We all know that digital marketing is the most important form of marketing, as it has the widest reach to the audience. Yet, a common challenge every digital marketer faces is how to boost traffic for the website. Each business has to constantly innovate and make changes to their strategies in order to maintain a constant flow of website traffic. This blog lists 6 cheap online tools that you can use to increase website traffic.

There are a lot of effective ways to boost traffic on the website and several free online websites for digital marketing as well. It is very important for every business to be familiar with these marketing websites, to make the most of the opportunities that are there in this domain. With the right tools, you can easily gain and retain more visitors. Use the following free online websites for digital marketing and gain more traffic:

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the top free online websites for digital marketing. It is a crucial tool to increase website traffic. Tracking and analyzing results are essential to gain insights and change your strategies. This platform produces detailed statistics about website visitors and their actions. It allows tracking of conversions, tells which traffic sources convert best, allows segmentation of data, etc. It also gives reports about which keywords bring visitors to your website. Google Analytics is one of the most essential tools for any digital marketer, who wants to boost traffic on the website. To know how to generate leads using digital media, read our blog: MOST EFFECTIVE LEAD GENERATION TACTICS USING DIGITAL MARKETING.

5. Quantcast

Quantcast is a marketing tool that allows you to do market research. It gives website owners a customer profile, mostly based on demographics. It also shows the locations of your incoming website traffic. This is a powerful insight tool that gives you an idea about which locations to target. Thus, you can focus on marketing efforts on the locations where your customer base is and increase website traffic.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an online marketing tool which helps marketers to boost traffic on website from social media sites. It allows the users to know which keywords and topics are popular on social media. One of its advantages is that this tool allows you to refine the search based on factors like keywords, author, niche, domain, etc. Businesses can use this tool to check what topics will engage their target audience in a better way. By finding topics relevant to your customers’ interests, businesses can easily write on those topics and boost traffic on the website. Also read about the reasons behind the sudden loss in website traffic, in our blog: SUDDEN WEBSITE TRAFFIC LOSS REASONS: THINGS TO CHECK.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush provides analysis reports for domains or specific webpages. You can analyze your own website and even the websites of competitors’ to have an insight on how to develop marketing strategies and increase website traffic. It provides users with features like competitive analysis, keyword research, site audits, backlink sourcing, content creation, etc. Its keyword tool allows you to identify keywords that will be helpful in boosting page visitors.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot has developed many tools that help marketers with digital marketing. One of its popular tools is Hubspot CRM. It offers keywords tool, analytics, campaign automation, social media management, competitor analysis, etc. Brands can use the insights provided, to enhance their marketing strategies.

1. ContentSquare and CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg and ContentSquare provide reports on visitor behavior. CrazyEgg offers heatmap reports while ContentSquare provides users with records of how visitors engage with the website. Both these tools allow you to check website issues, improve the user interface, and make navigation easier for visitors. This helps to boost traffic on the website as well. Know how User-Interface designs can attract customers, in our blog: HOW TO USE UI DESIGN OF A WEBSITE TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS.

These six online tools not only allow you to boost traffic on the website, but also offer insights on how a marketing strategy can be improved. They also, help businesses to drive qualified and targeted visitors to websites. Many of these tools are free, but if they are not, you can choose to opt for free trials and see which work the best for you. Hopefully, by using these six cheap tools, you will be able to drive high-quality traffic to your website.


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