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Work based learning system is an education process, which provides the students with real life experiences. It helps in merging theory and practical knowledge. It establishes a win-win situation where the needs of the candidate and the requirements of the industry are fulfilled. This blog highlights the importance of training and vocational education.

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Work based learning helps to establish connection between school and work. It enhances the learning abilities and helps to add value to an organization. This system improves critical thinking and logical reasoning ability of the student. It gives them a wider experience too. Before you proceed, read more on the topic in our blog on GROWING NEED FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING AND ITS SCOPE. It briefs some other important aspects. Vocational system makes education relevant and valuable to the society. Here are the benefits of work based learning system:

Helps to build potential employees, Here is why you should focus on a work based learning system

Work based learning system: Helps to build potential employees

Work based learning system prepares people for the competition in the job market. It equips job aspirants with necessary skills and techniques. Follow this guide to know what are the 5 CRUCIAL INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SKILLS SOUGHT BY ALL EMPLOYERS. These skills can be learnt through vocational training or internships. These two terms are used interchangeably sometimes. However, the only difference between the two is the place of learning. In vocational training, you are typically learning in a classroom or a lab, while in internship you are learning on the job. To this end, you may also like to know 5 VALUABLE BENEFITS OF INTERNSHIPS THAT HELP IN FUTURE JOB. So, vocational education is the need for the hour. The market value of well-trained personnel sours high. More emphasis is given to training so that able candidates come to the forefront. Skilled employees are the ones who help to build an organization. And they are valued the most!

Reduces training cost, Here is why you should focus on a work based learning system

Work based learning system: Reduces training cost

If vocational education is provided from the very start, then the organizations need not have to worry more about training their employees. A lot of resources are required to arrange training programs and workshops for employees. Organizations prefer avoiding such cost by employing skilled employees. People having practical experience have already cracked the code of how to be the apt choice of the recruiters. These are the TOP 6 TRAITS INDIAN RECRUITERS SEARCH IN THEIR EMPLOYEES. Above all, training programs of organizations require a lot of planning and financial support. Why not employ trained people then?

More employee retention, Here is why you should focus on a work based learning system

More employee retention

Skilled employees are known to last long. Organizations don’t have to constantly search for more able replacements for their present employees. This also saves a lot of cost and energy. On the other hand, skilled aspirants will have more secured jobs and handsome salary packages. Work based learning system will increase the demand for trained personnel. Thereby, giving a boost to their career. No organization will want to devote time and resources on a regular basis to find new candidates.

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Work based learning system: Bridges skill gap

Our present education system focuses more on theory instead of practical. Not many good candidates come up in such circumstances. Training and practical experience is needed to groom an individual with required set of skills. Again, work based learning system will prepare students for the job market by bridging their skill gap. As mentioned earlier, employers aim for cost-cutting and will prefer appointing skilled people. 

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Increases workforce efficiency

Skilled employees coupled with efficient management, increase the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. During the training process, students are taught methods and techniques to do work faster while maintaining quality. Collectively, these people are responsible for enhancing organization’s value and worth. And as a matter of fact, an efficient organization has more credibility in the eyes of the customers. The credit here goes to the trained personnel.

Work based learning system is gaining momentum nowadays. The job market has become very competitive and challenging. To have an edge in such situation, it is important to have proper skills and training. Practical experience is very important to thrive in this corporate world. So, ensure that you are well groomed with the desired skills by doing an internship in a worthwhile company.


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