Google boasts 93,939 searches every second. This speaks of the huge web traffic on the platform, making it difficult for businesses to compete for the same with over 1.8 billion sites. Therefore, it becomes crucial for organizations to find methods to help them reach top SERPs rankings. Without a doubt, video is the right medium to achieve this and improve your SEO strategy. In this article, we have highlighted the importance of videos in your SEO strategy.

Videos are everywhere, and as per reports, they will make for 82% of consumer traffic online in the near future. If organizations are not using it as an integral part of their SEO strategy, they are missing out on something big and effective. This is why videos play a crucial part to improve your SEO strategy and bring better results. Currently, there’s no better way to generate traffic, bring in engagement, and improve conversions than using video content. Video production’s lower cost and the large-scale availability of online video editor tools make video the perfect medium to boost search engine rankings.

Here are different ways in which videos can improve your SEO strategy. Watch out for them:

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1. Get a Higher Ranking on the Pages of Search Engine

Companies can build their SERP presence with videos. However, this can happen only when you understand what users are looking out for on Google. Once you know this, you can make relevant videos about user requirements. If you want to have an in-depth knowledge about how to achieve higher results in SERP, then read our blog BEST TACTICS TO ACHIEVE HIGHER RESULTS IN SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGES (SERPs).

The thumbnails accompanied with every video help the viewers understand what a video is all about. Further, they can watch the entire video to get a quicker and more in-depth understanding of those products or services they were searching for. Improve your SEO strategy by including videos as they have the capability to attract & engage viewers quickly. When you offer relevant visual matter to target audiences, your SERPs ranking will dramatically improve.

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2. People Stay Longer on Your Site

These days people are short of time, and they cannot just keep hovering through long, useless, and uninteresting textual site content that does not have anything credible to offer. Sites with such pages scare the visitors away that is why videos must be included to improve your SEO strategy. Learn more about how to improve your website traffic in our blog TECHNICAL SEO TACTICS TO IMPROVE WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

Instead, when you use videos at specific places on your company site, people stay longer on the pages. That’s because of a video’s engaging, interactive, and entertaining attributes. Visitors on sites with videos spend 2.6x more time than those without videos. That’s humongous, and you certainly can’t afford to miss out on this. To improve your SEO strategy, you must understand the importance of videos and take necessary steps.

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3. Google Always Prioritizes Sites with Videos

Google algorithms or measures to generate SERPs for websites keep changing continuously. However, there’s one thing that remains constant- Google’s prioritization of websites featuring videos. Thus, making videos is a crucial part to improve your SEO strategy. To know more about how to create engaging videos, read our blog HOW TO CREATE VIDEO ADS THAT WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

Video is the key consideration used by Google to determine content quality on a website and how relevant it is to the search criterion of the user. Google not only goes through the written matter on a website but even through other media types to understand what a website offers to its visitors. The SEO efforts of your company will get a natural boost if your website content is the perfect blend of top-quality visuals and text. Fort Google, such blended website content means you have an informative and varied business website, which shows in your enhanced SEO rankings. Improve your SEO strategy now as videos have a huge scope.

Considering that 93% of people online use the search engines first, you must use videos to make it to that significant first page.

4. Video Brings in More Traffic

The incoming visitor traffic on different sites is a crucial consideration Google uses to rank websites. Does your website witness huge traffic regularly? Then it offers something valuable and useful to visitors. Even other individuals indulged in the same search will find your website content engaging. Remember, your company videos on different social media platforms, including YouTube, bring visitors to your business website. You need to improve your SEO strategy by including videos to gain more reach & growth. So, as a B2C or a B2-B business, you must launch your video site and spend a good amount of money on visual matter. To know more about how you can increase your online presence, read our blog 3 BASIC WAYS TO IMPROVE THE ONLINE PRESENCE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Remember that visitors will come flocking to your pages when you consistently create interesting video content. This will boost your SEO marketing efforts now and in the future. But here again, the quality of your content comes into question. Simply having huge traffic on your website is not going to work as far as improved SEO results are concerned. If you want to improve your SEO strategy, you need to create engaging and quality video content. What if the visitors to your website do not stay there for long? To have the increased traffic on your website stay longer, you must make quality visual content. This will significantly improve your website’s bounce rate, which in turn will help search engines improve your SERP results! You must improve your SEO strategy on regular basis and implement new ideas to boost your website ranking.

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5. Gain Top Quality Backlinks

Top-quality backlinks are an important element of the algorithms Google uses to improve the SERPs rankings of different sites. Google considers websites with more visitors linking to their content more authoritative than websites devoid of this feature. And the more authoritative your website appears, the higher will be your SERP rankings. Improve your SEO startegy and bring better results on your website. The perfect way to grab referral traffic is to develop quality visual matter and publish it on social media, VOD, and OTT channels. Besides, this method is also an effective marketing strategy for a company’s social media.

Indeed, Google does not let the secret out about its algorithm to prevent people from scamming the system. Still, there is always a strong connection between increased social shares and higher positions in the search engine result pages. If you improve your SEO strategy by including videos, you have a higher chance to increase your website traffic drastically. Of course, this is an indirect impact but one you cannot miss out on as an organization looking to improvise its SEO strategy.

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6. Make Your SEO Efforts Count

Want to give more power and value to your SEO efforts? Video content will help you do so. It works to offer value to SEO efforts because simply improving SERP rankings is of no use. Only when your rankings can bring in conversions will your business move ahead. Of course, video content will help your site rank higher in the search engine result pages, but this higher ranking will ultimately be useless if it cannot bring in conversions. Improve your SEO strategy and make the most use of the video content to establish a strong presence. To know about how you can improve your website for better results, read our blog BEST FREE ONLINE TOOLS TO MONITOR WEBSITE PERFORMANCE & SPEED.

Here again, videos have a powerful influence. Videos will not just bring visitors to your website and enhance its SERP rankings but will even help those visitors convert. When you develop useful quality content and upload it on your website, people visit your website, go through the content and engage with it if they find it interesting. Moreover, branding your video thumbnails can help with brand recognizability. And this will help you with your CTRs and conversions as people are more confident about using sites they are familiar with. Not to mention, videos lead to organic visibility as people can watch them easily without interrupting their activities. When you will improve you SEO strategy and include video content as a part of your strategy, you will definitely have higher rankings.

Thus, quality videos convince the visitors to buy products and services and thus convert successfully. This means that videos are fruitful in almost all the SEO stages, and they offer meaningful benefits to a business’s SEO efforts and ultimately increase returns on investment.

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7. Make Your Presence Felt on All Marketing Channels

Videos for business promotion improve your search engine rankings and expand your business’s digital presence. When the videos on your website feature direct links to videos on YouTube and other social media channels, they will find more viewers. To learn more about the video creation tools, read our blog TOP VIDEO CREATION TOOLS AVAILABLE ONLINE.

And ultimately, when more viewers are on these pages, the search engines will consider them popular and improve their overall rankings. Hence, you get genuine visitors to your website and even traffic from other platforms through the effective use of visual matter.

Online videos are gaining huge popularity, and they come as great scopes for SEOs who want to gain desirable results. Improve your SEO strategy and expand your business. It’s a myth that producing videos can be expensive, and if your company has used infographics earlier, you can afford to count on video content. But remember, just because the video is such a strong medium to improve SEO efforts, you cannot make any compromises on their quality.


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