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A brand is something that distinguishes your company from the rest. It is a symbol that conveys your organisation’s purpose to the customers. Branding as a marketing strategy is significant as it builds an imprint in the buyer’s mind for your company. This article proposes different brand marketing strategies for different businesses.

A brand marketing strategy is used to convey the purpose of your business to the customers. It is imperative to have a strong and well-defined brand marketing strategy to strengthen your company’s stake in the market.

The various activities that prevail in the sphere of business can be categorized into service, manufacturing and merchandising.

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Service business organisations

The business organisations which provide services to the other companies or consumers are called service business organisations.

  • Niche targeting with advertising– Niche targeting is defined as targeting or simply focusing on a specific segment of the brand market. In the service sector, it involves concentrating on that segment of the market which displays a high probability of purchasing your services. You can advertise to spread information about your service under brand marketing. For example, you can use Facebook to connect with people while emphasizing on your brand marketing strategy.
  • Good link ups to enhance credibility– You must inculcate credibility in your brand marketing strategy. This can be done by forming good link-ups with the established brands. This will build authenticity and at the same time, a quality standard for your services. For instance, if you provide salon services, you should maintain link-ups with the high ranking salons like Looks, Affinity, etc.


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Manufacturing business organisations

The business organisations that manufacture products used by other companies or directly consumers are called manufacturing business organisations.

  • Niche targeting with advertisement– In the manufacturing sector, it involves narrowing down the brand market in accordance with the companies and customers looking to purchase your product. You can use brochures and pamphlets to connect with the niche market opted by you. For example, use good advertising agencies to develop catchy brochures and pamphlets for your brand.
  • Focus on quality over quantity– Maintaining consistent quality standards helps the company to enhance customer satisfaction level. Emphasizing on quality over quantity develops the suitable mindsets in workers towards a qualitative work. 
  • Stick to sophisticated standards– Conforming to quality standards in the company enables you to form a good reputation of your brand. Sophistication invoked in brand marketing is something which pushes your brand towards a successful establishment.

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Merchandising business organisations 

Merchandising business organisations are those which purchase final products and resell them further for a profit margin.

  • Niche targeting with advertisement– In the merchandising sector, there are numerous sellers focusing on the same segment of the market. In order to stand out, you should use creativity to sell the same products to the customers in a better manner. You can advertise using social media platforms and cross business promotions. For example, you can develop offers for your customers as a free accessory on the purchase of a gadget.
  • Good quality products clubbed with convenience– The key to a successful merchandising brand marketing strategy is emphasizing on quality and convenience. A customer will choose your shop over your competitor’s shop when he is convinced that he will get value for his money. The basic way to get the customer value for his money is to render him a good quality product at a low price. Moreover, you must offer a variety along with convenience to the consumers. If you are engaged in merchandising of gadgets then you must ensure that you have good quality gadgets according to the hi-tech mindset of the customers. E.g. the chain of 24*7 in Delhi provides good quality everyday products, all under one roof along with an every time availability.

A good brand marketing will build a reputable image for your organisation in the customer’s mind. You must inculcate all the above points to develop an effectual brand marketing strategy for your company. The key to successful brand establishment for your business lies within the uniqueness taken up in a productive approach.


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