Writing a good company profile is not an easy task. Even many experts fail to write a company profile in a professional manner and with appropriate content formatting. In this article, we have mentioned comprehensive guidelines to write content for company profiles along with the formatting style that we follow at Uni Square Concepts. You must adhere to all the comprehensive guidelines to write content for company profiles mentioned below in order to write a good company profile.

A company profile is like a summation of all the qualities and functions of a company or an enterprise. It is a summary of how a company wishes to be perceived by both consumers and stockholders. It depicts the effectiveness of the institution when it comes to performance and delivering results. A company profile is the first thing people notice, when they investigate the company, therefore good company profile content is vital in order to win a good first impression and attract customers and stockholders. We at Uni Square Concepts, firmly follow these comprehensive guidelines to write content for company profiles to write exceptional quality company profiles. You need to follow all the guidelines to write content for company profiles mentioned here to write a professional company profile for professional agencies like Uni Square Concepts. Before we proceed, go through THE MOST RESOURCEFUL CONTENT WRITING TOOLS AVAILABLE ONLINE for your assistance!


The first and foremost thing that you need to follow is writing unique content. Copy pasted content is not acceptable at all. Content writers working with Uni Square Concepts write 100% unique content. To ensure that your work isn’t rejected, always check plagiarism online before submitting your content. You can check plagiarism on websites like SmallSEOTools, PlagiarismDetector and Check-Plagiarism. Read our blog on THE BEST ONLINE PLAGIARISM CHECKERS AVAILABLE to find other tools to check whether your content is unique or not. If you find any sort of plagiarism, re-frame your sentences and ensure that it is original. Never submit plagiarized work.

2. PROPER Grammar

Grammar is the most important aspect to be considered while writing content. You must check your content thoroughly for any grammatical errors. You can make use of online tools to ensure that your content is free from grammatical errors. However, you should always rely on your own knowledge of English grammar over and above such tools. Read our blog on THE BEST GRAMMAR EDITORS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT to learn about the tools that can help you in checking grammar.

Punctuation should also be taken care of. A professional agency like Uni Square Concepts is very particular about punctuation. You need to pay attention and appropriately insert commas and other punctuation symbols.

3. specific tone & vocabulary

When you are wondering how to write a company profile, you must keep in mind the tone and vocabulary of the profile. Different companies would demand different tones depending on what they specialize in. You have to understand that PROFESSIONAL MARKETING WRITING IS DIFFERENT FROM CONTENT WRITING.

For example, a fashion company would use words like ‘couture’ and ‘creme de la creme’ while a fast food chain would use words like ‘finger-licking’ and ‘lip-smacking’. The tone also differs from company to company; for example, a law firm would employ a professional, intellectually sophisticated tone while a candy manufacturing company would use a happy, easy and casual tone.


A good company profile is free from repeated words, sentences, etc. Using words like we, our company, etc. in every sentence makes the content monotonous and boring. If you are starting one sentence from ‘We’, then the other sentences can be started with ‘Our Company’, ‘Name of the company’, ‘Our firm’, etc. Repetition of any sort is not what we follow at Uni Square Concepts. Every sentence should have a different style and must create engagement. Many content writers also repeat what is being said. The context should never be repeated and everything should be written in a clear and precise manner.

Do not include words like hence, therefore, they, them, since, etc. in your company profile content. Write the content in first person. Use words like we, us, our, etc. apart from the name of the company, which should be included in the company profile content.

5. Formatting guidelines

Along with the above guidelines, it is crucial to follow the correct formatting style. A professional agency like Uni Square Concepts firmly follows the formatting style mentioned below:

  • Font Style: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12
  • Line Spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: 2cm (All sides)
  • Heading & Keywords: Bold
  • Alignment: “Justified”​
  • File Format: .docx
  • Heading of the Content: Name of the company in bold, capitals and center-aligned
  • Subheadings: The point to be written in Bold, left-aligned
  • File Name: Name of the company.docx

basic Structure of a company profile & guidelines to write it

We will now move to the second part of our comprehensive guidelines to write content for company profiles. The points mentioned below cover the topis that are written in most profiles. We have elaborated upon the writing style, with an example of ‘Winchem International Ltd.’, our client for whom we had written the content recently.

1. Taglines

Taglines define the company. If you are writing a company profile for the clients of a professional agency like Uni Square Concepts, then you need to write a few taglines. A tagline should clearly convey to the customers about the products and services of the company. It should be crisp, witty, creative and engaging. Rules that must be kept in mind while writing taglines are: 

  • Number of taglines: 3-4 Taglines
  • Number of words: Maximum 6-7 words
  • Format: One liner

Example: Class of its own

2. QUOTE(s)

A quote is written on the basis of the principles, philosophy and ethos of the company. The quote is a crucial element while writing a company profile as it depicts about the beliefs of the company in a short and clear manner. The rule that must be kept in mind while writing a quote is:

  • Number of words: Maximum 15-20 words
  • Format: Written like a statement

Example: Delivering high-quality petrochemical products by operating in a sustainable way with innovative solutions!

3. About us

This portion is the first thing readers read and sets the tone for the rest of the profile content. The about us content should enable people to view the company in the best light possible. It is one of the aspects you need to pay a lot of attention to, in order to write good company profile content. In the about us section, you have to rite about the basic overview of the company, which is the summary of the following points:

  • First line of the About us section: The first line of the about us content is very important. It should only start with the company’s name and clearly describe what the company does. This line should be direct, precise and self-explanatory. The reader should be able to know about the company’s business, by reading just the first line. For example, ‘Winchem International Ltd. is a paramount trader & distributor of quality petrochemical products.’
  • When it was founded
  • Who founded it
  • Products/ services (in a line or two)
  • About the people behind it
  • Plant, Machinery & Equipment
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Technological Expertise
  • Credibility & Goodwill
  • Accreditation Possessed 

 Rules that must be kept in mind while writing the about us section:

  • Number of words: 200
  • Format: Paragraph

Example: Winchem International Ltd. is a paramount trader & distributor of quality petrochemical products. We have been able to meet the needs of our customers by delivering exceptional and authentic quality products since our inception in 2019. Winchem International Ltd. is committed to executing the core activities in a sustainable way with limited environmental ramifications. Our company is known for our commitment towards work & our ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. Delivering through a well-structured distribution system, our premium-quality products are sourced from reliable and trustworthy sources across the world. We have strong distribution channels across the country, ensuring prompt delivery along with effective coordination & communication. Our channel partners are located in every region of the country making sure that our products are easily available across Africa. We comply with ISO standards to deliver only the best.

Our strong team of more than 50 employees is the reason for our success in the industry. We believe in creating a collaborative work environment where every individual is appreciated and respected. Promoting local employment, we have employed more than 90% of the local inhabitants of Uganda. The team at Winchem International Ltd. is proficient in the execution of operations & holds expertise in their respective fields.

4. Mission STATEMENT

This portion consists of a one line statement depicting the company’s motto or what the institution stands for. The mission statement has to be carefully thought out because it is the aspect that separates the particular company from the rest of the competition. It has to be something clever, original and creative to keep the company’s reputation fresh. It should not be boring or long or tiresome as that may deviate the customers. The mission statement should only/ always start with ‘To be’ or ‘To become’.

Rules that must be kept in mind while writing Mission:

  • Number of words: 20-30 words
  • Format: Written like a statement in a single line

Example: To become the sole choice of companies in East Africa by consistently delivering high-quality petrochemical products.


The vision statement comprises of how the company wants to grow and if there is any other business it might delve into in the future. The vision statement gives people an idea of the path that the company will follow and where it leads to. It also gives an idea of how hard the people involved in the company are willing to work to take it to the destination mentioned. The vision statement should only/ always start with ‘To be’ or ‘To become’.

Rules that must be kept in mind while writing Vision:

  • Number of words: 20-30 words
  • Format: Written like a statement in a single line

Example: To become a globally recognized name in the world of petrochemical products trading by focusing on environmental sustainability.

6. Core Values

All institutions are built upon some core principles that guide them in their path. In this portion, one should list down these values that are an integral part of the company. For example, a company producing synthetic fibers could list its core value as being environment-friendliness as they do not involve trees making their product.

Rules that must be kept in mind while writing core values:

  • Number of words: 150
  • Format: Paragraph and pointers

Core values must be written in paragraphs and points. You must write an overview of at least 50 words and then highlight 3-4 points of 15-20 words each.

Example: We are known for our transparent business ethics and structured systems. Our strong core values are the backbone of our company, helping us carry out our operations in a smooth and systematic way. We have been able to develop strong associations in the market because of our determination and loyalty towards our customers.

  • Quality: Winchem International Ltd. has maintained consistent quality because of our strong quality control systems. We have maintained international standards for procurement that enables us to source quality products.
  • Honesty: We are always honest towards our customers and believe in 100 % transparency.
  • Integrity: We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships with the highest standard of fairness and ethical behaviour.

7. Team/ Leadership

This portion lists the quality of the employees as a single unit or it may mention the abilities and resources of the founders and CEOs who are an integral part of the system. If there is more than one director or CEO, then each of their details have to be elaborated. In such a case an introductory paragraph will come and the details about each leader will be written in bullets.

Rules that must be kept in mind while writing services/ products:

  • Number of Words: 150 words
  • Format: Paragraph

Example: Winchem International Ltd. is well led by our dynamic directors & founders, Mr. Jagadish Sorathiya & Mr. Jitendra Sorathiya. Our directors are driven by the passion to provide customers with the finest quality products & services. With strong business acumen, they are proficient in formulating strategies based on the changing business environment.

  • Mr. Jagadish Sorathiya: Holding more than 13 years of expertise in the manufacturing and trading line, he has made Winchem International Ltd. a well-known petrochemical trading company in East Africa. He focuses on formulating result-oriented strategies for the benefit of the customers. With his remarkable communication & analytical skills, he has maintained cordial relationships with some of the renowned companies of Africa.
  • Mr. Jitendra Sorathiya: With an expertise of more than 15 years in managing business operations & strategy formulation, he has helped Winchem International Ltd. reach a remarkable position in the market. He is a man of morals & believes in executing operations ethically & systematically.
  • Mr. Vishal Donga: Mr. Vishal Donga, the General Manager of Winchem International Limited, is proficient in managing business operations with his years of expertise in the industry.

8. Services/ PRODUCTS

This is the core element of all company profiles. It lists the services or the products of the company in detail and talks about the end product. It talks about all the company resources and equipment, how many people work there and what kind of facilities it specializes in. This could make or break the company content as it has to be very specific and extremely detailed. The section has to be honest and exemplary, written in a manner that makes the company the best among its competitors. It is an essential part of good company profile content.

Rules that must be kept in mind while writing services/ products:

  • Number of words: 100- 150 words per service/ product
  • Format: Introductory Paragraph & Pointers (First write the overview of the particular product/ service, then highlight its features in points. If the specific project does not require you to write about multiple services/ products individually, then write one heading summarizing all the products/ services in the same format; as we have done in the example mentioned below for our client Winchem International Limited.

Example: Dealing in a wide range of petrochemicals products, Winchem International Limited provides excellent services to its customers in terms of

• Product Solutions
• Consulting Services
• Prompt Delivery
• Competitive Prices

Our expertise in petrochemical products trading has garnered us a strong position in the market. We deal in a variety of premium-quality petrochemicals all across Uganda. To ensure the authenticity of our products, our team conducts quality checks at various levels while dealing with suppliers. With our years of expertise in the petrochemical industry, we assist customers in making the right choice

For having further understanding about writing content for products and services, read our blog on ALL ABOUT PRODUCT CONTENT WRITING: WHAT IS IT?

9. Contact Details

This portion should list the address of the company office, its phone numbers and email IDs so that the customers and stakeholders are able to reach it. Make sure you double check the details from those provided to you and other online sources. Don’t hesitate to confirm if you have any doubts.

Once your content is written, you should properly proof check it to avoid any basic errors or typos. The content should be professionally edited to ensure quality. You must go through our blog MAGICAL EDITING TECHNIQUES A COPYWRITING COMPANY WON’T SHARE WITH YOU and develop your skills as an editor. As a content writer working with Uni Square Concepts, you need to follow these comprehensive guidelines to write content for company profiles mentioned above and pay attention to each and every point in order to deliver exemplary work to your clients.


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