The effectiveness of a blog marketing strategy depends upon a number of factors. The content, the design of the blog, promotional efforts and technical details are some of the major things that affect the success of your blog marketing efforts. This blog lists some tips and changes that you can implement to get more website traffic and get the most out of your blog marketing strategy.

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Blog marketing is the process of promoting a brand or business through the use of blogs. Marketers try to reach out to their target market and establish their online presence using blogs as a medium of communication. There are many benefits of blog marketing. You can connect with your target market and improve SERP rankings. Blog marketing is an effective way to get traffic to the website. Even though it is time-consuming, it helps you to gain credibility and trust of your customers. 

Here are a few steps you can follow to increase your website traffic:

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1. Determine your audience

One of the major reasons for blogging is to connect with prospects and turn them into customers. To make sure that the strategy succeeds, it is important to define a target audience. By knowing who you will target, it becomes easier to produce relevant content that provides value to them. This will increase blog visitors, enhance engagement rate, and finally lead to more conversions.

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2. Set goals

Before creating a blog marketing strategy, decide what you want to achieve by creating a blog. If you establish a particular goal or goals, your efforts will be more effective. Know your goals, whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost sales, etc.

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3. Decide the kind of content to be published

Determine the kind of content you want to post in your blogs. Instead of posting just blogs, experiment with new content types. The most popular types of content are infographics, videos, reviews, how-to posts, checklists, interviews, case studies and ebooks. If you have been writing blog posts for a while, you can create infographics for some of your top posts.


4. Use CTAs

Adding Call To Action buttons in your blogs is important. CTAs encourage contact, improve shareability and get people to subscribe to your content. This broadens your reach, helps you to get traffic to the website and increases your mail list. CTAs can be pop up CTAs, bottom of the post-CTAs, share or connect on social media buttons, sidebar CTAs, etc.

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5. Optimize your content

It is crucial for blog marketing to optimize your content for search engine optimization. Optimizing your content makes it more discoverable and helps to increase blog visitors. To optimize your content, add keywords in the title and ensure that keywords are used naturally. Avoid keyword stuffing as it will lead to your content being deindexed from the search engines.

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6. Use social media sites to promote

Share links or teasers of your blog post on social media. Sharing your content on social media makes it visible to your followers. Share your posts on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook groups, tweet links, etc. to get traffic to the website. By using Facebook’s ‘boost post’ option, you can target locations and specific sets of users to get your content to be seen by a relevant audience. Paid promotion on social media is a fast and effective way to increase blog visitors. You may refer to this guide on TIPS FOR CREATING THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOUTUBE ADS to create ads on YouTube. But, most preferably, every big business likes to hire an advertising agency to make ads.

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7. Take advantage of blog marketing tools like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, Google analytics etc.

Use BuzzSumo to get ideas and topics for content. You can easily find out popular topics relevant to your niche using BuzzSumo. By using analytics tools, you can get reports on which type of content get the most traffic. You can also analyse visitor behavior and use the statistics to make changes to your blog marketing strategy. Our blog on LEARNING THE ABC OF MARKETING THROUGH MARKETING ARTICLES OF THE UNI SQUARE BLOG will help you to learn professional marketing online.

The success of your blog marketing strategy depends on your understanding of the target audience and creating content that is both interesting and engaging. The above mentioned tips will help you get more benefits from your strategy and will surely increase blog visitors. It does take time for the results of blog marketing to show, but if you follow the steps and use blog marketing tools to help you, it will become much easier. For inspiration, check another blog written by us on 5 TOP FOOD MARKETING BLOGS/ CHANNELS IN INDIA.


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