Social media marketing is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Similarly, hashtags are an important part of social media marketing. Every business must know how to use hashtags for promotion. Their use for social media marketing makes the content easy to discover and connect with an audience with similar interests. They can be found on every social media site and their strategic use can boost impressions. This blog highlights the proper use of hashtags for social media marketing to boost engagement. It aims at helping readers to know what are hashtags and how they help in marketing.

Now the question arises, what are hashtags? and how to use hashtags for promotions? Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a hash sign (#). They are used on social networking sites to identify posts on a particular topic and are important for the success of any digital marketing strategy. This is because these hashtags allow brands to target an audience, promote events, keep an eye on industry news, and find prospects. They help brands to improve reach and generate engagement. Mentioned below are some tips for the strategic use of the hashtag for social media marketing:

1. Research hashtags

Before using a hashtag on social media, it is important to research about it. Check the trending hashtags across all social media sites and make sure that they are not being used for the wrong reasons. Do not use controversial hashtags, if you want your posts to stand out for positive reasons. It is also important to check if the hashtag is being used by another company for their promotion or not. Before the use of hashtags for social media marketing, you need to see if people are using those tags and what they are saying when they use it. Selecting the proper hashtags boosts engagement, increases brand awareness, and enhances sales. Read about effective sales promotions techniques, in our blog: EFFECTIVE SALES PROMOTION TECHNIQUES USED BY STRATEGIC AD AGENCIES TO GROW BUSINESS.


2. Utilize trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are popular topics that are being discussed by thousands of people on social media sites. Accurate knowledge of how to use hashtags for promotions can take your business to higher levels. Trending hashtags usually revolve around major news and change from location to location. When you see a trending hashtag that is relevant to your niche, utilize it by using it in your posts. By doing this your content will be seen by a much larger audience. The more your post is shared, the more visibility you will gain. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook show all the trending hashtags and topics on their sites. You can also use hashtag monitoring sites like Hashtagify, TrendsMap,, Statigram, etc.


3. Be unique, specific and relevant

It is necessary to be unique, specific, and relevant to be able to reach the target audience. Using generic hashtags will not make your post stand out. You need to know what are hashtags in reality and how they help in affiliate marketing. Find hashtags with a specific focus and which are relevant to your industry. The use of hashtags for social media marketing is a powerful method of engaging an audience. But unless the hashtags are unique and relevant, people will not re-tweet or tweet those hashtags. To know how to expand to an international audience, read our blog: INTERNATIONAL SEO: HOW TO EXPAND TO AN INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE.

4. Create brand hashtags

Create unique, specific hashtags for your brand. Brand hashtags are like company taglines or signature tags. They must be short and easy to spell so the audience can easily remember and use them. These hashtags create engagement and allow people to converse about the brand. This increases awareness about your brand and also helps you to know what people think about the brand.

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5. CTA hashtags

CTA hashtags usually start with words like share, talk, my story, etc. The goal of a call to action hashtag is to compel users of social media to perform a specific action that is related to your brand. CTA hashtags are quite popular and encourage the audience to perform an action.

6. Create Campaign Hashtags

Campaign hashtags are made for specific marketing campaigns. Create a hashtag that is unique in the marketing campaign. You can use phrases that describe the campaign or use the campaign name itself. This allows you to engage with the audience and promote the campaign at the same time. Read about the simple ways to do creative marketing in the modern-day world, in our blog: SIMPLE WAYS TO DO CREATIVE MARKETING IN THE MODERN DAY WORLD.

7. Don’t overuse hashtags

Do not use more than one or two hashtags on each post. Also, do not use hashtags in every post or when you are replying to tweets. This gives the impression of being spammy. Using too many hashtags will not help you to gain a qualified and interested audience. Thus their use for social media marketing must be strategic and relevant. Know how to increase customer engagement on Facebook and Twitter, in our blog: INCREASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WITH THESE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES.

The use of hashtags for social media marketing is crucial for better results. Learning how to use hashtags for promotion in a proper manner is essential for brand exposure and visibility. The seven tips mentioned in this blog can easily boost customer engagement and make your content discoverable. Always remember to use short, conversational, and relevant hashtags in your posts for the best results.


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