Are you struggling to write an outclass essay? Does your article always fall down the quality at some points? Well, it happens mostly to those who think essay writing is the same as article writing! However, essays are mostly used to represent your thinking and ideas in a written form that shows real values and the true version of you. If you are a student, then you may find this an overwhelming task.

But the good thing is that if you follow the practices and tips we concluded after research and writing successful scholarship essays, you can become a pro. Here in this post, we have mentioned those critical elements you should follow to become an expert essay writer. Let’s get started!

1. Analyze the Question & Choose the Topic Wisely

The essays written by students are written about specific questions. Always make sure that you analyze the question when it’s your turn and keep three elements in your mind:

  • Understand the key points of the question
  • Put your focus on the exposure of the topic that you should focus
  • Your response against the question; what you plan to do, discussion, comparison, analysis, examples, etc.

On the other hand, when you plan to write an essay, either you have a topic to choose or you have free will to choose by yourself. You can go through our blog on 10 EASY YET INTERESTING CONTENT WRITING TOPICS FOR BEGINNERS to get amazing ideas for your topic. It is good if you have the topic assigned, because if you do not, you may have to do a bit more work.

If you are in this situation, then take it as an opportunity and choose the topic that interests you. After determining your purpose and topic, take some time to research and brainstorm on the topic you choose. The more you know about the history of the topic, the better you can write and give your perspective. Once you complete your research, determine your goal of whether you want to educate your audience or you have other plans with them. Read our blog on STEPS TO CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE TOPIC FOR WEB CONTENT WRITING to get comprehensive details for selecting a suitable topic.

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2. Prepare the Outlines for Your Essay

Do you know what makes an article attractive and engaging? The outlines! If you focus on writing an essay that constructs good statements, clear points with evidence, and your audience can read clearly, you have hooked them. In other words, if you learn the art of organizing your thoughts and ideas in the essay, you are one step away from getting a scholarship or whatever your purpose is. Check out the below points, if you want to improve your outlines:

  • Did you state your arguments with clarity in the introduction?
  • Do the headlines you used seem engaging and eye-catching?
  • Did you mention the key points along with your argument?

Once you determine these questions in your essay, look out for the below points:

  • How many lines does each paragraph have in which you represented your idea?
  • Check out if each paragraph of your essay is correlated with the next paragraph.
  • Are you giving logic while writing?

After that, it would be great if you look out for grammatical mistakes and similarities. To check the similarity you can use a free plagiarism checker, it will detect 100% plagiarism. Moreover, if you have specific guidelines from the organization, then it is a must for you to obey it.

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3. Save Quick key points Using Online Notepad

If you want to complete your task in less time so, you can check as it provides the facility to add quick points while doing research. It can be a great choice to get an online notepad as you’ll not need to pay, download and even some online notepads do not require registration. And when it comes to the features, we can say that these notepads have many advanced features that a simple notepad is not offering. All you need to do is, search for an online notepad on the internet, get into the suitable one, and start writing your essay. The content writing world is evolving day by day. Technology has become an integral aspect for the writers. Read our blog on 5 TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES LIKELY TO OCCUR IN CONTENT WRITING PROFESSION BY 2050 to stay up with the trends.

4. Discuss Your Argument with Evidence or Incident

If you want to sound more confident in your writing, then always argue with an incident or evidence. Make sure that the evidence you are giving is accurate and complete! Moreover, cite any resources if you think it is important or come under the requirement of the organization.

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5. Try to Hook the Emotions of Your Audience in Positive Tone

The most important thing that most essay writers do not care about is that they do not trigger the emotions of their audience. It is important to trigger the pain points that a topic has because that will emotionally connect you and your readers will consider you a genuine person. Moreover, while writing an essay, it would be best if you maintain a positive tone while writing. The judges can instantly identify whether you are explaining your point of view as a complainer or not.


Be Clear and Concise in Your Writing

6. Write Conclusion & Add Final Touches

Whether it is an article, essay, a book, or any academic writing, if the conclusion is missing, then the article can never be as good as it should be. The purpose of the conclusion is, to sum up, the whole essay in a few lines to get an understanding of the entire article. From our perspective, it is the second opportunity to hook the readers about your idea and represent your argument to the point. On the other hand, once you write your entire essay, now is the time to recheck every small detail. We all know that human error is everywhere, so make sure that you check every detail to avoid spelling mistakes and outlines. Also do check the instructions and guidelines throughout your essay and read sentences to check if it is going in a complete sense or not.

Writing an essay not only improves your writing but also helps you in your student career. As a college student, you may get a lot of assignments and if you know how to do that, you will never get bored. There are several tools in the market that you can use to improve your writing skills or even improve your analyzing skills. For further reading, view our blog on ONLINE ARTICLE WRITING JOBS: PROS AND CONS.


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