With over 1 billion people using YouTube and almost 5 billion videos being watched every day, YouTube is an incredible channel for marketing. There is a huge potential audience for every video. But to tap the true potential of YouTube and gain views, you need subscribers. Here are 7 easy yet effective tactics that you can use to increase YouTube subscribers.

You can provide value to your potential customers and even compel them to buy your products or services on YouTube. The possibilities for getting leads and driving traffic from YouTube are vast. Considering the number of active users, using YouTube to leverage your marketing efforts is a good strategy. To use it to the full potential, knowing how to increase YouTube subscribers and how to market YouTube videos is important.


1. Upload quality videos consistently

Users generally subscribe to a channel when they like its videos and want to be notified on new videos. They won’t subscribe or will unsubscribe eventually, if the channel does not post content regularly. Post videos every week or at least 4-5 times a month. When deciding the posting frequency, try posting videos weekly on the same day, around the same time. This will make your subscribers look forward to your video regularly and you can start to market YouTube videos.

Regular posting increases views and viewer engagement. It also means that you post content related to a variety of topics. This creates more opportunities for your channel to be discovered by potential subscribers. Thus, posting frequently is important to increase YouTube subscribers.


2. Use catchy thumbnails

Instead of letting YouTube generate random thumbnails, create custom and catchy thumbnails for your videos. Thumbnails are one of the deciding factors for your video.  Check out what kind of thumbnails, channels in your niche have. Then create a unique thumbnail for your own video, which is related to your content. It will help you to market your YouTube videos.

Using relevant images and titles or annotations can increase your CTR for the videos. This will tell your viewers what the video is about. Using catchy thumbnails increases the chances of people watching your videos. This results in chances of more users subscribing to your channel.


3. Use influencers

Influencers can help you to market YouTube videos, increase your views and the number of subscribers. Influencers have an established audience. They can increase awareness about your channel and brand through their videos. This will ensure more views and an increase in subscribers as well.

There are numerous ways, in which you can find influencers. Websites like FameBit, Bloggers Required, and TapInfluence can help you to get in touch with influencers. Another way is to search on YouTube for topics related to your niche. Check which channels post videos related to your industry. Also keep an eye on how they interact with their subscribers, if they do influencer marketing. You can also reach out to influencers directly. They usually give their email addresses in the descriptions for videos or about us section of their channel.


4. Keyword optimization in video descriptions and tags

You need to optimize the titles and description of the video with keywords. Keyword research will give you ideas about what topics to make content on. Add these keywords in a natural manner into your titles, descriptions and tags. This will increase the discoverability of your videos on YouTube and Google.

In addition, your title should also be catchy. This makes viewers interested and compels them to watch your videos. A small description with keywords placed strategically will increase the chances of your videos to show up in the top results. This will increase views and eventually, will increase YouTube subscribers of your channel.


5. Promote your channel on other platforms

It is important to promote your YouTube channel on other platforms. To increase YouTube subscribers, it is important to be discovered by prospects easily. Share your channel on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. Also read A DETAILED GUIDE TO LEARN BASIC FACEBOOK MARKETING.

Whenever you post a video, market YouTube videos by sharing them on your other social media profiles, your website and your blog. Being visible on other platforms will help you to create an online presence and build awareness about your brand. The more you promote your videos, more the number of subscribers you will get.


6. Use annotations

YouTube provides content creators an option of putting Call To Action annotations. It can get you subscribers, generate leads or compel people to buy something. Most channels use these annotations to market YouTube videos.

You can opt to include CTA annotations throughout your video. If done in an unobtrusive, less annoying way, they can help you to get more subscribers easily.


7. Interact

Interacting with your viewers is important. Connect with your audience and listen to their suggestions. Keep an eye on the comments for any requests about videos on a particular topic. Get them to ask questions to you and reply to their comments.

You might also get negative comments. But you must reply to those viewers who regularly engage with your content and provide a constructive feedback. Make them feel connected. This builds rapport and trust with your viewers.

Implementing strategies to increase YouTube subscribers is hard and time-consuming. But in the end, the results are long-lasting. Create videos that provide value. Keep updating older videos by adding new information, a new twist, or changing the thumbnails. As long as you provide content that your audience is interested in and engage with, you will see a steady rise in your subscribers. Additionally, you can seek help from an advertising agency like ours for professional support.


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