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In the present time, all the technical companies aim to build good customer relationships. They work upon improving the services provided by them. In simple words, the key to their success lies within the customer’s happiness. Therefore, the IT industry primarily focuses upon ‘relationship marketing’ over the conventional forms of marketing. This article caters to the significance and ways of doing relationship marketing in the IT industry.

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What is relationship marketing? Relationship marketing is defined as a form of marketing which focuses on building customer loyalty. It aims to retain all the customers by establishing customer loyalty. Though it is one of the 10 SUCCESSFUL MARKETING TACTICS THAT WORK FOR EVERY INDUSTRY, relationship marketing in the IT industry has attracted a lot of importance over time. Following are the points for understanding the concept behind ‘what is relationship marketing’ and ways of doing ‘relationship marketing in IT industry’.

Use feedback, Significance and ways of doing relationship marketing in the IT industry

Feedback: Primary piece of marketing in IT Industry

Feedback is a primary element of relationship marketing in the IT industry. It lets you know the status of your product in the market. You get aware of the shortcomings and positives of your product. For example, if a customer is having a network problem, you can get to know about the same using his feedback. Once you’re made aware of his/ her problem, you take the desired action. Analyzing feedback and taking the appropriate action is an important pointer under ‘how to do marketing for IT industry?’.

Form a speedy feedback channel. Keep the customer informed in respect of what is being done about his/ her problem. So, feedback are a must to be incorporated, in order to establish customer loyalty.

Loyal customers become promoters, Significance and ways of doing relationship marketing in the IT industry

Loyal customers become promoters

Word of mouth is gaining importance in the marketing world. We tend to believe what we hear. Customer loyalty can be a source of promotion for your business. Loyal customers give good reviews about your products. Alongside, they can recommend your product/ service to their friends and family.

In simple words, you can use their networks to generate business opportunities. The chances of recommendations turning into sales are also very high. This is mainly because people talk to others before taking a particular decision. Therefore, customer loyalty is of vital importance in ‘relationship marketing in the IT industry’.

Give highest priority to customer satisfaction, Significance and ways of doing relationship marketing in the IT industry

Giving highest priority to customer satisfaction

The successful approach of ‘how to do marketing for IT industry’, is through customer satisfaction. Only when the customers are satisfied, they will continue using your product. For example, if you’re a Vodafone user and you are getting better offers and a good network in Reliance, you will obviously reconsider.

Customer satisfaction plays the key role in retaining the customers for a business. By forming better relationships with the customers, you can pursue their satisfaction. Give a personalized touch to your conversations with the customers. Personalized conversations make the customer feel exclusive. Such things add up to the customer’s satisfaction level. Therefore, prioritizing customer satisfaction is essential in relationship marketing in the IT industry.

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Do relationship marketing in IT Industry with attractive incentives to the customers

Incentives are a good way to retain customers. Prepare a list of offers and incentives for the customers. For example, offer them free calls or messages after they use your product for a specific period of time. Such incentives will make the customer choose your product over the competitor’s product. Further, it will also develop a good relationship with the customers. It is also one of the 6 BEST MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR DEPARTMENTAL STORES. Undoubtedly, incentives can do wonders for any industry/ market to retain their customers. Thus, offering incentives and attractive offers to the customers must be incorporated in your strategy of relationship marketing in the IT industry.

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Work upon to form long term customer relationships

When you get a customer, think of ways by which you can retain him. Focus on building a long term relationship with the customer. For this purpose, put in all the above points together. Take their feedback and transform it into action. Let the customer know his relevance for your business. Enter into a formal level of personalized conversations with the customers. Make the customer feel exclusive and offer him a better product in comparison to your competitor’s product. All of this will enable you to form a long term relationship with the customers. Check our next blog on A GUIDE WITH EXAMPLES FOR NETWORK MARKETING to know how this form of marketing has been smartly implemented by some of the popular companies all time.

All the above points offer an effectual approach to the concept of ‘how to do marketing in IT industry’. Incorporate all the above points in your strategy of relationship marketing in the IT industry. Put them into practice in a well planned and systematic manner. The crux of this article revolves around achieving an optimal level of customer satisfaction.


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