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A successful business owes its victory to its approach towards the marketing process. In today’s world, there are several ways of marketing the products to the consumers. One of the most common ways used today is affiliate marketing. This article presents a guide to ‘how to do affiliate marketing’.

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Let us understand what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is defined as the process of marketing in which commission is earned on promotion of other’s products. It is one of the oldest means of marketing. In simple words, for every sale you do, a specific portion of profit comes in your pocket. Following is the process to make money by affiliate marketing:

Best ecommerce platforms

1. Choose an appropriate product

The very basic point behind ‘how to do affiliate marketing’ in a successful manner is choosing the right product. You should be familiar with the product you opt for. This will ensure that you have a basic idea as to how that product is sold in the market. Moreover, try using the product beforehand as this will put you in the customer’s place. It will give you an abstract idea about the product’s benefits and its uses. Once you are thoroughly aware of everything related to the product, you will be in a better position to promote it. One can earn money by affiliate marketing which is dependent upon the commission earned. The more convenient it is to sell the product, the easier it would be to earn commission on that.

conduct affiliate marketing over internet using blogs and websites

2. Conduct affiliate marketing over internet

You can conduct affiliate marketing over internet by using blogs and websites. The basic concept behind affiliate marketing over internet is to promote products using catchy content. For example, if you have to promote a product on amazon, then you must develop good quality and relevant content to grab the reader’s attention. Therefore, affiliate marketing over internet involves converting the leads into sales by publishing good quality promotional content.

Collaborating with other affiliates in the market will help to increase network

3. Form link ups with websites which provide affiliate marketing

Collaborating with other affiliates in the market will help you to increase your network. This is an easy and cost effective method to promote your product. For example, you can collaborate with amazon and promote amazon’s products. So, for every click on the link (followed by a sale) directing to amazon, you will earn a specific amount of commission. You should look for such affiliate program opportunities in order to make money by affiliate marketing in an easy way.

right market for your product should be identified

4. Target the right niche

The right market for your product should be identified. The market segment where your product is highly demanded should be taken up. For this purpose, a complete demographic analysis needs to be undertaken. A thorough understanding of the buyer’s mindset is required. This will enhance your clarity in respect to how they view your product. In order to make money by affiliate marketing in an easy way, you should look for the convenient areas in the market. Convenient areas are those areas where not much efforts are required to complete a sale and the product is highly demanded. This is a simple approach to ‘how to do affiliate marketing’. Further, it will enable you to earn commission in an easy manner.

promotional techniques used in affiliate marketing

5. Use a variety of promotional techniques

There are numerous promotional techniques available today, digital marketing being one them. It renders various ways to get in touch with the target market. Following are the three most commonly used digital marketing platforms:

  • One of the most commonly used promotional tools in affiliate marketing is PPC advertising. PPC advertising is the Pay Per Click advertising. It is referred to as the paid technique which involves driving of traffic to your website via links on other web pages. For every click, the advertiser earns a specific amount. However, this isn’t a very effective promotional tool since a very low percentage of sales is generated.
  • You can use various low cost marketing tools to promote your product. For example, MailChimp can be used to send regular newsletters to a particular email base.
  • Last but not the least, maintain an active social presence. This will not only enable you to reach out to many but also build your credibility. Making people aware of your product via social media platforms is a cost effective way to generate leads.

 make money by affiliate marketing is by forming a chain of customers

6. Retain your customers

Affiliate marketing is all about earning commission on sales. One easy method to make money by affiliate marketing is by forming a chain of customers. You should work on getting repeat purchases from the customers and form a wide customer base. In order to get the same customers again and again, you must offer them something substantial which makes them come back. For example, discounts on purchase. Therefore, you should focus on retaining your customers by offering them what they are looking for, coupled with incentives.

The above points explain how one can undertake affiliate marketing in a tactical manner. You should start from the very basic, ie. understanding ‘what is affiliate marketing’.The above points serve a basic understanding of ‘how to do affiliate marketing’ which is required to make money by affiliate marketing in an easy and simplified manner.


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