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Are you curious how top advertising agencies put in unusual advertising placements in strange places? It is one of the most innovative marketing ideas of ad agencies. As a business-owner, it is your responsibility to know about the effectiveness of these practices. We have made a list of the most unusual places you can advertise your product in.

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If you own a business, you should know that innovative marketing ideas of ad agencies are important in the long run. The traditional forms such as television, radio and newspapers are severely competitive. Due to this, sometimes top advertising agencies choose unusual means of advertising to make a bigger impact.

The trick for unusual advertising placements is to focus on the individual and not on people as a whole. Here’s a list of few quirky ways to raise brand awareness of your company.

Flyers under windshield wipers

1. Flyers under windshield wipers

One of the most unusual advertising placements are flyers under people’s windshields. They are so easy to find. But, the ad agency should make them as attractive as possible so that they bring in the customers. Indeed, outdoor advertising of any kind, is an assured way to succeed in the advertising industry. To this end, read our next blog on BEST ADVERTISING AGENCIES USE OUTDOOR ADVERTISING: HERE’S HOW THEY HELP to comprehend its usage and importance.

Top advertising agencies bring silhouettes into play

2. Top advertising agencies bring silhouettes into play

Sometimes top advertising agencies use a method called ‘nighttime silhouette’. It involves using a logo projector during the night to project an image onto a building wall. Firstly, this wall should be windowless and at least 3 stories tall. Secondly, it’s better to be located on a traffic-filled intersection. Silhouettes are not that common and they are cheap as well. So, what better chance to mesmerize your customers?

Publicity stunts: An unusual way opted by top advertising agencies

3. Publicity stunts: An unusual way opted by top advertising agencies

Innovative marketing ideas of ad agencies include publicity stunts. These are so captivating for the local public. In particular, you can sponsor talented people like trapeze artists, gymnasts or musicians to put up a public spectacle. These activities help assemble a large crowd of people where you can slip flyers. Or, instruct the artist to talk about your product.

4. Top advertising agencies encourage you to publish a book

Perhaps the most effective way to advertise your product is to publish a book. Top advertising agencies will encourage you to publish an autobiography or self-help book if you have considerable experience in running a business and are well-known in the industry. However, this method is not for everybody, especially not for new entrepreneurs. Publishing a book is suggested only to the experienced & refined clients.

You may even hire the professionals to guide you on this. Most importantly, GO THROUGH THIS BLOG BEFORE LOOKING AT THE LIST OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES.

Graffiti  Top 10 unusual places at which top advertising agencies put ads in

5. Graffiti

In some cases, graffiti can also prove to be an effective but unusual advertising placement. If you own an automobile retail, you may spray-paint your company’s name on damaged car parts. And then, put them in front of home fences or along road sides. Otherwise, you can pay a graffiti artist to paint your logo on walls; meant for graffiti art. 

Manhole covers

6. Manhole covers

One of the most unusual advertising placements include inscriptions on manhole covers. They are quite common in cities like New York and Chicago. It is an excellent way of capturing the customer’s attention and is cheaper compared to other variants of advertising. Many big brands have successfully tried this method.

Baggage claim carousels

7. Baggage claim carousels

You have often seen advertisements atop baggage claiming stations. It is one of the most innovative marketing ideas of ad agencies. While people wait for their baggage, they would not be able to miss your advert. On the upside, there are various types of people traveling, therefore you get a diverse body of customers.

Lamp posts used by top advertising agencies

8. Lamp posts used by top advertising agencies

There are literally thousands of lamp posts all over a city. Thus, it’s not foolish at all to use these things to your advantage. They serve as good spots to catch the viewer’s eye. Your advert must be attractive enough to engage the people.

Top advertising agencies use cars for publicity

9. Top advertising agencies use cars for publicity

Innovative marketing ideas of ad agencies include advertising on cars. A lot of car-owners would not mind putting up adverts on their cars with the help of magnetic signage or custom wraps. However, the window of viewing the advert is limited to just a few seconds. Hence, cars can serve as moving billboards when it comes to advertising.

hand and credit card image

10. Top advertising agencies advertise through Credit cards/ Metro passes

Top advertising agencies may use the opportunity of putting up adverts on metro passes and credit cards. Hundreds of people use these cards and it has a wide reach. It is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to the ad budget. However, it is very effective. People look at these articles everyday and this causes a psychological need to buy your product.

So, if you are someone who is adventurous and quirky, these are some of the most unusual advertising placements you can use. Most of them are cheap and highly impacting.  Now, you may also like to check out our other Agency Related Blogs to enhance your insight and knowledge on the several practices opted by advertising agencies.


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