Links in digital content marketing are an important means to attract search engine traffic. Link building and content writing go hand in hand as it is a means to gain more readership and increase the popularity of the website. If you are still wondering how to put links in digital content, we will give you the answer.

Links are digital pathways that lead from one page to another or from one work to another. Links in digital content marketing is an important SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimisation is a technique used in websites to attract search engine traffic and increase visibility in search engine results. As a content writer, it vital that you know how to put links in content because link building and content writing are very closely associated in the digital world. To know more about links and link-building, keep reading.

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How to put links?

Links are basically the URLs of pages concerned. They basically serve as page addresses. When you click on these URLs, they lead to the specific page. You can incorporate these URLs in your work for the benefit of your readers. All you have to do is copy the URL of the page you want your readers to be led to and paste it in your work at appropriate places. This is basically the answer to how to put links in content writing.

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Why links are important?

You can put as many links in digital content marketing as you want. The more number of links you provide, the better your page is in terms of SEO strategies. However, ensure that you only put links that are relevant to the content and the page. Stuffing the page with unnecessary links may result in a negative impact.

Link building has a lot of benefits when it comes to content writing. It is an essential SEO strategy. Links are an essential means to make your website SEO-friendly. Additionally, content writers incorporate Google keywords in their links for better Search Engine Optimization results. It increases your visibility in the search engines and also attracts search engine traffic. Take a look at some of the TECHNICAL SEO TACTICS TO IMPROVE WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

If you own a content writing website, link-building can lead to a connected network of blogs. Links lead readers to other work that might be more detailed and informative. Links can serve as a means to prove a website’s authenticity and trust. It helps create a high-quality content website with lots of readers. Link building and content writing function together to result in the popularity of the website. You may also like to read our blog on the IMPORTANCE OF A SEO CONTENT WRITER IN TODAY’S WORLD.

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Links function at two levels: Internal and External

Internal Links: Internal links in digital content marketing are links that lead the reader from one page to another page in the same website or domain. They are essential because they help the user navigate all the information in the website in a sequential manner. They help to prove the effective and superior position of the concerned website and improve the link equity (ranking power) of the website. For example, Wikipedia uses a lot of internal links to direct people from one Wiki page to another. Learn more about INTERNAL LINKS AND WHY THEY ARE VITAL TO BOOST SEO.

External Links: External links in digital content marketing are links that lead the reader from a page to another page in a different domain or website. It is a means of connecting your website to someone else’s website. It is the most important factor when comes to ranking your page at number one among the search results. A different website owner might provide links to your website depending on the trustworthiness, popularity, the relevancy of the context and other factors. Know more about WHAT ARE OUTBOUND LINKS AND HOW TO CREATE THEM TO BOOST SEO.

It is very certain that link building and content writing go parallel when it comes to ensuring the popularity of a page. However, one should not just focus on links but also on other SEO strategies like keyword incorporation, plagiarism tests and Readability scales. All of these tools help to improve your website content in the digital world. Check out our next blog on MAJOR DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS: DO YOU KNOW THEM ALL?


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