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As a business owner, you should keep track of all the mistakes that advertising websites tend to make. These common mistakes made by ad agencies can hamper the growth of your company in a big way. It is within your power as an entrepreneur to stop them. Therefore, in order to know the top 5 big errors in website promotion campaigns, keep reading.

Advertising websites mainly rely on Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which is a form of digital marketing where business pay a fee whenever one of their ads gets clicked. PPC has grown over the years and has given rise to big errors in website promotion campaigns. However, it still remains a good way of promoting a brand, product or service, and is crucial for new company websites to attract organic traffic. To know about the PPC-associated  common mistakes made by ad agencies, take a look below:

Research properly

1. Not targeting the right audience

One of the most common advertising website mistakes is not setting up your target audience. As a result, junk traffic would appear on your website. This is one of the consequences of ill-timed ads. Your digital agency should take time to survey the audience before setting up the ads. 

Cost to Results Ratio (ROI)

2. Never-ending Campaigns

Another common mistake made by ad agencies in advertising websites is that their campaigns run too long. Marketing strategies should always be subject to evolution and innovation. Additionally, it is much easier to generate traffic with short-term campaigns by changing the message and the contents of your adverts according to your metrics.

Keyword Optimization

3. Keyword-Stuffing

Many digital agencies make a big error in website promotion campaigns of stuffing keywords into their work, expecting that it would make their ads gain extra visibility on search engines. This is not the correct way of including keywords while advertising websites. According to the recent Google updates, it is easy for Google to blacklist such websites. If the websites are not blacklisted, they are pushed down to the bottom of the search results so that the users do not find them. Read our blog on SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY TITLE TAGS: IMPORTANCE AND TIPS TO CREATE THEM.

1.Simple satisfaction through aesthetics

4. Not Including Product Images

This one of most common advertising website mistakes. This is a very important step of PPC ads as well. Advertisements can be very powerful if they manage to tweak the visual senses. People would be more compelled to buy the product. It creates a sense of urgency. After all, seeing is believing. You should be well aware about the IMPORTANCE OF CREATING GRAPHICS  because it can drive traffic to your website.

Go through this blog before looking at the list of advertising agencies Budget and prices should match

5. Not doing financial calculations on each click

One of the common mistakes made by ad agencies is not doing the financial math before putting up adverts. While doing this math, you need to factor in your campaign type, the cost of your keywords and the success of your keywords. In Google Adwords ad campaigns, you should set a maximum cost-per-click bid. It should be the highest amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. You should have the knowledge of  HOW TO DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH ON GOOGLE ADS (ADWORDS) USING KEYWORD PLANNER FOR SEO BASED CONTENT.

When it comes to advertising websites, it is your job to spot these top mistakes. Take time to convey your insight to your digital agency. The fate of your business depends on you figuring out these common mistakes made by ad agencies. If you do not find any of these warning signs in your digital marketing company techniques, ensure that they remain that way. Read another blog written by us on A FEW WAYS YOUR DIGITAL AD AGENCY MIGHT BE MAKING BLUNDERS, to overcome the loopholes in your digital strategy.


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