In today’s world businesses need to be quick and strategic to make sure their brand is visible. There has been a debate since the rise of digital PR, about which works better. The answer depends from brand to brand. For some, the traditional method works better, while for others digital PR seems to do the trick. Sometimes, it is a mix of the two that brings out the best results. This blog highlights the Online PR techniques and also talks about how online and traditional PR are different.

Public relations is the process of communicating a positive brand image that builds beneficial relationships between the company and the public. Online PR techniques are similar to traditional PR techniques in their goals, both are aimed at communicating a positive brand image. The differences between the two lie in the audience and the channels that are used.

A popular PR tool is press release. Press releases are targeted towards the media and communicate about events that have happened or will be happening in the future. Press releases are an important PR tool as they can be used in both online and offline PR strategies.


There are various online PR websites available online that allow corporates to circulate information and gain coverage in both traditional and digital media. A few websites to publish press release online are listed below:

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

1. PR log

PRLog is a website that offers free press release distribution for all kinds of businesses. It posts the release on a web page or in a PDF format. They spread information to the public through search engines and RSS feeds.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

2. PR Newswire

PR Newswire allows the businesses to publish press releases online and enables marketers to engage with the audience. The distribution of the press release is done to target the right audience. PR Newswire provides targeting, measurement and monitoring tools that help in achieving better results.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

3. PRweb

Press releases by PRweb appear in the major search engines. It increases visibility and allows brands to distribute news directly to the audience.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

4. Newswire

Newswire offers marketers to publish press release online in the form of text and multimedia. A press release submitted to Newswire facilitates distribution of a message to thousands of people, through news and media outlets. Hence, this provides a wider audience base to the corporates for better communication.


The following three techniques will tell you how to build good public relations with your public. These are the most common ways, a public relations officer can use to build PR online.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

1. Attract more visitors through Online PR techniques

Attracting visitors is one of the common online PR techniques. The number of visitors on your website results in more conversions, which signal both the search engines and the people that you are a credible company. Additionally, apart from the PR websites, the press release can also be promoted through Facebook Marketing and other social platforms, blogs, RSS feeds, etc.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

2.  Better customer engagement through Online PR techniques

Engagement with customers builds beneficial relationships for both the company and the customers. Companies gain brand loyalty when they understand the target market better. Corporates can build an engaging relationship with their customers through websites, surveys, polls, online forms, emails, etc.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

3. Create a buzz about campaigns through Online PR techniques

Whether it is a product launch or an announcement, it is important to create a buzz so that people generate interest in your brand. The interest of the media and audience can be piqued through social media campaigns, web editorials, influencers, publishing press release online, etc.

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Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

1. Measures to reach the audience: Online PR Technique v/s Traditional PR Techniques

Online PR reaches out to bloggers, influencers, top websites, online experts, etc. It aims to spread a positive image among the top players in your niche. Therefore, presentation skills matter a lot to win the hearts of your target group. Whereas, traditional PR methods target only on news and media outlets.

Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

2. Means to share messages: Online PR Techniques v/s Traditional PR Techniques

Through online PR, you can share your messages via blogs, articles, RSS feeds, infographics, social media marketing, etc. On the other hand, in traditional PR you can share your messages only via press releases and conferences, which solely aim at influencing media outlets to create a positive image.

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Online PR techniques vs Traditional PR method

3. Communication channels used: Online PR Techniques v/s Traditional PR Techniques

Press, radio and television are the channels of information distribution in traditional PR. In online PR, information is disseminated via blogs, digital publications, and social media.

Determining if online or traditional PR works better for a business is not easy. Finding out which might work better also depends on a company’s goals and objectives. It all depends on the audience and how the company’s messages will be more visible. It is a good idea to implement online PR techniques to complement the already existing PR strategy, as it helps spread the message wider.

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