Nowadays brands spend a lot of their time and money on creating an impactful advertising strategy to target their customers across various channels. Half of these efforts are usually aimed at getting potential customers to visit the brand’s website. However, the success of converting leads to customers after the first website visit is fairly low. Thus, advertising efforts have to be reworked in a more effective approach. This is when display retargeting comes into the picture. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top online display retargeting tools.

Display retargeting is nothing but presenting ads to specific people based on the previous interaction of the person with the brand. Online display retargeting tools take into account hundreds of different features and have access to a lot of websites and networks where ads can be displayed. Thus, increasing the chances of conversion. Brands can make use of the best display retargeting tools for professionals to ensure that their advertising tactics are headed in the right direction and lead to more conversions. Let us take a look at some of the most popular online display retargeting tools.

1. Criteo

Criteo is one of the best online display retargeting tools that sets up the most relevant ads in real time by utilizing the world’s largest open shopper data set. By working with shopping focused AI technology, it helps marketers to target customers through personalized and engaging video ads and tons of other features. 

  • Application: Been in use since 2005, this tool provides full stack retargeting solutions including campaign operation, automated building, retargeting and optimization. With performance reporting for CPC bidding, this platform makes the most effective use of programmatic media buying.
  • Ease of Use: With cross advertising solutions that cover desktops, mobile devices and social media sites, Criteo, as one of the best display retargeting tools for professionals, has a direct relationship with publishers and purchases inventory for web retargeting purposes on a CRM pricing model system. The platform also offers a kinetic design service, which helps marketers combine branded and personalized content for maximum impact.
  • Key Feature: The tool offers Facebook, Instagram, Email, Mobile app and Dynamic retargeting that works in sync with high quality inventory networks like Facebook, Google, Instagram and other individual publishers.
  • Pricing Model: The platform offers a Pay-as-you-go pricing model that works as per the desired CPC. 

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2. Google Ads

Google provides retargeting solutions through Google Ads (Adwords) by engaging audiences on Google display network, Android apps and Youtube. This is done by working on pricing models like CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost per click). 

  • Application: Google offers retargeting features like static retargeting and dynamic retargeting. These features allow marketers to see the previous products or services looked up by the customers and the pages visited by them. This strongly helps to increase the conversion rate.
  • Ease of Use: This online display retargeting tool also factors in email marketing services to help create customized emails as per the requirements and preferences of the customers. Further, the use of search keywords is done so that marketers are able to get a better idea of what the customers are looking for. Using video retargeting through platforms like Youtube and Google Ads ensures that even past channel subscribers can be targeted.
  • Key Feature: It offers standard and dynamic advertising services through mediums like email, video, mobile apps, search ads, etc. through Google’s search and display networks and Youtube.
  • Pricing Model: Google Adwords is one of the best display retargeting tools for professionals that offers free setup and has no minimum spending requirement. While setting ads and campaigns, it charges marketers on the basis of the CPA, CPM or CPC feature as opted for by the customer.

3. ReTargeter

Suited to all business needs and goals, ReTargeter is one of the highly targeted and data driven online display retargeting tools for retargeting for marketers and agencies. ReTargeter offers effective search, audience, dynamic and CRM retargeting solutions.

  • Application: The application offers suggestions as per the visitors received by a particular site in a month. For sites receiving less than 40,000 unique visitors, marketers can opt for facebook retargeting services, while the others can opt for CRM retargeting, customized audience tools, etc.
  • Ease of Use: For increasing brand awareness, the tool uses pixels that are kept on the website to track the website visitors and the retargeted ads are then placed accordingly. Targeted ads are created as per the demographics of the audience like geography, income, etc.
  • Key Feature: The platform is compatible with platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and provides services like CRM and dynamic retargeting to gauge maximum website traffic. The tool comes in handy mainly for large budget marketing tactics.
  • Pricing Model: The platform does not offer a free trial or free version. The paid plans start at $1500 per month. 

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4. Smarter HQ

Smarter HQ, as one of the best display retargeting tools for professionals, has been a popular choice in terms of behavioural segmentation. The platform makes use of user data to help marketers optimize marketing channels to reach their target audience effectively. 

  • Application: The platform utilizes behaviour analysis tools to understand user behaviour that can be used to engage the target audience accordingly through various channels. This can also be used to gauge the right time for displaying a certain ad for maximum conversions.
  • Ease of Use: By activating real time multi-channel data, identifying target audiences based on algorithms and automating personalized marketing campaigns through multiple channels like mobile and email, this online display retargeting tool ensures that there is better customer engagement through impactful marketing.
  • Key Feature: Uses predictive models, artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop adaptive content automation as per the customer segmentation and engagement scores provided by the platform filters.
  • Pricing Model: Provides a free demo and paid plans that are available as per request on the website. 

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5. Fixel 

Based on AI audience segmentation, Fixel is one of the top online display retargeting tools that uses algorithms to understand how visitors interact with the brand website and help customize campaigns on the basis of visitors visiting frequency. 

  • Application: Built on the concept of engagement, this platform is one of the best display retargeting tools for professionals which uses analysis metrics to determine customer visits and engagement across multiple channels. Being very easy to install and use, Fixel uses an automated integrated system to keep on updating engagement metrics even on new ad platforms.
  • Ease of Use: With over 60 segmentation filters like page visit time, scrolling, form, engagement, etc. the platform helps creating look alike seeds for all major ad platforms to ensure high scale campaigns.
  • Key Feature: Through an automated ranking audience system, the hassles of manual sorting can be avoided effectively. This helps in reducing time, effort and money while developing effective sales and marketing strategies and carefully avoiding ‘junk visitors’ as well.
  • Pricing  Model: Fixel offers a free plan as well as paid plans in the categories of Pro, Pro Plus, Premium and Agency starting at $99 per month. 

Display Retargeting has slowly gained a lot of recognition in the marketing sector and is emerging as a field of its own. Being less tapped, most marketers and advertisers are still trying to figure out the pros and cons of developing campaigns through its tools. By utilizing the unique features offered by each of the above online display retargeting tools, marketers can effectively undertake more specific advertising by targeting a specific audience on the basis of their behaviour. Thus, employ different tools and start working on your advertising campaigns like a pro, today. 


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