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Uniqueness and creativity render a competitive edge to the business. Creativity is essential in all walks of life to stand out in the crowd. Every business demands creativity and uniqueness in its operations. Interlinking marketing with creativity is essential for productive implementation of marketing. This article proposes simple ways to do creative marketing.

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Creative marketing refers to undertaking the process of marketing with a creative approach. It involves presenting the products in front of the customers in creative ways. There are various creative marketing techniques applied around us today. Following are some effective ways to do creative marketing:

Put on creative posters locally

1. Put on creative posters locally

The objective of a poster is to grab attention of the target market. The key behind a good creative poster is its main visual. The poster’s visual must be developed according to the target audience and what they are looking for. Any space in the paper must be used creatively to draw the attention of people. Moreover, the text in the poster should provide an easy readability. The poster must readily convey its purpose and persuade the customers to make the purchase. This is one of the most effectual ways to do creative marketing.

Use surroundings to grab attention- graffiti

2. Use surroundings to grab attention: graffiti

Graffiti is one of the useful creative marketing techniques. You can use the concept of clean graffiti to spread the word about your product. It is an innovative way to grab the attention of a passerby. You should use the walls as a canvas and paint your product’s information in an expressive manner. E.g. the key to successful marketing by a San Francisco based organisation- Moose was clean graffiti. It is one of the inexpensive ways to do creative marketing for gaining publicity.

.Develop creative responses to customers

3. Organize contests to gain enthusiasm and efforts from people

Organize contests to invoke enthusiasm among the target audience. You should keep attractive prizes for the target customers. The prizes will make the target audience excited to participate in the contests. A successful contest will set a prize which is relevant for your target audience. You must develop a proper promotional plan to spread the word about about your contest. The main motive of a contest is to attract the customers who wish to buy your product. This will invoke interest for your product in the target customers.

Develop creative responses to customers

4. Develop creative responses to customers

You should work on developing creative responses to the customer queries. Customers never expect a negative response to their queries. Therefore, you must respond in a positive manner to the customers by incorporating an affirmative approach. In case, you have to inform the customer about his query with a negative solution, you must issue a sincere apology beforehand. You should tackle the customer queries in a calm and composed manner. You should emphasize on your brand’s reputation throughout your conversations with customers.

Take over social media to represent creativity

5. Take over social media to represent creativity

Social media platforms can be used to represent creativity in communicating the products to the customers. Using of social media has always proven to be significant among various creative marketing techniques. Design and visual arts posts are the most highly viewed on social media. They have been linked to a higher engagement by the social media users. E.g. Pinterest has marked success in the process of marketing via creative images and videos. It can be further used to find more ideas and inspiration for new projects.

Creativity is looked for in every dimension of today’s world. Moreover, there are plenty of creative marketing techniques that one can adopt. The above article lays down the points to invoke creativity in marketing. You must aim at developing a creative approach while undertaking the process of marketing.


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