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Are you curious to know the role of a media buying agency in advertising? In order to know that, you must delve into the question: what is media buying and how is it done? Media buying agencies have become an integral part of the advertising business. To know more about media and the media buying agency functions, keep reading. 

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In today’s world, media channels have multiplied and are ever-evolving. Gone are the days when media buying was simpler in structure and resources. Today, the foremost media buying agency functions involve keeping up with the ever-revolving world of media. They have to stay in tune with the technology that revamps our processes, procedures and thinking. We have made a list of all the things associated with the role of a media buying agency in advertising. 

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What is media? 

Usually, when we think about media, we are considering the latest tech platforms or marketing dashboards. When considering the role and functions of a media buying agency in advertising, technology can be in in the form of hardware, software, and integrated systems that aggregates data. This technology is used to get in touch with the customers. 

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The role of a media buying agency in advertising

The media buying agency’s functions are a collaboration of investment planning, communication, maintenance, consultancy, technology provider/ facilitator and content publishing. Technology can be a big part of how media agencies bring about change and plays a key role. It includes:

1. Having a clear vision

When it comes to the question of what media buying is and how it is done, you need to have a clear vision of what your technology can do. What is the income audit for the media agency of the future? What roles lay in the agency? Its fundamental strength should lie in strategy and client servicing. To know more about client servicing, read our blog SKILLS REQUIRED FOR EFFECTIVE CLIENT MANAGEMENT

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2. Using Tech Tools

Technological tools are a part on what media buying agency functions on. It should be focused on improving internal efficiency and campaign effectiveness. The latest tools should be used for media buying and trading. These technologies are evolving with every hour. It has given rise to demand side platforms (DSPs) which help advertisers to purchase digital inventory through an online ad exchange will.

3. Automation

When it comes to the question of what is media buying and how is it done, tool usage should include automation of media buying. It saves time greatly. It is not wise to not use these tools based on favorable cost benefit analysis. The amount of volume of data and tasks involved in a campaign or promotion weigh heavy and technology is here to help. It usually involves collecting, managing and analyzing consumer data, and serves as another media buying agency function.

4. Strategy

The most important media buying agency function includes strategizing and planning. It involves delving into research about the client’s target audience in an extremely detailed level. It involves identifying and researching for the best market for product promotions. However, a general  step to understand your target market is by focusing on communication and observation. Decisions on the budget and time frame is also crucial to this aspect. 

2.Use suitable typography

5. Creative

When it comes to the question of what is media buying and how it is done, it is important to know that media buying agencies prioritize media buying while ad agencies prioritize creative functions. Creativity is however valued when it comes to devising media plans.  

In order to know media buying agency functions, one of the challenges is to find a way to equate the management of media channels evolution. This is done in order to have a positive impact on the business and lead to digital success. Non-using of technology can be a hurdle in media planning and buying operations work in order to create a better communication network. Therefore, without proper technological help, media management is a distant dream. For other related topics, check DESIGN THINKING TOOLS: TRANSFORMING CREATIVITY INTO PRODUCTIVITY in order to convert your creativity into productivity.


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