With over 500 million users, Instagram has grown to become a very popular social media app. Each day, millions of photos are uploaded, which offer businesses an engaged platform for branding and marketing on Instagram. Thus, it has become even more important for businesses to learn Instagram advertising. This blog aims to help the readers know about the benefits that are derivable from Social Media Marketing through Instagram.

With a well-planned strategy, you can easily engage and connect with the target market. For a successful marketing campaign on Instagram, a business needs to gain more followers. This is because, the more followers your business account has, the wider will be the reach of your content. Other than increasing followers, there are a number of ways to increase the visibility of your posts. Here are a few ways in which you can do marketing on Instagram successfully.

1. Sponsored ads

A good business must learn Instagram advertising in the right way. Sponsored content on Instagram is a good way to leverage your posts and make them visible to a larger audience. It is important to note that ads for Instagram can only be created through the Facebook ads manager. By using sponsored ads, businesses can target the audience better, get conversion rate at a low cost, run A/B tests to see which ads will be more effective, etc. These ads allow you to use both photos and videos to promote your business, products, and services and do excellent social media marketing through Instagram. Also know how to increase organic reach on Facebook, in our blog: 7 TESTED METHODS TO INCREASE ORGANIC REACH ON FACEBOOK.

2. Partner with influencers

An effective way to do marketing on Instagram is to partner with the influencers and learn Instagram advertising the right way. They are a great way to reach out to a bigger audience. Influencers are people with a large number of followers. Their followers trust the influencers’ opinions regarding various products and services. You can easily get your products and services promoted to a qualified audience by partnering up with the right influencers.

3. Cross-promote on other channels

The success of Social Media Marketing through Instagram depends on the number of people your content reaches to and how well you learn Instagram advertising. The best way to increase the number of people seeing your content on Instagram is to promote your account on other social media sites. By doing this, your content gets more exposure. To promote on other channels you can post the content on Facebook or LinkedIn accounts or post links to your Instagram. You can know the must-have online marketing tools in our blog: MUST HAVE ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS FOR A STARTUP.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are the most important part of any post, especially when you are doing social media marketing through Instagram. Hashtags on Instagram allow users who are not following you, to see your content. To increase influence and gain followers, use popular, relevant, and specific hashtags in your posts. You can create brand hashtags, campaign hashtags, or content hashtags to boost the discoverability of your posts. To know how to create SEO friendly content, read our blog: PARAMETERS OF SEO FRIENDLY CONTENT FOLLOWED BY MOST SEO FRIENDLY WEBSITES.

How to increase customer engagement on Facebook

5. Optimal posting frequency

The optimal posting frequency for brands depends on the audience. It has been seen that most brands post 1 or 2 times a day. It is noteworthy that posting more on Instagram does not reduce engagement, unlike other platforms. Thus, you can gradually increase or decrease the number of times you post, depending on the engagement. This will also help you find the optimal frequency for your brand while marketing on Instagram. Read about how to increase customer engagement on other social media platforms, in our blog: INCREASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WITH THESE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES.

6. Post a variety of relevant photos and videos

One of the best practices for Social Media Marketing through Instagram is to post both images and videos. It has been seen that videos generate more engagement than regular photos. Thus, use videos as a tool to leverage your engagement. You must also carefully select images and videos that are relevant to your brand and contribute to better branding. The content which you post must have a theme that is related to the company’s image and missions.

The success of Social Media Marketing through Instagram depends on the creation of an engaged audience. For a favorable ROI, your audience must be eager to interact with the content that you post. Know the needs and interests of your audience and create content that is unique. Instagram holds value for businesses and can drastically boost brand image. Follow these tips and experiment to see what works the best for your business.


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