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Every company aims to maintain a balance between cost and marketing. It primarily focuses on capturing a segment of the market in a cost effective manner. Today, the SMEs are looking for ways of local marketing in a low budget. This article renders the best ways to do local marketing in a low budget.

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Local marketing in low budget refers to capturing a local area through marketing in a cost effective manner. It aims at making your business prominent within a local community. It is also called ‘below the line marketing strategy’. It basically involves using non media methods like flyers, brochures, etc. The purpose of local marketing is to increase sales of a local business. Following are the various ways to market a product locally:

Spread the word on a local level

1. Spread the word on a local level

Focus on spreading your company’s name on a local level. There are various ways by which you can do that. For example, participate in local social community events, organise events on a local level, etc. You can indulge in communication with others in the market. Specifically, speak to the people with whom you see a scope of business opportunities. Making the name of your business prominent is a prerequisite for doing local marketing in a low budget.

Do cross promotions locally

2. Do cross promotions locally

Every business aims to promote its products in a cost effective manner. Take advantage of this by using the concept of ‘cross promotions’. Cross promotion is the technique in which two companies promote each other’s goods. This is based on the concept of ‘give and take’. It is an effective and inexpensive way to increase sales of local business. You can simply approach other local businesses and talk it out. It is an effectual way of local marketing in a low budget.

Use flyers and pamphlets

3. Use flyers and pamphlets

Flyers and pamphlets are significant tools in making the prospective customers understand your product. They provide a detailed overview of what you offer. Attractive flyers and pamphlets play a constructive role in convincing the customers. Connect with a good and low priced advertising agency. Your flyers and pamphlets should be developed while keeping the local market trends. If some specific thing is very popular in the market, link that to your flyers and pamphlets. For example, they can be used by tuition centers to spread the word on a local level. Also, they can be used to increase the sales of a local restaurant or to get customers for any other type of local business.

Use creative concepts- clean graffiti

4. Use creative concepts: clean graffiti

Use creative ways of local marketing like clean graffiti. Clean graffiti involves displaying your message on the walls, roads or any other outdoor structure. It is a great way to capture the attention of a local passerby. Display messages linked to your products. It is an innovative way to make your product speak for itself. It is a cost effective method to reach out to the local people. Identify such dirty outdoor structures and make the best use out of them. This is one of the widely used ways to market the product locally.

Keep up with the changes in marketing trends

5. Keep up with the changes in marketing trends

Market is dynamic in nature. Everyday, there are various new ways of doing different things. Keep a track of all such changes. Learn to evolve with time with respect to such changes. For example, if there is a new way of marketing at a lesser cost, you should be able to take the advantage of it. For this purpose, maintain pace with the evolving market and inculcate the same in your working.

All the above points render easy ways to increase sales of a local business. Implementation of these ways will be really helpful in doing local marketing in a low budget. Systematic application of the above points can lead to an easy capturing of the local market.


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