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We belong to a generation in which every corner of this world is flooding with knowledge. It is safe to say that the solutions to our everyday problems are available online. In the world of business, we often encounter various hindrances where internet emerges as a dispenser of numerous tools and guidelines. This article highlights the most resourceful business websites for a startup which can be implemented as an aid to the process of marketing and general business management.

The online marketing tools for a startup are a set of tools that can be utilized to promote a startup’s products and services. They are a strategy to build the name of the company on a public level. Promotions are a must for an emerging and growing businesses. Following are the five must have free online promotional tools for your startup:

Hubspot is one of the most resourceful business websites

1. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most resourceful business websites that provides a platform for marketing to widen the company’s customer base. It is a customer relationship management software which renders a platform to widen your reach by tracking people and companies. The tracking is done by putting in information in the Hubspot CRM, which is available free of cost. Whereas, marketing hub, sales hub and service hub are free only upto a certain level beyond which there are varying prices depending upon the package opted. The major segment of leads generated (75%) emerge from inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is based upon blogs, articles, free e-books, etc. You can use Hubspot to attract good quality customers since it is one of the potent online marketing tools for a startup.

2. ConvertCalculator

ConvertCalculator is the perfect solution for small online businesses looking to increase customer engagement and drive conversions. Their easy-to-use, no-code software Sales Funnel Builder provides powerful marketing and sales tools to guide customers through every step of the customer journey. Here are some of the tools you can create with ease:

  • PDF Quotes – Create Pdf quote documents
  • Calculations – Build any type of calculator
  • Multi-Page Forms and Elements – Create multi-page forms with all the elements
  • Show/Hide Logic – Build smarter forms
  • Engines – Excel in the Cloud
  • Capture Payments – For selling directly from your website

With ConvertCalculator, you can quickly and easily create custom forms, templates, quizzes, and calculators to better engage with customers and drive conversions. From the first touchpoint to the last, ConvertCalculator helps you create the perfect customer experience.

Buffer is an online marketing tool for business organisations

3. Buffer

Buffer is an online marketing tool for businesses that manages their social media accounts. It operates for different scales of business with varying costs, depending upon the scale of a company’s operation. The various social media platforms utilized by Buffer for promotion of the products and services are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and e-mails. It aims to share your social media posts to the maximum number of audience. You just have to add posts to Buffer after linking it to your social media account and the posts will be added automatically at scheduled times. The startups can begin using Buffer after selecting the small scale business package as one of the tactical online marketing tools for a startup.

Buffer schedules your content according to your convenience and enables you to collaborate with your social media team in an efficient manner. It has free plans, pro plans and business plans.

The free plan works upto 3 social accounts.
The pro plan works upto 8 social accounts for 15 dollars/ month.
The business plan works upto 25 social accounts for 99 dollars/ month.

The best free online logo makers for beginners Canva

4. Canva

Canva is a graphic designing marketing tool. It provides professionally designed marketing templates to the users that can be modified according to their needs. It can be used to create flyers, posters or images to promote the products or services. Images can be used to convey substantial information while capturing the viewer’s attention. Canva is one of the distinctive online promotional tools that can be used to escalate the company’s performance over social media.

The advantage of using Canva is its convenient and simple use for creating marketing templates without a prerequisite for professional knowledge in template creation.

Canva offers a free trial for 30 days, beyond which it is paid for 12.95 dollars/ month.

Google analytics, Learn the basics of Web analytics: Use free online tools

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics renders general analytical tools for search engine optimisation and marketing purposes. It provides data that can be used for development of the company’s marketing strategy. One must work on the know-how of the general terms used in Google Analytics before diving in the data provided. It is one of the most resourceful business websites that can be utilized to track offline and online marketing. It requires clarity on the user’s end in respect to what he is looking for and assesses the traffic effectively to develop a tactical marketing strategy.

Google Analytics provides information about all the activities that take place on your website i.e. the kind of audience that visits your website, their demographics, their frequency of visiting the website, etc. It is available in two versions- Free and Premium. There are certain limits to the free version that are overcome in the premium version which costs 150,000 dollars/ year.

Mailchimp is one of the most productive online marketing websites

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most productive online marketing websites, rendering an email marketing service. It sends emails on behalf of its users to the companies for payment, depending upon the kind of package opted. It has gained massive popularity in the field of marketing and attained 14,000 customers everyday by the year 2017. Promotion through e-mails is one of the most efficacious online marketing tools for a startup and can be used to form quality link ups with the customers. Mailchimp is included in the list of proficient online marketing websites to earn promotion of products and services.

Mailchimp has some attractive features which are as follows:

  • Creates fully automated sales funnel
  • Uses attractive email templates
  • Management of Mailchimp subscribers in a proper list
  • Mailchimp is free upto 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, beyond which Mailchimp paid packages have to be opted

Above are the five most convenient and easy to use online marketing tools for a startup. They can be implemented in a constructive manner to develop a powerful marketing strategy for an upcoming business, like a startup.


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