The digital age today has resulted in the advent of new technology that is getting more and more digitized by the day. With the introduction of such tools, advertisers and marketers are now getting an opportunity to make the most of their advertising campaigns by utilizing the power of better advertising tools in digital media. In order to create an impact on one’s target audience, it is essential to try out a new digital age advertising tool- Programmatic Advertising. 

Programmatic advertising is an approach towards marketing your brand and products to a specific target audience. By segmenting their target audience on factors like geography or preferences, businesses can automate ad bidding for creating value for their customers by using top online programmatic advertising tools. Online programmatic advertising tools not only help marketers maintain control over their advertising efforts but also help customize and optimize their advertisements as per the requirements of the audience. This way you can pay only for what you feel is impactful. Let us take a look at some of the most popular online programmatic advertising tools available today. 

1. Rubicon Project

One of the most unique online programmatic advertising tools, Rubicon Project was founded in 2007 and is a platform used not only for streamlining the traditional RFP process but also helping in negotiating custom media deals with buyers. 

  • Application: The application has an ad unit availability option that helps publishers bid on ad units in real time by giving suggestions through past data analysis. It also helps users select the most optimum floor price by helping set the minimum price at which different ad units can be sold in an ad exchange.
  • Ease of Use: Equipped with excellent SSP functionality, the top online programmatic advertising tools offer an Impression Targeting option as well, which helps set the impressions that are to be made available to bidders. By enforcing Advertiser restrictions, the platform disallows bids or restricts ad categories, brands or buyers that the user does not want to advertise on their particular website.
  • Key Feature: Through an effective bid reporting function, the top online programmatic advertising tools enable advertisers to see which buyers are engaged in the buying and bidding of which ad units. The platform also has multiple metrics to provide users with detailed analytics reports about performance.
  • Pricing: Can be requested on the website. 

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2. is one of the top online programmatic advertising tools that facilitates buying of multiple ad inventories on multiple RTB ad exchanges. Among other data technologies, the platform has developed its proprietary DSP, DMP and SSP functions.  

  • Application: With, users can build audiences on various criteria like browser, OS used, geography, search data, search intent, device used, etc. For a better audience optimization, users can use contextual keywords, CRM data, IP data, frequency capping, etc. With more than 60 built-in template options, top online programmatic advertising tools help users to schedule and customize reports.
  • Ease of use: The platform makes use of search and look alike modelling to help users expand their audience base and localizes targeting and content as per the audience. Through optimization of campaigns, this tool helps to gain insights into the minds of dynamic audiences.
  • Key Feature: The differentiating factor of this platform is that it takes full advantage of unstructured audience data. This means that unlike other tools available in the market, this platform does not need pre made audience segments to categorize audience data.
  • Pricing: Since the platform keeps changing its pricing, it is preferable to request for it on their website. 

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3. MediaMath

By integrating data from first and third party sources, MediaMath becomes one of the top online programmatic advertising tools. It helps create strategies to increase digital and performance goals. Catering to advertisers and publishers, this platform helps create transparency through customizable solutions for boosting campaign performance. 

  • Application: MediaMath offers DMP functions like integrating data sets from sources and segregating them into segments before activation. Using the MediaMath Audience feature, advertisers can connect with their prime target audience easily.
  • Ease of Use: The omnichannel DSP feature takes care of several omnichannel ad campaigns including mobile, audio, video, Digital out of home (DOOH) ads, etc. By providing small marketing tools, MediaMath helps marketers derive incremental business value. 
  • Key Feature: With improved customer experience, the platform provides unified budget management features, while ensuring workflow efficiency. The tool helps in navigating and operating on multiple platforms, thus closing the loop between measurement and optimization.
  • Pricing: The platform offers multiple flexible paid plans to its customers that are available on request. 

4. Choozle

Founded in 2012, Choozle is one of the most popular online programmatic advertising tools that work on real time customer data for displaying campaigns on video, mobile and other social mediums. So, one must use the first-in-class tools offered by Choozle for blending great user experience with impactful advertising campaigns. 

  • Application: Choozle offers a no-minimum ad spend feature and allows marketers to set in a budget on a daily or weekly basis to help them place appropriate bids as per the requirement of the ad campaign. By offering features like video, mobile, display and DSP functionality, it helps advertisers to help increase reach and quality of inventory partner sites where marketers can place their ads.
  • Ease of Use: By providing a completely well built-in campaign dashboard, top online programmatic advertising tools display all media purchases and campaigns run by the advertiser in a single interface. It also helps marketers set metrics to automate their advertising campaigns. With its Bulk editing feature, it enables users to edit campaigns in bulk as opposed to the usual one at a time system.
  • Key Feature: Through unique features like batch uploading, fraud protection, Budget placing, creative optimization and in-app ads, it makes the entire process of programmatic advertising safe, user friendly, efficient and hassle free.
  • Pricing: Choozle offers paid plans to users that start at $99 per month.

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5. Adroll

Being one of the top online programmatic advertising tools, Adroll helps advertisers advertise to the right audience to create real connections with customers. It also helps in improving overall ad quality by working closely with advertisers, publishers and technology associates by distributing and optimizing ads or branded content. 

  • Application: As one of the most well known prospecting and retargeting online programmatic advertising tools, Adroll focusses more on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and help in effective programmatic ad targeting using intelligent BidIQ technology.
  • Ease of Use: By providing easy-to-use remarketing software, Adroll’s data dashboard helps in creating quick and detailed graphs for reporting. This not only helps in reducing service time but also creates more space for better execution and more insights.
  • Key Feature: Adroll has interesting add on options like bringing cost data in a single view to reduce reporting time. It’s de-duplicate conversion data and making side by side channel performance comparisons help users make smart budgeting decisions.
  • Pricing:  The platform offers a free trial, as well as paid plans starting at $1. The pricing model is based on a CPM model with a range from $1-$2.50. The unique features of this pricing model is that it has no maximum or minimum costs and no contracts, since the pricing is decided as per the requirements of the user. 

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Programmatic advertising tools have completely changed the online advertising game for brands as they provide more control in the hands of marketers. By only paying for what is actually impactful, brands now have a better chance at improving their brand image in front of their target audience. From buying to placement and optimization, online programmatic advertising tools are the best way to bring your advertising tactics on the right track. So pick one of these online programmatic advertising tools and start advertising today.


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