to measure the effectiveness of a business’ social media efforts. Here are some social media strategies you must follow to ensure high customer engagement.

How to increase customer engagement on Facebook

How to increase customer engagement on Facebook

A good Facebook marketing strategy consists of the following social media strategies:

  • Post when your followers are online
    Knowing when to post makes a positive impact on your Facebook marketing strategy. To make sure that your posts get maximum engagement, post content when your followers are online. The best time to post is different for every business page. You can use Facebook’s page insights to know when your post can get the most engagement. If you post at the time when your followers are online, you will get more likes, shares and comments.
  • Create videos
    Videos are the key to greater engagement. It has been seen that in terms of engagement and reach, videos are better than any other kind of posts on Facebook. Create educational videos, case studies, how-to videos, etc. To make sure that the engagement is maximum, keep your videos short, add subtitles, and don’t put in too many effects as it distracts viewers. Experiment with different video formats and use the formats that have better engagement. Read our blog on 10 DESIGNING METHODOLOGIES FOR CREATIVE CONCEPTUALISATION OF IDEAS to generate strong ideas.
  • Post Live Videos
    Live videos rank higher than regular videos, thus you should include live videos in your Facebook marketing strategy. According to Facebook, users spend more time watching live videos than regular videos. It has also been seen that, on an average, people comment 10 times more on live videos than they do on regular videos. Posting live videos encourages followers to check out other content on the business page. Thus, not only do live videos get more engagement, but they also bring more traffic to the page.
  • Ask for opinions
    One of the best ways to engage your audience with your posts is to ask them for opinions. You can ask for opinions regarding news relevant to your niche, blog posts, products, etc. 
  • Reply to comments
    Followers want to interact with the brands they follow. This is why if you reply to comments on your posts, you’ll get better engagements. Replying to comments shows that a business is willing to interact with their customers. This builds trust, positively affects the brand image and encourages more interaction.
  • Create a Facebook group
    Creating a Facebook group encourages more interaction. When you post content on a Facebook group, people are likely to interact with it more. Joining a group related to your niche is always a good idea. Joining such groups will expose your content to relevant audiences. Such audience might want to check your Facebook page if they like your posts on groups.
  • Host Giveaways
    Giveaways and contest post gain more engagement. Give relevant gifts that will be of value to your audiences. Also, make sure to host giveaways occasionally or may be once or twice a year. This is because regular giveaways might annoy the followers.
  • CTAs
    Call to actions are crucial for all social media strategies to increase engagement and conversion rates. The average engagement rate is greater for posts using CTAs than posts that do not use them. Encouraging audiences to act compels them to take action and thus increases interaction.

How to increase customer engagement on Twitter

How to increase customer engagement on Twitter

Following are the social media strategies for customer engagement on Twitter:

  • Use hashtags
    In order to learn marketing on Twitter, you have to ensure that all your tweets must have at least one hashtag. You can use trending hashtags or create your own customized ones. Hashtags make it easier for a relevant audience to find you and also increase engagement. It has been seen that using hashtags increases engagement rate and are more likely to be retweeted than tweets having no hashtags.
  • Share audience tweets
    To engage your followers with your content, you have to reciprocate as well. Share their tweets if they are relevant to your niche. This makes them feel that the brand is willing to listen to them. Retweeting audience’s tweets helps to build loyalty.
  • Run contests
    Just like with Facebook, running contests or giveaways on twitter is a good way to increase engagement rates. People usually retweet such posts and their followers see it and might navigate to your profile. Contests are a great way to get more engagement, increase traffic and build email lists.
  • Link your followers to problem-solving content
    Share your old tweets or content from other brands that provide audience with solutions to their problems. Establishing yourself as a value provider will keep your audience interested and they will keep coming back and engaging with your content.
  • Respond to your followers’ questions, grievances or queries
    This is challenging if you have a good engagement rate, but do your best to respond to your followers’ tweets. It is an effective and powerful way to engage audiences, especially if they have tweeted any queries or grievances. Tweets that are sent by upset or dissatisfied customers must be responded to immediately. 

All of these strategies are easy and free, though some might require you to put time into them. These social media strategies will definitely increase the number of people engaging with your brand on Facebook. You can also learn marketing on Twitter through the above-mentioned strategies. Higher engagement will eventually result in more traffic to your website, higher CTRs, better brand loyalty and more conversions.


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