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Marketing can be applied in varied forms, to numerous fields today. It has come up as an art of promoting products to the customers. One of the most innovative forms of marketing is ‘marketing of food over social media’. It is a creative way of appealing to the broad base of customers. This article presents the top food marketing blogs in India that you must know about.

Everybody is able to form a special connect with food. A good example, is the ‘hashtag’ food game on Instagram. People simply upload pictures of food and put ‘#food’ in the caption. The photo reaches millions through that one hashtag. This is one way of marketing of food over social media. So, here’s a list of top food marketing blogs in India:

Saffron Trail

5. Saffron Trail

Saffron trail is a ten year old food blog started by Nandita Iyer. She loved cooking, photography and traveling. She didn’t mix all this up with the technical aspect of food marketing. Rather, she started writing content. That content was her recipes, which gave a kick start to her food blogging career. She was able to reach thousands of people in no time. The visibility of her blog has gone up on several social media platforms over time.

Saffron trail is all over the social media today- Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. The primary key to the success of Saffron trail is SEO based content. And, irrespective of any niche, you can’t ignore the importance of SEO based content, in case, you want to reach more & more targeted audience online. Read our blog on IMPORTANCE OF CONTENT IN SEO MARKETING to see how content is also an integral part of SEO marketing.

So, it’s one of the best Indian food blogs of the present times. All the recipes, articles revolve around particular keywords. You may also like to check this blog on HOW TO DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH ON GOOGLE ADS (ADWORDS) USING KEYWORD PLANNER FOR SEO BASED CONTENT. This helps to generate a significant amount of traffic and reach out to many.

Nisha Madhulika: A top food marketing blog in India

4. Nisha Madhulika: A top food marketing blog in India

Nisha Madhulika is a successful Indian YouTube blogger. She began her YouTube channel in the year 2011. She uploads various food recipes. Those recipes target the basic daily needs of every homemaker. An Indian homemaker should be given due credit for the success of Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube channel.

The videos focus on the common day-to-day problems of a homemaker. For example, every mother wants new ideas to give a healthy diet to her family. The videos serve as a solution to such common problems encountered. Moreover, the ingredients used in the videos are readily available. She targets the basic needs of every homemaker today. It is one of the ideal examples of food marketing over social media with a purpose.

Once you get enough views on your YouTube channel, you get authorized by YouTube to play Video Ads before or in between your videos. This is a common money-making thing for You Tubers. And, if you are interested in placing your business ad on the famous YouTube channels, you may refer to this guide on TIPS FOR CREATING THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOUTUBE ADS. But, most preferably, every big business likes to hire an advertising agency to make ads.

Manjula’s kitchen

3. Manjula’s kitchen

Manjula’s kitchen is an India food blog started by Manjula Jain. Hailing from a North Indian family, she had a keen interest in cooking since her childhood days. She paid attention to her mother while she used to cook. Her blog is famous for vegetarian recipes and their video tutorials. The successful concept involved in her blog is transforming the Indian cooking into a simple way of cooking. She explains the basic fundamentals of Indian cooking. It is one of the best Indian food blogs to take up Indian cooking, for the beginners.

Passionate about baking

2. Passionate about baking

Passionate about baking is a food blog owned by Deeba Rajpal. It is famous for its baking recipes and tutorials. However, it gives out cooking recipes, baking recipes, food cultures, cuisines and trends. Baking isn’t very widespread in India. Majority of people give up on baking because of the complicated ingredients involved. This food blog mainly focuses on transforming baking into a simple process. It gives new and creative ideas of baking everyday.

The owner of the blog experiments with new ingredients like fruits, different types of breads, alternative flours, etc. It is an effective platform to learn baking and be up-to-date with the new and emerging trends. It has been rated as one of the top food marketing blogs in India.

Bombay Bhukkad is one of the top Food marketing blogs in India

1. Bombay Bhukkad is one of the top Food marketing blogs in India

Bombay Bhukkad is an Instagram handle which provides great culinary insights. From street food to lavish dinners, it is a great way to follow the food life of Bombay. It provides attractive photos of a variety of food. The audience can refer to their Instagram handle before choosing their place for dinner in Bombay. It is one of the Indian food epitomes on Instagram. If you own a restaurant, you should probably get your food’s photo up on their page. We are well aware of the fact that it is a great way to get in touch with their followers. And, we can say that social media marketing is one of the 10 SUCCESSFUL MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK FOR EVERY INDUSTRY.

So, all of the above are the best Indian food blogs. They exemplify a pinnacle of creativity and innovation in this arena. You may subscribe to them, for being up to date with the best kinds of dishes around you.


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