With approximately 250 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses all over the world. It has a more business-centered approach and is an important marketing resource. This is especially true for b2b companies, as LinkedIn is responsible for most of the business’s social media leads. This blog highlights how to do Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn in a more effective manner.

If your business is b2b, then LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. LinkedIn allows businesses to search and connect with their target audience and key influencers. Ads on LinkedIn are more effective than ads on any other social digital media site because LinkedIn is where you can directly connect with decision-makers. Here is how you can step up your marketing strategy and generate business revenue via LinkedIn.

1. Create great ads

Though the CPC of LinkedIn advertisements is higher as compared to other paid advertising platforms, the ROI is significantly higher as well. There are a number of ad formats available to LinkedIn users. They are:

  • Sponsored Inmail: This format allows advertisers to send ads with custom greetings, body, link, and a CTA. The cost method is pay per send.
  • Text ads on LinkedIn: These are similar to Google search engine ads. These ads only appear on desktops in the right side of the screen. The bidding model is CPC or cost per thousand impressions.
  • Dynamic ads: They are personalized and engaging ads that compel the viewers to navigate to the company’s page. Such ads are primarily used to increase followers or advertise job openings.
  • Lead gen forms: This format allows businesses to generate qualified leads easily. In such ads, the fields are already pre-filled by the information provided to LinkedIn, thus it makes the process easier for both the advertiser and the audience.

For a successful Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn via ads, it is important to use targeting options. Through the targeting options, you can easily narrow down the specific audience that sees your ads and generate business revenue via LinkedIn. The options for targeting include job, industry, location, etc. Therefore, it is very important for every business to learn free LinkedIn advertising techniques to pitch the right benefits for their business. Read the objectives of advertisements in our blog: KNOW THE OBJECTIVES OF ADVERTISING TO GET AHEAD.

2. Nurture leads

One of the advantages of Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn is that it is a great tool to search for leads. You can either use paid lead gen forms or use the advanced people search option. The advanced people search feature is a great way to search for leads and reach out to them. Thus, you can easily connect with potential clients. Lead gen forms can be targeted based on factors like industry, current company, location, past company, interests, etc. The same factors are also used as filters in the advanced search option. LinkedIn groups are also a powerful lead generation tool where you can connect with qualified and interested leads. Once you have identified leads, interact with them through groups or email. To generate business revenue via LinkedIn, make your brand stand out as a viable choice for the prospects. Know some unknown ways to do B2B marketing on LinkedIn in our blog: 7 UNKNOWN WAYS TO DO B2B MARKETING ON LINKEDIN.

3. Take advantage of LinkedIn community features

Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn allows you to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. Thus, it is very important to learn free LinkedIn advertising techniques. LinkedIn groups are based on interests or areas of expertise. Joining or creating groups related to your niche can help you to stay on top of trends and communicate with people who work in the same niche or share the same interests.

4. Ask for endorsements or testimonials

Endorsements are fairly easy to get if you use connections. But testimonials from happy customers are what makes a positive impact on your image. This is especially advantageous if the clients are well-known influencers or big-name businesses. 

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5. Publish Quality Content

To generate business revenue via LinkedIn, learn free LinkedIn advertising techniques. Create quality content that educates and helps the audience. Good content is a great way to get leads and the content gets indexed on the search engines as well. So, publishing valuable content is a great way to gain exposure and grow your audience.

6. Build relationships with influencers

When it comes to driving sales, influencers can do it more effectively than any other advertising method. This is because influencers have followers who trust their recommendations. Building relationships with influencers will not only generate more leads but will open opportunities for you to collaborate with them. To build relationships with influencers, read, and comment on their posts. Thought-provoking comments or answering a question on a post will make the influencers and their audience notice you. You can also directly reach out to them through emails. Know how to boost sales for online business platforms in our blog: PRIME WAYS TO BOOST SALES FOR ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORMS.

Using LinkedIn to grow your business and generate sales take time and effort. But it is not difficult. We hope that this blog helped you to learn free LinkedIn advertising techniques and know more about the ad options available. By interacting and engaging with the audience or in LinkedIn groups on a daily basis will help you to establish yourself as a viable choice for clients. The above tips will surely help you to gain leads and sales in the long run.


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