Search engine optimisation is implemented to enhance SERP rankings and increase website traffic. There are certain search engine optimization principles that can effectively increase the amount of visitors on a website. This blog highlights 5 crucial principles through which you can increase website traffic through SEO.

One of the biggest challenges that any business faces is maintaining a constant flow of traffic to their websites. SEO is the building block through which websites can gain traffic. Mentioned below are five important SEO tactics that can make a difference in the number of visitors coming to a website.

Keyword Optimization

1. Use keywords strategically

Optimising content is one of the basic search engine optimization principles. Each page of your website must be based on certain keywords that are relevant to your niche. While creating website content, inculcate keywords strategically and in a natural manner. Using the right keywords helps to increase website traffic through SEO and brings qualified visitors that can be easily converted into leads or prospects.

Research for keywords using Google Keywords Planner, SEMrush or KWFinder. This helps you select the best keywords based on the search volume and competition. Once you have selected the keywords, use them in the URLs, headings, the content, image tags, etc.

2. Improve CTR with meta descriptions

Meta description provides a summary of your webpage or website. It is a description which appears below the URL in search engine result pages. It gives the users an idea about what to expect when they click on the website. Meta description has the power of increasing click through rates. Make your meta description interesting and engaging. It should pique the curiosity of the viewers and compel them to click on the website. Using words like ‘know more’ encourages people to take an action. In this case, the action is clicking on the website. To know how to boost traffic on your website using some cheap tools, read our blog: BOOST TRAFFIC ON YOUR WEBSITE USING THESE 6 CHEAP ONLINE TOOLS.

3. Add links and get backlinks

Adding links to external sources makes a website stand out as a credible source of information. It also encourages websites to link to yours and thus helps in higher rankings. Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO. Building backlinks creates a flow of traffic to your website and also signals search engines that the website is relevant. Adding links and creating backlinks are important search engine optimization principles. They increase website traffic and also enhance SERP rankings. To know how to analyse bad backlinks, read our blog: BACKLINK AUDITS: HOW TO ANALYZE BAD BACKLINKS.

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4. Use image tags

The use of image tags is one of the most important SEO tactics. Without them, search engines will not be able to identify the image. Adding image tags signals crawlers about the content of the image and thus it becomes easier for search engines to bring images in the results when a search is done. Add keywords in the image tags so that your images can rank in the image results. Add descriptive names in the image tag and use keyword rich alt tags to properly optimise images. Read in detail about image optimisation in our blog: IMAGE OPTIMIZATION FOR SEO: IMPORTANT TIPS THAT YOU CANNOT MISS.

5. Enhance Page speed

Page loading time has a drastic effect on the number of visitors on a website. If a website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, visitors abandon the site. This increases bounce rates and thus your overall ranking will suffer. A low ranking results in lesser website traffic. Thus, it is essential to improve the page loading time. Compressing images that have a suitable hosting server and minimising redirects can enhance page load times. To know about the 5 advanced techniques to improve page speed, read our blog: 5 ADVANCED TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE PAGE SPEED.

You can implement these search engine optimization principles in your blogs and websites to increase website traffic and gain more leads and customers. Implementing these important SEO tactics not only bring more visitors but also improve website ranking. This increases brand awareness and visibility as well.


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