With over billion users, Facebook is a powerful tool for promoting your brand. Businesses are using it to increase brand awareness, broaden reach and interact with prospects. Facebook offers paid ways to ensure that your posts are seen by people. But, there are a few ways you can increase organic reach on Facebook. This blog lists seven tested methods that are sure to help you get viewers on Facebook page. Before proceeding, check our blog on A DETAILED GUIDE TO LEARN BASIC FACEBOOK MARKETING to learn the basics about advertising on Facebook.

Using Facebook brands can easily target a specific audience. By using Facebook, you can build credibility and reputation, get leads, and drive traffic to your website. The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from friends or family, values videos over photos and text posts, and it boosts posts with more engagement. Even though it is hard to promote Facebook post for free, there are some strategies you can use to increase organic reach on Facebook.

1. Create the right content mix

To increase organic reach on Facebook, it is crucial to create the right kind of content, so it resonates with your audience. Unless the audience likes what you have posted, they won’t engage with your posts. This will ultimately affect your reach as more engagement means that more people will see your posts. Use different kinds of content types to keep your audience engaged. You should also try posting a few photos, infographics and videos along with links and text posts. This will improve your engagement rate and thus, you will be likely to appear more on your audience’s newsfeed.

2. Regularly analyse your Facebook insights 

You need to analyse your page insights and take decisions regarding your posts and audience. Export page insights data, analyse which types of posts get the most engagement, and use the data to change your strategy. Facebook insights are a great way to know if your strategy is working or not. By using the data, you can easily tweak your strategies and get the most out of your Facebook page.


3. Strategise posting times

Knowing the time when your audience is online and engages with your data the most, is a necessity. If you know this, you can easily increase organic reach on Facebook. Use Facebook’s page insights to know when your posts are getting the most engagement. If you post at the time when you get maximum engagement or when your followers are online, you will get more likes, shares and comments. This will automatically help you to get viewers on Facebook page.

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4. Work on value based content

Providing your audience with value based content is a good way to increase organic reach on Facebook. You have to plan your content in advance and recycle old posts that were unsuccessful. Post useful information, tips about certain topics and provide them with solutions to their problems. This will establish you as a valuable resource in your niche. Your page will attract more organic audience if the posts are valuable and informative.

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5. Experiment with content types

Experimenting with different types of content is the key to getting more engagement and organic audience. You can post charts, infographics, photos, videos, articles, quotes, news, etc. If you post different types of content, it will help you to enhance your reach. The content which is shared is seen more than the content which is boosted. The more your content is shared, the more you will get viewers on Facebook page.

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6. Interact with your audience

Facebook is a medium through which brands can connect with their customers and prospects. The best way to do so is through interaction. If you interact with your audience, it is likely that they will visit your page and engage with your content frequently. You should reply to the comments they leave on your posts, especially if it is a negative comment.

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7. Create quality videos

Facebook prioritizes videos over any other kind of content. It is no secret that videos get more views, likes, shares and comments. If you create high quality videos that are shareable, you can easily expand your reach and number of followers without spending money. This is because when a video is shared, it attracts new followers. Also, try live videos, when you go live, each of your follower gets a notification and this encourages engagement. Read our blog on 10 DESIGNING METHODOLOGIES FOR CREATIVE CONCEPTUALISATION OF IDEAS to generate strong ideas.

The key to increase organic reach on Facebook is to create posts that are engaging. This is because when your audience engages with your posts, it signals Facebook’s algorithm that they want to see your posts. Thus, your posts end up in their news feeds frequently. By using the above mentioned strategies can help you to broaden organic reach. It may be tricky and time consuming to promote Facebook post for free, but with a little effort, it can be done easily. Go through our another blog on how to INCREASE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER WITH THESE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES to know about some effective social media strategies that will help you get more customer engagement.


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