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For any business today, the ability to gain the attention of the audience is the primary target point to enhance overall engagement. Through third party management credibility and important PR gimmicks, most advertisers today rely on essential media software to make sure that they do not miss out on opportunities. While deciding the tools that one should invest in, advertisers often face difficulties in understanding and identifying the returns that they might get by investing into certain tools. Therefore, to help marketers understand the tools for PR management, let us understand the out and about of public relations management tools. 

PR management involves increasing brand visibility and image in the market through regular monitoring of campaigns, online brand performance, brand campaign engagement, etc. With the introduction of changes in the public relations industry, bloggers and influencers are gaining more importance. Even the journalists are moving to work on online mediums. Therefore, the need for efficient PR management tools is on the rise. Let us take a look at some of the most popular and widely used public relations management tools.

1. Prowly

Prowly is one of the most popular public relations management tools as it allows people to organize and publish earned media opportunities including audience pitches and brand journals. By building a newsroom using the later feature, brands can even distribute and track the content that they post. 

  • Application: By helping discover contacts related to keywords, email networks, etc. the tool helps users to maintain efficiency in media distribution. With in-house media opportunities and influencer information, people can use the app as a centralized hub for better media visibility and outreach.
  • Ease of Use: Through different social media features, the tool helps users to use automation features for responding to media queries easily. The tool also works for search engine optimization features for measuring full campaign impacts as well as individual media opportunities.
  • Key Feature: Designed keeping PR agencies in mind, this tool works to provide personalized pitching and emailing features in an affordable manner. By helping find relevant journalists, creating appealing press releases and sending targeted pitches in one frame, this tool seeks to bring in all PR features under a single umbrella.
  • Pricing: The tool offers a free version. The paid version starts at $115 per month. 

2. Muck Rack 

Muck Rack aims at providing users with the best of the PR world by helping them in finding relevant journalists, collaborating as a team, creating pitches and analyzing the quantified aspect of the impact created through it’s well developed software.

  • Application: By taking its communication system to another level, it helps personalize all communication by informing the user when their brand gets written about online. Besides helping you keep track of your campaigns, it also helps in monitoring campaign success by automatically updating portfolios.
  • Ease of Use: Through a powerful and easy to use software, MuckRack, as one of the top public relations management tools, helps you to turn your PR campaign into professional, appealing and easily readable reports. By building quality media lists, it helps to keep users up-to-date about the topics they find relevant.
  • Key Feature: MuckRack provides excellent customer service to help users discover journalists and build long term relationships with them, discover new PR opportunities, build and manage reports and track your company when in the news.
  • Pricing: The tool offers a free 30 day trial and paid plans start at $99 per month and go upto $499 per month as per the plan chosen. 

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3. Mention

Mention helps users to manage social media accounts using the tool dashboard to monitor sources and sites that mention the company anywhere. Through mobile and desktop notifications, the tool keeps users updated about brand mentions regularly. 

  • Application: The tool is one of the most popular public relations management tools that allows users to use their social media accounts to respond to PR queries and undertake completion of tasks through the dashboard. By monitoring real time competitor stats on traditional and social media, the tool helps companies to identify and tackle any PR crisis that is to occur.
  • Ease of Use: By helping users create detailed analytic reports, it helps brands to schedule posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The group mention feature helps customers to keep the feed as alert and clean as possible. It gathers similar messages without duplicating content in any form.
  • Key Feature: The dashboard feature allows users to share reports with teams as well as clients to make reporting less time consuming and more informative.
  • Pricing: The tool offers a free plan and three paid plans- Solo, Pro and Enterprise, starting at $25 per month. 

4. Prezly

Prezly is one of the top public relations management tools as it helps users to manage PR campaigns without the need for using any third party campaigns. You can create professional press releases in minutes using this platform and can also reach out to journalists directly by using the direct features of the tool. 

  • Application: Besides allowing users to create their own online newsrooms, the tool helps users to send email pitches directly, create content and learn more about earned media opportunities. To facilitate better contact management, the application works to regularly update mails that go out of date.
  • Ease of Use: Being the ultimate team collaboration tool, it helps users to keep track of their campaign engagement while giving a comprehensive review of it on a regular basis. From mass announcements to target audience specific pitches, the tool makes email pitches safe while ensuring that they don’t end up in spam.
  • Key Feature: The tool serves an all in one solution to all PR problems. From building better relationships, interacting with customers, making personalized pitches to publishing appealing press content, this tool can help users with everything.
  • Pricing: The plan offers 3 paid plans- Professional, Expert and Enterprise, starting from $270 per month billed annually. 

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5. Cision

Cision is one of the most well known public relations management tools available. With a database of more than a million journalists, influencers and editorials, this tool provides several analysis and tracking features to help advertisers run amplified campaigns for overall visibility. 

  • Application: Through personalized emails and custom curated content, this platform helps advertisers to cater to the needs of their audience in the right manner. From reaching out to influencers and journalists to tracking overall campaign performance, this tool does it all.
  • Ease of Use: Through a multi-channel reach and distribution option, Cision allows users to build long term relationships and leverage editorial opportunities for planned industry and topical coverage. To give pitching an interesting approach, the platform provides advertisers with informative quotes, biographical information, pitching tips, etc. to make the process more relevant.
  • Key Feature: With regular audience insights on demography and geography, Cision allows users to improve impact and relevancy by taking better advantage of online PR techniques and compelling multimedia tools.
  • Pricing: The tool offers different pricing plans as per advertiser needs and overall budget. The price can be requested on their website. 

By incorporating these public relations management tools in your PR management tactics, you can not only build effective long term relationships with influencers and journalists, but can also increase overall brand visibility in a shorter span of time. By taking advantage of this boon of the digital age, advertisers can channelize their advertising tactics in the right direction.


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