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Marketing professionals and experts understand that videos have become a dominant player in the marketing world. It does not show any indication that it will slow down, either. More and more new and improved video marketing trends are emerging in the new year, and your business needs to get a leg up on the competition by implementing these strategies as soon as possible. This article provides effective video marketing strategies to expand your ad reach and grow online.

Your marketing team most likely has to evaluate many factors when deciding their remarketing approach, including content. Though blogs and posted pictures are influential, video is a much more effective method of reaching your audience since it conveys emotions and values to create more engagement. And, while you may have used video marketing strategies to expand ad reach in your previous marketing efforts, there are new and innovative techniques which you can apply today. In 2020 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption. Customers want to see more videos from brands and businesses, and it is clear that the videos are making an impact. If your company is planning to launch a new product or just trying to drive more traffic to your websites and landing pages, and you have not done much with your video marketing, then you are missing out. You might also be interested in knowing HOW TO CREATE VIDEO ADS THAT WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Focus on your videos, because they are an integral tool in your marketing strategies and will help you achieve your business goals and expand reach. So, what video remarketing strategies are the best? Ultimately, the determination will be up to your organization, but here are some of the most prominent, new, and trending strategies that you can implement in your business for this year and beyond.

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1. SEO Optimization

One of the first decisions your marketers need to establish within their strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizing your video is critical to ensure that it will show up as high as possible in search results. And, it takes much more than just inserting keywords within the title and description of your videos. For instance, YouTube has rankings associated with videos’ shares, views, and likes. Therefore, your marketing team should strategically choose keywords and phrases and place them correctly for optimization. Keep in mind that video SEO helps discover your video, but on platforms like YouTube, it becomes difficult to find again if it doesn’t receive enough watch time in the first few weeks or so. To know more about how to be successful on YouTube, read our blog TECHNIQUES THAT DEFINE SUCCESS OF A VIDEO MARKETING CAMPAIGN ON YOUTUBE.

To optimize your SEO efforts in keeping your video marketing strategy a step ahead of your competitors, investing in a good digital media partner would help you take an early lead. Digital media partners help you plan and execute advertising campaigns and manage media ad strategies, leading to boosting your overall SEO success. Adding to the analytical advantage of digital media partners, Pathlabs Marketing shares that the average CTR for videos in apps is almost 7.5 times higher than the regular display ads. The same goes for Facebook ads having higher CTR than the image ads, driving more clicks for their clients-by almost 20-30% of more click rates on video ads. That’s where your digital media partner can help you understand the data, analyze and assist you by promoting suitable advertising campaigns directed through video marketing. 

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2. Interactive Video

Your brand can enhance user engagement and expand reach by utilizing interactive video within your video marketing strategy to expand ad reach. Interactive video is excellent for consumers because it gives them an option to make selections and choose things as they are watching. 

A popular type of interactive video is known as a branch video, where the choices made by the person watching will change the outcome of the content provided. There are many ways to make videos interactive for users, such as adding a form to collect an email or using a chatbox. 360-degree videos are also a way to market using a virtual reality experience, which gives the audience a more “inside” look at something.


3. Short-Form Video

Your organization’s remarketing efforts should establish your videos in bite-sized snippets. Most people are far too busy with their lives to pay attention for more than a few minutes at a time, so your videos need to reflect that-keep them clear and concise. Ensure that the busy consumer watches your videos by slapping them with attention-grabbing, short-form content. It can be challenging to condense a lot of content into a shortened video.

TikTok is an excellent example since it has become one of the most popular social media platforms as of late; it is based exclusively on only short-form video. In addition, your brand can generate entertaining and exciting content that has the potential to go viral. Instagram also has a “Reels” function that is very similar. Your marketing team should look over their content and pick out pieces that can help to make a cohesive twenty or thirty-second video. The presentation should include a way to portray your business mission or message so that anyone who watches can be sure to understand precisely what your organization is about and what they offer.

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4. Social Media Video Ads

Your organization’s advertising needs to include utilizing a social media platform (or two) for ad campaigns. This is because so many people use these channels like Facebook, Instagram etc. In addition, investing in these paid ads encourage users to follow brands and discover new products. 

Your remarketing strategy should incorporate assessment and analysis on your ideal consumers to discover which social media platforms are being used by your audience to put your focus on advertisements for those channels. Failing to understand your target audience will impact your video’s performance. Your ads can include a variety of video tactics, and your marketing groups can get creative with the formatting. Organic and paid ads together create a good mix to ensure you are widening your visibility and reach.

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5. Revisit your Video Marketing Strategies

Once you have an established baseline for creating videos and what forms or platforms you will utilize, ensure that you have the tools to analyze their performance. The marketing team should experiment with different video strategies to expand ad reach and discover what is working and what isn’t. Remember to keep your customers at focus of all your video content. The consumer will provide you with feedback, and they can help your team design customized and specialized video content that captures what they want more accurately. Collect as much data as you can to service your customers and meet their needs.

Video remarketing is an essential tool for businesses in today’s digital age. Utilizing video in your marketing more, if you have not before, will have a profound impact on expanding your reach. Understanding market trends and video trends will help your team to create excellent video content for your audience. Don’t be afraid to explore different variations of marketing campaigns, analyze your results, and continuously work to engage your audience. 


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