The most important step in any content marketing strategy is Content Promotion. Until and unless you do not promote the content you publish online, chances are no one is going to see it, especially when you have just started to build an audience. Creating quality content is definitely a crucial part, but promotion forms a bigger part in content marketing. This blog highlights five easy Content Promotion strategies that you can use to attract visitors to your website.

Content promotion is the process of promoting and sharing content via paid and organic channels of promotion. It can be effectively done through digital marketing tactics. To make sure that your content is read by a large number of people, it is important to know how to promote content online. This essential step for content marketing is where many organizations fail at. It is important to know that you have to spend more time in promoting your content than you did in writing it.

How to promote content online? Here are five ways you can use to promote your content and increase website traffic:

1. Share your content on social media

Sharing links to your content on various social media platforms makes it visible to your followers there. Posting links to your content on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook groups, Twitter, etc boost your click through rates. Using Facebook’s ‘boost post’ option and opting for good targeting options is sure to boost the reach of your content. You can easily target locations and specific set of users on social media to get your content across. Paid promotion on social media is a fast and effective way to get traffic. Read more about social media marketing through Facebook, in our blog: 5 UNKNOWN WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN DO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING THROUGH FACEBOOK.

2. Get influencers to share content

Try influencer marketing to promote your content. It is no secret that influencers have a dedicated follower base, pairing up with an influencer means that you get access to an audience you might not be able to target otherwise. If you reach out to an influencer and they share your content, you are then able to get an exposure to their audience.

Identify the major influencers and mail them before or after writing your content. They might take an interest in your content and agree to share it. Mentioning an influencer in your content also works as they might share your content. It is a good option to tap into the potential of influencers, as a lot of people feel that content promoted by influencers is credible.

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3. Send your content to email list

It is very important for every business to know how to promote content online. Before you send out your content to your email list, it is important to build one. This is because an email list is one of the sources of content promotion that you will turn to, every time you post your content. A lot of popular blogs get thousands of views on their content just because they have a large email list. Read in detail about E-Mail marketing Vs. SMS marketing, in our blog: EMAIL MARKETING VS SMS MARKETING: WHICH IS BETTER FOR YOUR ORGANISATION.

To build your email list you can use CTAs to get leads to subscribe to you. Partner with influencers, publishers, and similar blogs to share email lists, run giveaways, etc. As you grow your email list and share your new content to them, you will definitely get more traffic on your blog.

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4. Submit the post to a community relevant to your content

There are a lot of online communities that allow you to post your content on their websites. It is a good idea to do this because such websites have an already established audience. Though, the competition is high, if your content is interesting, relevant, and unique then you are sure to see a spike in web traffic. Joining forums is another way to reach out to people who will be interested in reading your content. Also read about how to choose suitable topics for web content writing, in our blog: STEPS TO CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE TOPIC FOR WEB CONTENT WRITING.

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5. Paid ads and re-marketing

Paid promotion of your content can be done in a variety of ways like paid search, paid ads on social media, content distribution networks, etc. These paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter will help you target a specified audience whose interests match with the content you post. You can even use SEM techniques to promote your content.

Re-marketing is another effective way for content promotion. Like SEM, it is mainly used while promotion of products. But, you can still use it to reach out to an audience which is more likely to read your content.

As much as it is important to write quality content, knowing how to promote content online is as important. Once you have promoted your content, the next step is to analyse results and focus on the strategies that work best for you. Refine those strategies that work to get the best results and drop the ones that do not work for you. Experimenting is the key to discover a mix that works for you.


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