LinkedIn is focused on B2B connections. Thus, it offers many opportunities for businesses to promote themselves. By adding LinkedIn to your digital marketing strategy, you can generate better leads, build connections, improve visibility and also connect with prospects. This blog highlights seven ways in which brands can do b2b marketing on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is one of the top social platforms for marketing used by many B2B companies. It is a powerful marketing tool and many businesses are opting to use it for generating leads. Though, most businesses do not use LinkedIn to its full potential. Mentioned below are some tips through which you can drastically enhance your marketing results.

Turn your business page into a lead generation page, 7 unknown ways for doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn

7. B2B marketing on linkedin: Turn your business page into a lead generation page

Don’t use LinkedIn just for recruiting employees or to post product updates. Build connections and engagements with the target audience to actually promote business on LinkedIn. Share useful and valuable content in the form of webinars, blog posts, articles, infographics etc. Besides, update your page regularly with targeted, high quality, conversion centered content that engages your audience. Read our blog on THE BEST CONTENT WRITING TIPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL WRITER to get yourself started.

Use compelling images in your headers, as it is the first thing prospects see. Create interesting and catchy descriptions that raise interest and curiosity.

Join groups or create your own groups to increase engagement, 7 unknown ways for doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn

6. Join groups or create your own groups to increase engagement

A good strategy to do b2b marketing on LinkedIn is to join or create LinkedIn groups. Search for LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche. Then, participate in them actively. Engage in groups by providing answers, participating in debates or discussions, etc to build relationships.

You can create your own LinkedIn group as well. Unlisted groups allow the creator to decide who joins while anyone can join standard groups. Create a group which allows you to interact and engage with your target audience easily.

Increase Organic visibility through posts

5. B2B marketing on linkedin: Increase Organic visibility through posts

Posts that are published on LinkedIn are indexed by all major search engines. Do check our next blog on how to IMPROVE SEO WITH LATENT SEMANTIC INDEXING that can strengthen your SEO strategy.

Also, if you have access to publishing, then use it to your best advantage and enhance b2b marketing on LinkedIn. By publishing posts, business can boost their organic visibility. Posts also help you to gain more traffic and get backlinks. 

Gain competitive advantage by keeping track of your competitors' strategies, 7 unknown ways for doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn

4. Gain competitive advantage by keeping track of your competitors’ strategies

Most of the B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content and connect with their audience. You can use this to your advantage by keeping track of your competitors’ strategies. Analyse how they engage with the audience, how they post content and what strategies they use. Furthermore, you can use all this to create an even better strategy which is tailored to your business goals.

Grow your list, 7 unknown ways for doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn

3. Make b2b marketing on linkedin successful: Grow your list

Content sharing and active participation will increase engagement and also build credibility. Once your posts start getting good response, you can reach out to your followers or your network to subscribe to your email lists. This is an truly an effective strategy to build a targeted email list.

2. Utilise sales navigator search

The sales navigator search feature of LinkedIn allows businesses to search for prospects and reach out to them. In other words, it allows you to connect with clients with whom you can eventually do business with. An excellent feature of the sales navigator search is the ‘Filter’ option. It allows you to filter your search based on factors like industry, current company, location, past company, interests, etc.

Create showcase page, 7 unknown ways for doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn

1. Create a showcase page to do b2b marketing on linkedin

You can create a showcase page to promote business on LinkedIn. Showcase pages are pages that allow businesses to promote specific types of products or business units. Moreover, they help you to connect with specific customers and create content tailored to their interests. Showcase pages are a good way to target individual customer groups.

In short, LinkedIn serves as a platform to spread brand awareness. But, above all, it can be used to effectively generate leads. Thus, B2B companies can use it to identify and target their prospects and engage with them. You can also learn LinkedIn advertising and use it to target your audience.

Again, focus on building relationships to effectively convert leads into clients. You can also contact an advertising agency to handle all your marketing work. And, if you are interested in doing so, you may also like to read our blog on ADVERTISING AGENCY RELATIONSHIP MATTERS. WHY DO YOU NEED TO HAVE A GOOD CONNECTION?  Following these super useful tips when doing b2b marketing on LinkedIn results in effective growth of your business.


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