Visual search has been around for sometime now. In the past, search engines used text-based queries to come up with the best matches. Now, search engines, social networks, e-commerce websites, etc. use an image as the query and come up with the results. This post highlights ways to do visual search optimization and tap into the power of images to capture leads and customers.

Visual search is the process of performing a search query with an image instead of text. In visual search, the search engines try to come up with the best match to the request. The whole process is quite complicated and uses a number of algorithms to mimic how human brains identify images. Read our blog 10 DESIGNING METHODOLOGIES FOR CREATIVE CONCEPTUALISATION OF IDEAS to generate strong ideas.

How visual search or reverse image search works?

How visual search or reverse image search works?

When users search an image, the results include similar images, websites that have that image, and other sizes of the image that is used in the query. A user uploads an image or searches using an image URL. The search engine then extracts patterns and unique identifiers that describe the image as unique as possible. It then looks through the index and chooses the closest matches to the identifiers of the image used. Read our blog on HOW TO DO URL OPTIMIZATION FOR HIGHER SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS to make a proper search engine friendly URL.

Impact of visual search on SEO

Impact of visual search on SEO

With visual search, consumers no longer have to remember the name of the product or brand. All they have to do is to snap a picture and use it to do a search. Visual search enhances user experience, narrows down results to what the visitors want, reduces bounce rates, and gives exposure to similar products.

How to do search engine optimization for images?

  • Implement schema markup: In order to do visual search optimization, you need to implement schema markup to get images into similar and related items. Then include name, image, price, currency, availability, and various other details about your product to the markup.
  • Use a sitemap: Search engines take some time for images to be crawled. By submitting an image XML sitemap in the Google search console, you can help bots to crawl images easily.
  • Do a query on Google images: You have to perform a site: domain.cctld query on Google images. If image badges do not crop up, it might mean that schema markup is not correctly implemented. Then check the implementation and see where the issues are.

Visual search optimization must be done by keeping in mind the other opportunities. It can be performed on apps and social networks, and can drive social engagement and conversions. Visual search reduces the number of steps a consumer has to take from content to conversion. To outshine competitors, you ought to lay the foundation of visual search optimization which will give you an edge over others. You can read our blog on MOST IMPORTANT AND EFFECTIVE ON PAGE SEO TECHNIQUES FOR SPECIALISTS in order to get the maximum benefits of visual search engine optimization


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